The Beaches in Koh Larn are like stepping into a perfect picture. And you will not believe how easy it is to take a day trip to Koh Larn. This beautiful island in the south of Thailand is small but packs a mighty punch when it comes to landscapes. You can easily reach Koh Larn from Bangkok and Pattaya.

There are 6 main beaches in Koh Larn, but it is an island so you know there are secret spots all around. Rent a motorbike and get lost for the day, it will only cost you about 200-300 baht($6-9).

Whether you’re craving some peace and quiet, or you’re up for some adventure and exploration, Koh Larn has got you covered. Get ready to unwind and let the island’s natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere work their magic on you.

So, pack your sunscreen, grab your shades, and let’s dive into the enchanting world of Koh Larn’s beaches!

Best Beaches in Koh Larn

The Best Beaches in Koh Larn To Visit 2023!

Hat Samae Beach Koh Larn

The biggest and most popular beach on Koh Larn coral island is Samae Beach. This is a beautiful and peaceful beach that brings over 3000 people a day! Yes, a day! When I was here, it didn’t seem that crowded. There is no doubt that this is the best beach in Koh Larn Island for relaxation.

There are beach chairs lined up and down the beach and you can relax in one all day for around 100 baht. Order cold beers, and fruity drinks, or swim in the crystal clear waters. This is one of the best spots for Koh Larn snorkeling too.

When I visited Koh Larn this was my first stop after grabbing a motorbike in front of Tawaen. I landed here at 10 am and got my pick of chairs. I stayed about 2 hours and it was amazing. There is no real shade though and I saw plenty of people setting up their beach mats instead of buying a chair, but I am getting too old to sit in the sun all day, so I spent the 100 baht (3 dollars) for cushioned beach chair.

WQ79+4GP, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Tawaen Beach Koh Lar

Tawaen Beach is one of the best beaches in Koh Larn, it is also the biggest. If you take the ferry you will most likely be dropped off here. You can walk and grab a sun lounger from the Koh Larn ferry catch one of the baht buses, or rent a scooter easily from the beach road.

The beach is long and hot here with not much natural shade. There are also lots of boats in the water here, but there is still plenty of room to swim. Many people say this is the best beach Koh Larn has, and it gets very popular.

But there are always extra chairs and you are almost guaranteed to find a cushioned seat in the sand. Expect to pay about 100 baht per chair. You can order lunch and any type of drink here as well.

Depending on the time of day you can find natural shade around the stairs leading from the ferry port. Grab a few drinks from the local 711 out front and you will not have to pay for being on the beach.

Location of Tawean Beach in Koh Larn WQFG+VQM Ko Lan Thailand

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Tien Beach Koh Larn

Tien Beach is up next, and this is one of the prettiest Koh Larn Pattaya beaches.

You will find Tien Beach on the southwestern side of the island, near Tawaen. This is the second longest of all the beaches in Koh Larn, and you can find all the necessary things here to have an amazing day. Sun loungers, rental chairs, umbrellas, food, cold drinks, and of course snacks.

Although the beach is long and full of fun, there are a few rocky areas near the water you want to look out for. Tien Beach is less crowded than the nearby Tawean Beach and the water is clear and shallow making it the perfect beach for children.

Tien Beach is also known as Baan sailboat beach Koh Larn. You will see a few big boats docked on the sand that they have turned into seating for a hotel.

Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand


Sea Beach Koh Larn

Next up is Sea Beach, which is just a few feet south of Tawaen. You can do all your favorite beach activities here with fewer crowds. There are also a few beach hotels here with amazing views of the ocean if you are thinking about staying the night on Koh Larn Island Pattaya.

Nual Beach Koh Larn Snorkeling

Next up is a beautiful beach on the eastern side of Koh Larn Island, which is very close to Samae Beach. This beach has a relatively small shore, but the surrounding area is lush and green and makes for the perfect beach backdrop. Many people call this Monkey Beach in Koh Larn, because of the tribe of monkies that live nearby.

The water is shallow, clear, and perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Like most of the beaches in Koh Larn, you can rent kayaks and jet skis here from the locals. It is always a good idea to know what you should pay before asking so you don’t get ripped off.

A fair price for a jet ski in 2023 is around blah blah blah baht. There are also oceanfront hotels here if you wanted to stay the night on one of the best beaches in Koh Larn.

Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150, Thailand

Ta Yai Beach Koh Larn

Ya Yai or TayYai Beach in Koh Larn is another trip to paradise. This beautiful beach is on the eastern side of the island right on the Gulf of Thailand. You can find TayYai Beach between Nual Beach and Tien Beach.

Being at Ta Yai Beach is like spending your day in a postcard backdrop. When you arrive you can park in the big parking lot and follow the flower-lined stairs down the main beach. Or you can walk to the left and find a more private, local beach. The back beach does not have a restaurant but is much more private.

When we were here we sat in the sun for a while before moving it back into the shade. The water here is shallow and so clear. If you walk along the footpaths you will find a “secret cove” with a shell garden full of homemade wind chimes. It was super cool to find, if you walk down the stairs it is all the way to the right. 

People love the quiet and calm of the waters here, and most day trippers pass this beach over for some of the more popular beaches on Koh Larn. Be sure to make a pit stop before heading out because there is only one restaurant and the chairs fill up fast.

There are few beach chairs to rent, and you could spend hours swimming and relaxing on the beautiful sandy shore.

Ko Lan, Thailand Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri

me at one of the best beaches in Koh Larn

Hotels on Koh Larn Pattaya Thailand

There are plenty of amazing hotels in Koh Larn, but the best ones are on the beach! Check out this list of my favorite Koh Larn hotels on the beach for the perfect stay!

Sangwan Beach Koh Larn

Up next is Sangwan Beach, and although this beach has a smaller shore, it is still one of the best beaches in Koh Larn.

If you arrive at the Tawaen Beach pier follow the walkway towards Tawaen Beach you will come to a wooden bridge. Take it to the right, you will see the signs there to help guide you. I suggest saving this beach until the end of your day trip, so you can just wait there for the Tawean Beach Ferry.

You will see a few cute bungalows on the beach that you can rent for the night as well. Bring your gear because this is one of the best spots for snorkeling Koh Larn.

Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri, Thailand

the aerial view beach of Sangwan Beaches in Koh Larn. This is a beautiful green beach that you are going to love.

Thong Lang Beach Coral Island Koh Larn

Tong Lang is also one of the smaller beaches in Koh Larn measuring around 200 yards in total.

 and the white-golden sand is very narrow but you should still have plenty of room to find a seat.

Tonglang Beach is accessible by boat, motorbike, or walking on a new road from Tawaen Beach. If you come on the ferry to Tawaen Beach, the distance from the ferry is only 1.4 Km (0.8 miles).

There are all the usual services here including rooms for rent. Here you can enjoy floating water features that you swim from or play on and there is a boat with a water slide.

Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20180, Thailand

Koh Larn Things to Do

You can book Koh Larn activities pretty much all around the island. They have jet skis, clear bottom boats, kayaks, and the famous Thai banana boat! Be sure to bargain a bit if the price is not posted, but all in all Koh Larn is very affordable.

What to Bring to the Beaches in Koh Larn