No trip to the Algarve would be complete without checking out the best beaches in Lagos Portugal! Picture yourself strolling along the rocky shoreline, feeling the soft sand between your toes and the salty breeze in the air. The beaches in Lagos are the perfect place to do just that. Plus, the beach resorts in Lagos are beautiful and have the most amazing views.

I have included all different types of beach spots. From a chill local Lagos beach to the best family beaches with the amenities that parents look for. Or maybe you’re more of an adventurer and are ready to try surfing or snorkeling in crystal-clear waters. Whatever your beach style, Lagos has a beach for you.

There are so many things to do in Lagos, Portugal that many people end up spending much more time here than they thought. Pack your bags, and get ready to explore what makes Lagos one of the most popular beach spots in the Algarve!

beautiful palm trees at one of the best beaches in Lagos Portugal

12 of the Best Beaches in Lagos Portugal You Must Visit!

  1. Praia Dona Ana Most Popular Beach in Lagos
  2. Praia do Camilo or Ponta da Piedade
  3. Meia Praia Beach Lagos, Portugal
  4. Praia da Luz Plenty of Options for Food & Drinks
  5. Praia do Pinhão has Caves to Explore
  6. Praia do Porto de Mós Surf, Swim, & Restuarants in Lagos
  7. Praia do Burgau Locals Beach
  8. Praia Batata is nearest beach in Lagos Old Town
  9. Praia do Amado A Camper & Surfers Dream
  10. Praia da Zavial Surfer Beach in Lagos
  11. Praia do Tonel Best Private Beach in Lagos
  12. Praia da Ingrina is the Perfect Family Beach

Praia Dona Ana is the Most Popular Beach in Lagos

The first beach you should know about in Lagos is Praia Dona Ana. The sand here is golden and very soft, and the water is the ideal condition for swimming and sunbathing. The only downfall here is that the sandy section is pretty small coming in at about 200 meters long. The very best thing about Praia Dona Ana is the view from the top of the rocks.

In the middle of the sand, you will see where you can rent beach chairs and umbrellas for the day. If you are bringing your own beach supplies you are welcome to set up anywhere along the sand. There is a small cafe on Praia Dona Ana to grab snacks and cold drinks throughout your beach day!

Dona Ana is also very close to Ponta da Piedade beach as well, so you could definitely knock out two of the best beaches in the Algarve in one day!

This is the address to the closest parking lot near Praia Dona Ana 8600-315 Lagos, Portugal. There is plenty of parking, especially if you arrive early before the tours.

best beaches in lagos Portugal with yellow chairs and a beach umbrella with a few people laying in the sand

Praia do Camilo or Ponta da Piedade in Lagos

Up next is Paria do Camilo, also known as Ponta da Piedade. The rock formations here are very dramatic and will leave you feeling small in this big world. Keep in mind that you will have to climb up and down over 200 steps to get to the sandy shoreline of Camilo. There are no beach chairs to rent, and the shore is only about 100 meters.

Do not let that stop you from coming to Ponta da Piedade though. I am only telling you this because I don’t want the stairs or smaller-size beachfront to ruin the fact that this beach is stunning.

Once down in the water, there is a small tunnel where you can reach a second beach. Children love exploring the caves and finding the secret beaches. The water does get cold in the off-season so swimming only really takes place in the summer.

For food, the Restaurant O Camilo is right on the shore and has amazing seafood dishes. They are one of the best restaurants in Lagos with a view of the water. Just keep in mind that you will have to walk back up the long stairs after you indulge.

If you do not want to deal with the stairs, there are speedboat tours in Lagos that will bring you to see Ponta da Piedade from the ocean’s perspective. This is one of the best beaches in Lagos Portugal, and you are going to love seeing it in person.

To get to the most beautiful beach in Lagos Praia do Camilo 8600-315 Lagos, Portugal.

one of the best beaches in Lagos Portugal

Meia Praia Beach Lagos

Up next is the beautiful Meia Praia beach in Lagos on the western side. There are no rock formations here, just long stretches of sand. This is one of the biggest beaches in Lagos, and the Algarve comes in at almost 4.5 kilometers (2.7 miles). So no matter what time of the day you start your beach day you are going to find a great spot in the sand.

They have thought of everywhere here for visitors. There is a big pedestrian bridge that provides access to the beach; as well as, a wheelchair-accessible wooden walkway that stretches almost the entirety of the beachfront. You can come empty-handed and rent chairs, and then grab lunch from one of the snack bars. Or do like me and bring your own lunch and towels to save a few Euros.

You will find public restrooms, showers, and changing rooms available for visitors. If you stroll down the beach a little you will find a naturalist section with no businesses or crowds around. The ocean here is typically pretty swallow and you could easily swim in the gorgeous, clear water.

Stay the whole day and wait for the amazing sunset at dusk. To get to Meia Praia in Lagos, Portugal you can drive to the parking lot or take the bus to the Meia Praia Station, and walk for about 5 minutes.

a pair of sunglasses showing people playing at one of the best beaches in lagos portugal

Other Beach things to do in Lagos, Portugal

Praia da Luz has Plenty of Options for Food & Drinks

Another one of the best Lagos beaches in Portugal is Pria da Luz beach. There is plenty of free car parking. When you arrive you will see that the shore is on the smaller side and stretches about 400 meters (1300 feet).

On one side of this Lagos beach, it is rocky, and on the other is full of soft sand. There are also so many different coffee shops and restaurants around to order from. The most popular is known as The Gallery and it gives a stunning view of the beach.

During the busier months of the year, there are lifeguards and sunchairs to rent as well. You can surf or rent a jet ski for the day here too. Keep in mind that the water at Praia da Luz can be frigid even in the summer. Regardless, this is a great beach if you want to relax all day and grab some sun, surf, or sleep.

Head to Praia da Luz for the finest beach in Lagos, Portugal! Here is the Praia da Luz Beach address in Lagos Portugal.

a man leading the way of a surf school in lagos Portugal

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Praia do Pinhão has Caves to Explore

Up next is Praia do Pinhão. This beautiful area is surrounded by huge sea stacks and caves in the water, and it has a sandy area. Once you park and take in the sites you will follow the stone stairs down to the beach. The view from the top of the cliffs is incredible.

Once you are at sea level you can walk directly through a few of the caves if the tide is low. This is one of the very best beaches of Lagos to explore and walk around for a while. Although Praia do Pinhão can get crowded it still feels like you have found a hidden gem when you are there.

You have to keep your eye on the tide when you are at Praia do Pinhao because the tide can come in fast and then you can get stuck inside one of the caves! Because of this, there are no shops on site and you will have to bring all of your own food and water. Do not let this scare you off, Praia do Pinhão is one of the very best beaches in Lagos Portugal.

The address for Praia do Pinhao is R. José Formosinho, 8600-315 Lagos, Portugal, it is very close to the old downtown.

a beautiful cave to explore on one of the beaches in lagos Portugal

Praia do Porto de Mós Has it all – Surf, Swim, & Restuarants in Lagos

There is something about Porto Mos for everyone to love. When the wind is wiping this is one of the best beaches in Lagos for surfing. On calmer days it is a wonderful place to bring children because the walk from the parking lot is simple, you do not have to go down any stairs, and the beach is long with soft sand.

Along the cliff tops, there is a walking path that is far enough from the edge that the whole family can enjoy hiking in the Algarve. I personally have never found fossils at Praia do Porto but many people have reported finding fossils along their hikes.

I spend most of my time sunbathing and swimming while at Porto Mos Beach. The waves here can be a bit harsh for swimming, but it is nice to enjoy real waves sometimes too. You can rent chairs for a pretty reasonable price and there are two different restaurants on the beach. So head to one of the best beaches in Lagos Portugal today! –  Porto Mos Beach address.

 surfer riding a wave through a cave

Praia do Burgau is a Beach Beaches in Lagos Portugal for a Locals Beach

Praia do Burgau is one of the smallest but most beautiful beaches in Lagos. Well near Lagos, it is actually in the small fishing village of Burgau. Even after all these years Burgau still has a lovely small-town charm. At the beach, The Praia do Burgau there is a beautiful, picturesque backdrop of yellow cliffs and a crystally-blue color for the water.

Once you are down on the shore you can go left where you rent chairs or turn right and set up your own spot along the soft sand for the day. That being said Praia do Burgau is much more of a local beach than a tourist trap which I love. Don’t get me wrong sometimes it’s nice to be a tourist and all the convenience that comes with that. But most days I just want to relax and blend in.

The sunset here is very magical, and if you wanted to come just for that you would not be alone! Find the beautiful Praia do Burgau, Portugal address here, you will not regret it.

the pretty water and golden sand in lagos

Praia da Batata is Near Old Town Lagos

Praia da Batata is easy to reach by foot if you are staying in the old town. Follow the wooden walkway, (and the signs and you should run right into it. The beach itself tends to have seaweed along the shore, but it is still worth going to check out because the city does clean it up regularly.

There are also plenty of kayak tours in Lagos that will bring you to Praia da Batata to explore the caves formed on the bottom of the gorgeous sea stacks. During the summer there are lifeguards on watch, and there is a beach bar on the shore that makes the yummiest homemade fish soup.

The best part about visiting Praia da Batata is the stunning view from the top of the car park. Find one of the top beaches in Lagos, here at Av. dos Descobrimentos, 8600-315 Lagos, Portugal.

Praia do Amado is a Surfer and Campers Dream

Up next is a very nice beach in Lagos known as Praia do Amado. You will find a long shoreline once you make your way down the wooden stairs to the ocean. Locals and tourists love Amado for the surf and there are plenty of surfers in the water no matter what season it is.

When walking around head down to the cute cove in the northernmost part of the beach. The limestone here has turned beautiful colors of reds, oranges, and yellows from the power of the water.

If you wanted to try surfing in Lagos then Praia do Amado is the perfect beach for you. There are 2 surf schools to sign up for, or you can rent a cheap board if you are already a wave rider. The parking lot is big, and camper van friendly as well. Many people choose to stay here when driving the coast in Portugal.

Find the address for Praia do Amado here and head out to have an amazing day full of sunbathing, surfing, or exploring the caves.

a beach side in lagos Portugal

Surf beaches Lagos – Praia do Zavial

One of the best beaches in Lagos Portugal is actually in Raposeira a nearby village, but it is close enough to call it Lagos. Praia do Zavial is best known as a surfer beach in Lagos because when the wind is whipping right, the swells are amazing.

If you are heading out for a chill beach day, Zavial may not be the best beach for you. The wind is rough here and you will have to hide behind the rocks to get a break.

Many people set up small tents in the back nature area to get away from the wind, or you can head into the small beach bar for some protection. And yes you can see the surfers from the restaurant and the views of the beach are amazing.

Find the address to Praia do Zavail here in Raposeira, Portugal, and enjoy your day out in Lagos.

surfers riding in waves in the algarve with full body suites

Praia do Tonel Best Private Beach in Lagos

One of the best beaches near Lagos Portugal is Praia do Tonel. You will have an amazing experience at an almost private beach here. In order for it to be private there are a few obstacles in the way. You have to climb down pretty steep cliffs while holding on to ropes. Wear your tennis shoes or at the very least sturdy sandals. Your $1 flip-flops will not hold up and then you are screwed.

After your Indian Jones exhilarating climb down you are rewarded with your own hidden gem, a practically empty breach. You will be situated between two giant cliffs with crispy white sand. Another thing to note is that at high tide the beach is very small and plan to go around low tide.

If you are looking for the ultimate, quiet beach experience in Portugal, you have to check out Praia do Tonel find the address here 7630-174, Portugal.

a beautiful blue and orange photo of one of the beaches in lagos

Praia da Ingrina for the Perfect Family Beach Day in Lagos, Portugal

Praia da Ingrina is in the nearby town of Vila do Bispo and is one of the best beaches in Portugal for families. There is clear water, sandy shores, soft waves, and plenty of places to set up your spot for the day.

You can also take your little ones along the walking trails on either side of the beach. If you follow the footpaths it will take you to the top of the beautiful cliffs and if you keep trekking you reach another small section of the beach. It is fun to check out all the secret little coves and spots along the way.

There is a small cafe/restaurant on the shore where you can order lunch, dinner, or drinks for the beach. Although the beach is on the smaller side, the beautiful scenery definitely makes up for it. Check out Praia da Ingrina in Vila Bo Bispo for one of the best beaches in Lagos Portugal.

the sun shining through some of the sea stacks in Portugal

Does Lagos have good beaches?

Yes! Of course, there are good beaches in Lagos! It is one of the most popular beach vacation spots in the world. Plus, it is great for beach hopping because you will be able to check out multiple beaches in Lagos in one day because of their close proximity to each other.

What are the best beaches in Lagos?

The best beaches in Lagos Portugal depend on what type of beach day you want to have. For a chill day head to Praia Dona Ana, for a touristy day full of sun and booze you will want to head to Praia da Luz. If you wanted a chill family beach day in Lagos then local spot Praia do Burgau is the best beach for you.

What is the most famous Lagos beach?

The top beach in Lagos is Praia Dona Ana. This is because Dona Ana has everything a beachgoer in the Algarve could ever want. There are big beautiful cliffs for walking, the sea is calm enough for swimming, with waves big enough to surf. What more could you ask for on a beach in Lagos?

What is the main beach in Lagos Portugal?

The main and best beach in Lagos is Meia Praia. The shoreline is 4.5 kilometers (2.7 miles) long of soft sand, and you are almost always guaranteed to find an amazing spot. The water at Meia Praia is calm enough for children to play, and there are ample beach bars for adults to relax, while still being able to watch their children.