Traveling from Lisbon to Algarve Guide 2024 (Updated)

a man buying tickets at the station from lisbon to Algarve Portugal

Ready for a trip of a lifetime? From Lisbon to Algarve. You will be going from busy city life to the peaceful beauty of the Algarve beaches. It’s an adventure you don’t want to miss. Swap those hilly Lisbon streets for sun-kissed, limestone cliffed beaches. In this article, we’re going to walk, drive, ride, and […]

A Magical Christmas in Lisbon Portugal Itinerary 2023! (Updated)

the christmas lights in lisbon during the day lite up just a bit with red christmas bows along the streets. christmas in lisbon is magical

Are you thinking about celebrating Christmas in Lisbon Portugal? You should, it’s a blast! There are plenty of things to do in Christmas in Lisbon and it’s simply magical. From the twinkling streets to the festive Lisbon Christmas markets full of Christmas trees. You are going to frock through the streets and feel the Christmas […]