Best Levadas in Madeira Portugal

There are so many incredible levadas in Madeira it can be hard to know where to start. This is a detailed list that will help pick Levada that is best for you to go out and concur. Madeira is a magical Portuguese island that is in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean.

When you walk through your first Levada in Madeira you will be amazed by all the beautiful scenery. No two is going to give you the same feeling. Some of them are on the side of a mountain, some go straight through the mountains, and many of them have gushing waterfalls that you can swim in. No matter which one you pick you will enjoy all of these best walks in Madeira.

Hiking in Madeira

The 5 Best levadas in Madeira for Walking that you Cannot Miss

Is Madeira good for walking?

Walking around Madeira is a wonderful way to spend a day. There are easy places for walking in Madeira, but then there are also many places that have been known to challenge your willpower to finish your hike. But everyone knows that on a really good hike the payoff is always worth the challenge, no matter how hard it may seem in the moment.

What is a Levada walk in Madeira?

Levadas in Maderia have such an amazing history. They can best be described as a man-made channel of water from the top of a mountain that gently flows down. Most of the levadas in Madeira were created in the 15th century by the first settlers on the island. They were made so that the farmers could water their crops, for human drinking water, and now are also used for electrical energy.

This ingenues invention along with the fertile soils, and tropical weather made Madeira a perfect place to grow sugar cane, and grow they did. At one point Madeira produced more sugar than anywhere else in the EU. These Levadas are now a world UNESCO site because they are so unique and magical.

One of the best levadas in Madeira

Where are the levadas in Madeira?

There are over 200 Levada walks in Madeira so you can absolutely find the perfect one for you. On this list of all the best levadas in Madeira, there will be google map points for you to save for later.

Serra D’Água Valley Walk

The Serra A Agua valley is one of the prettiest Levada walks in Madeira. There are the most magical views of the southern coast where you can see the cities of Ribeira Brava, Encumeada, and Campanário.

This hike should take you about 2 and a half hours and is about 3.1 miles (5K) long and is a pretty easy hike. The starting point for this hike is

Levada Do Caldeirao Verde Hike (PR9)

This is one of the best levadas in Madeira because you get to walk through the lush forest and it is mainly flat the entire time. Be prepared that you will have to walk through tunnels so you may need to bring a jacket and a headlamp or flashlight to stay comfortable for the whole Levada walk-in Madiera.

This hike starts in the Parque Florestal das Queimadas park which is in the town of Santana on the northern coast of the island. If you are coming from Funchal to Santana it is a little over a 30-minute drive. When you arrive park in a small parking lot and you will have to pay to park, but it is not very much.

There is also a cafe bar so before or after your hike you can always grab yourself a coffee and snack to celebrate after you finish one of the most popular levadas in Madeira.

This is an out and back trail that is 17.5 miles (12 km) long and is one of the best Levada walks in Madeira for all ages because it has a very little amount incline. Plan to spend about 5-6 hours if you would like to hike the whole thing. The address for the Levada Do Caldeira is right here so make sure you save this article for later!

Verada Dos Balcoes PR11

The Verada Dos Balcoes is one of the shorter levadas in Madeira. You will see wonderful views from the Balcoes viewpoint of the Ribeira da Metade valley. If you are lucky enough to enjoy this Levada on a clear day you will be able to see the peaks of Pico do Areeiro,  Pico das Torres, and Pico Ruivo which are the highest mountain ranges in Madeira.

This is one of the circular walks in Madeira and there are known to be many species of wildlife on this hike. Including the smallest bird on the island the chaffinches as well as firecrests,  grey wagtails, blackbirds, and robins. If you bring some snacks with you these birds might eat them right out of your hand. It is known to get muddy so you should wear hiking shoes that you do not mind getting dirty.

Once you finish one of the easiest levadas walks Madeira stop and enjoys the rainbow trout at the Ribeiro Fish Hatchery. The main purpose of this hatchery is to replenish the trout on the island of Madeira. There is also a cute cafe and souvenir shop where you will find handmade gifts and yummy snacks.

Walking paths in Madeira

To get to Verada Dos Balcoes you will need to Start at Ribeiro Frio. This hike is 1.5km (about 1 mile) both ways for a total of 3km (2 miles). This hike is mostly flat and should take you about 2 hours if you stop at the end to take in the sights.

Levada do Castelejo

This Levada walk in Madeira takes you through the forest and a cliffside path. You should reach an incredible hanging bridge within the first few miles of the hike. Make sure to bring a camera or that your phone is charged so you can take amazing photos on the bridge.

There is plenty of shade on this moderate Levada walk in Madeira, so you could really do it at any time of the day. Be careful though because 20 km is a long hike so make sure to bring yourself a packed lunch of at the very least some snacks. If you can manage 20 km you will be rewarded with some amazing views of the island.

The Levada do Casteljo starts in Porto da Cruz on the Northern side of the island. This hike in Madeira is 20 kilometers (12 miles) round trip it normally takes about 3 to 5 hours to complete. There is some incline on this trail making it one of the harder levadas in Madeira.

Levada dos Cedros PR 14

The Levada dos Cedros is one of the most beautiful levadas in Madeira. While you are walking down the path you will be blessed with lush forests with succulents and big beautiful trees. There is plenty of shade throughout the entire walk making it the perfect escape on a hot sunny day.

Once you reach the waterfall and enjoy swimming or eating a picnic lunch you can turn around and go back the same way you came. But if you have the time you also have the option to walk down a path that takes you to Fanal Forrest. Be prepared for a steep flight of stairs that is about 400 meters long.

This is a very flat and is one of the best levadas in Madeira for families to walk. You can reach the Levada dos Cedros Regional Highway E.R. 209 on the Paúl da Serra plateau. This is one of the best levadas in Madeira if you want to visit Sexial Beach or Porto Moniz because they are very close by.