Planning your trip to Portugal and need to find the best restaurants in Porto with a view? You are in luck because here we break down all the best Porto restaurants and give you some insights on what to eat, and drink (we all know it’s port wine), and important Portuguese phrases to learn. Traveling around Portugal for a while? Check out our perfect 7 days guide to exploring Lisbon & Porto.

Porto Portugal is known for their fresh seafood, port wine tours, bridges, Porto nightlife, and the absolutely stunning Douro Valley. So whether you looking for a hearty meal, wine pairings, pastel de nata for your sweet tooth, or an elegant tasting menu, you can find it all here in the Porto food guide! If you wanted to work up an appetite, there is plenty of hiking in Porto to keep you active! 

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a beautiful cafe right in front of the bridge in front of porto portugal with a view

Best Restaurants in Porto with a View



a girl looking out at the beautiful skyline in porto portugal with her white dress and cute hat


What to Know about Portuguese Cuisine

I am going to give you a few tips on eating out for first time visitors.
Meal times: In Porto, breakfast (pequeno-almoço) is typically light and consists of coffee or tea, bread, butter, and jam. Lunch (almoço) is usually served between 12 PM and 2 PM and is considered the main meal of the day. Dinner (jantar) is served between 7:30 PM and 10 PM and tends to be lighter than lunch.

Almost everywhere you go they will bring you a couvert starter. This is a basket that includes fresh bread, olive oil, and maybe some local ingredients to go along with your good bread. You do not have to eat or pay for these. But you should try them as it is a staple of Portuguese food and 9 times out of 10 are freaking delicious. It’s not rude to say no, so do whatever you want!

Second, you can almost always order the house red or white wine. Do this by saying, “vinho caseiro“. Or ask your server to help you with a wine pairing recommendation. This wine will be the cheapest option, and your are in Porto, so you know it will be good!

To ask for your bill you say, “A conta, por favor“. The beer, or cerveja is also very inexpensive and the most popular beer is Super Bock or Sagres.

Here is a list of  important words to know when eating out in Porto


    • Entrada: Appetizer

    • Prato principal: Main course

    • Sobremesa: Dessert

    • Sopa: Soup

    • Salada: Salad

    • Peixe: Fish

    • Carne: Meat

    • Marisco: Shellfish

    • Conta: Bill

    • Água: Water

    • Vinho: Wine

    • Cerveja: Beer

Last but not least, if you are going to try any of these best restaurants in Porto with a view, please do yourself a favor and drink at least one glass of Port wine and enjoy traditional cuisine while people watching before you leave Portugal.

the famous portugal dessert Pastel de Nata with a bit of powered sugar on top. a women is holding this in front of Azul tiles.

Enjoy this list of Porto Restaurants with Incredible Views

Best Restaurants Porto, Portugal- Terra Nova 

While searching for restaurants with a view, Porto is full of incredible options with fantastic scenery and delicious food. But located right on the Ribeira, one of the top restaurants in Porto is Terra Nova. With an intimate interior and an outdoor terrace right next to the Douro River, Terra Nova creates a traditional and cozy atmosphere.

Popular for the Portuguese seafood dishes and phenomenal views overlooking the Douro River, dining at Terra Nova makes for an amazing evening.

A highly recommended starter on the menu is the loyal oysters, served over homemade linguini with caviar and pesto. They are served on a bed of colorful pebbles and make for an incredible and unique dining experience. For the main course try their amazing bacalao, (codfish), veal cheek risotto, or the amazing octopus over squid ink risotto!

Terra Nova Address

a beautiful view of the porto bridge at one of the best restaurants in porto with a view

FAQ About Best Restaurants in Porto with a view


Turret Restaurant | Pub with Views of The Douro River

With fantastic food, outstanding service, and remarkable views of the Douro River, Turret Restaurant and Pub is phenomenal. One of the best restaurants in Porto, Portugal, Turret has a rooftop patio with breathtaking views overlooking the orange rooftops contrasting with the bright blue river.

The views alone would make a trip to Turret worthwhile, but with the exquisite octopus salad, tuna tartar, or my favorite, the salmon wrapped in puff pastry with ricotta, spinach, and smashed broccoli, it is unmissable. Enjoy a great meal with a cold beer inside the Turret Pub, you will not regret it.

Turret Restaurant & Pub Address.

a bowl of octopus salad with fresh herbs and orange carrots all mixed together with olive oil

Portucale 80s Retro Porto Restaurant

Up next is one of the coolest restaurants in Porto, with an 80s design. It almost makes you feel like you’re a time traveler. Portucale is on the 14th floor of the Hotel Miradouro, offering an incredible view over the Douro River and Dom Luís I Bridge with an amazing sunset view.

Enjoy the panoramic view of the city that both Porto locals and other travelers love to enjoy over dinner, making it one of the best local restaurants in Porto.

Portucale specializes in traditional Portuguese cuisine with highlights being the grilled meats and seafood. It is a bit of an upscale dining experience with stunning views, and mouthwatering dishes are an incredible add-on to any Porto itinerary. 

Find one of the best deals in Porto, at Portucale.

Bacalhau – The Best For Fresh Cod Fish in Porto

Named after Portugal’s national food, Bacalhau is known to serve some of the best cod, or bacalhau in Portuguese, in the world. The menu specializes in cod dishes, serving bacalhau risotto, fresh bacalhau, and even codfish tongue. But you can also find duck rice, and a few vegetarian menu items too.

There are many restaurants in Porto, but the cod served at Bacalhau goes above and beyond anything you’ve ever tasted. With a stunning terrace overlooking the Douro River, this is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a glass of port wine after a long day of exploring Porto’s sites.

With its codfish specialty, Bacalhau is definitely one of the best fish restaurants in Porto. 

Find Bacalhau here in Porto, Portugal.

a bunch of fried cod balls. this is a specially in portugal. they are perfectly fried to a bright orange color

Casa Virtude – Seafood Restaurant in Porto with a view

Porto has a very vibrant culinary scene, and Casa Virtude is the perfect addition to it all. Being one of the best restaurants in Porto, Casa Virtude has an elegant interior with gorgeous windows and balconies looking out at the Duoro River.

The service is remarkable with a team of friendly, welcoming, and helpful staff. The location is impeccable, located on a hill near Jardim da Virtudes with its scenic view. Casa Virtude serves outstanding seafood dishes, specializing in shrimp and tuna dishes, as well as a delicious seafood risotto.

The incredible food paired with the intimate atmosphere makes for a lovely evening spent at Casa Virtude. Find them here in Porto, Casa Virtue. They open most days at break for lunch and stay open late until 11.

an iconic view of porto portugal at sunset with a yellow and blue boat, the bridge, and pretty buildings in the back

Best Restaurant Porto, Portugal- Digby 

Digby has an incredible terrace and a trendy interior, making it one of the top restaurants in Porto, Portugal. They draw inspiration from Sir Kenelme Digby, who was an adventurer and a pioneer who invented the modern day wine bottle. A real hero for Port Wine.

With this inspiration, the restaurant has a large focus on the remarkable wines that Portugal has to offer. Digby is a fantastic option for dinner, but they also have a set tasting menu available for lunch on weekdays including a starter, a main course, dessert, water, a glass of wine, and a cup of coffee.

On top of having a fascinating origin story and an amazing meal deal, for Harry Potter fans Digby also has a dessert made to look like The Snitch! Digby is a very unique restaurant with a great ambiance, delicious seafood dishes, and an impressive view over the Duoro River.

Digby address for an amazing and fun meal out with a view in Porto!

Bacchus Vini For Port Wine Tastings

Perfect to taste some port wines, Bacchus Vini is an amazing winebar on the Ribeira. This is a great place to do a wine tasting and the staff is incredibly attentive. They start by explaining where each wine comes from and will help pair it with different meat and cheese boards.

The staff creates a very warm and welcoming atmosphere at Bacchus Vini and it is obvious that their customers matter to them and that they love what they do.

This restaurant would be highly recommended if that’s all that it was, but on top of the amazing wine selection and outstanding staff, it’s also located right on the Duoro River, also making it one of the best restaurants in Porto with a view.

Directions to the Baccaha Vini car park.

a glass of port wine over looking the lovely skyline of porto

Restaurante Essência Vegetarian & Vegan Menu

With an amazing terrace looking out at their gorgeous garden, Restaurante Essência is one of the top vegan restaurants in Porto, Portugal. The atmosphere is incredibly cozy and peaceful surrounded by calming nature. Portugal has a very popular up and coming vegan scene, there are so many Vegan restaurants in Lisbon popping up.

They offer a great wine list and remarkable vegan and vegetarian menus. There are very creative options such as tempeh tikki masala with coconut white rice and a vegan mushroom risotto. You can add a runy or fried egg right on top too! Be sure to ask for the spicy sauce to add a bit of spice.

Be sure to check out Restaurant Essencia, you can find them here.

Best Restaurants Porto Michelin Star- The Yeatman Gastronomic Restaurant

For an extraordinary dining experience, one of the best restaurants in Porto with a Michelin star is The Yeatman in Vila Nova de Gaia. It is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Porto, thanks to the gourmet Portuguese dishes served with a twist.

Head chef Ricardo Costa is known for his tasting menu with fresh seafood, local ingredients, and unique spicy sauce to top it all off.

Enjoy various fusions flares such as a Japanese influence. Rumored that this came about after chef Ricardo Costa spent some cooking time in Japan. The food at Vila Nova de Gaia is absolutely delectable, and it shows as they hold two Michelin stars. One of the best things on the menu is the sea urchin, with cream and mushrooms and paired with a delicious Portuguese wine. Yum!

The Yeatman Gastronomic in Vila Nova de Gaia can be found here, be sure to make a restaurant reservation as the word has gotten out how yummy they are.

the colorful views of the bright blue ocean and the lovely orange roof tops that porto is so famous for.

The Barão Fladgate inside Taylor’s Winery

Specializing in Portuguese cuisine, The Barão Fladgate might be the best restaurant in Porto. Located inside Taylor’s Winery, there is breathtaking scenery on the terrace overlooking the city center and the Dom Luís I Bridge.

The Barão Fladgate has a very peaceful and inviting atmosphere and an amazing overall environment. On top of delicious food and gorgeous views, the waiters and the sommeliers are incredibly knowledgeable and professional, while still being kind and personable. 

The Barao Fladgate Address to enjoy one of the best restaurants with a view in Porto! They are also by some of the best Porto Museums

Ar de Rio on the Douro River in Porto

The Ar De Rio provides a fantastic dining experience looking out at the Duoro River. Offering some of the best food in Porto, Portugal, Ar de Rio is famous for serving the popular but simple dish the francesinha. This is a hearty sandwich made of layers of bread, meats, melted cheese, and served in a delicious tomato sauce.

Additionally, the architecture is very unique with an interesting hexagonal ceiling as well as lounge chairs to sit back and relax and watch the boats float by after indulging in a francesinha.  

Head here to Ar de Rio and eat a at least one delicious francesinha sandwich.

a francesinha sandwich in porto portugal with melted cheese on top

Espaço Porto Cruz Wine Bar

When looking for the best restaurants, Porto does not fall short, especially with Espaço Porto Cruz offering a fascinating combination of wine, art, and extraordinary cuisine.

The highlights at this fascinating and unique restaurant are the wine bar, with its plethora of regional wines and panoramic views of the river and historic center, and the art gallery, showcasing Portuguese artists.

The restaurant here is inspired by Portuguese cuisine and the dishes are created to pair with wine produced by Porto Cruz. Espaço Porto Cruz even often has a live DJ, making it not only enriching but also extremely entertaining. 

Address to Espaco Porto Cruz.

Restaurante O Comercial – Historical Restaurant in Porto with a View

Located inside the Palácio da Bolsa, Restaurante O Comercial provides a very unique and original dining experience. When visiting this restaurant, you will find yourself immersed in a historical setting full of incredible architecture and fascinating cultural heritage.

Enjoying a filet mignon with fois gras, Portuguese port wine, and chocolate fondant while surrounded by an extremely impressive building and history, makes Restaurante O Comercial one of the best restaurants in Porto.

As with all nice restaurants in Porto, making a reservation at Restaurante O Comercial is recommended as the demand is quite high. Restaurante O Commercial address.

fine dining in Portugal with wine tasting and a beautiful view of the river through the floor to ceiling windows

Kanpai Fusion Sushi Duoro Marina 

If you’re ready to mix it up after all of the Portuguese food, try Kanpai Fusion Sushi, one of the best restaurants in Porto Marina, or the Marina da Afurada. When in Porto, restaurants with a view are not hard to come by, but this Japanese restaurant has absolutely stunning views out at the river.

Serving delicious sushi, gyoza, and yakisoba, the Japanese food here is remarkable. You can order your sushi with brown or white rice, they are very accommodating. The service also is outstanding and the glass walls create an amazing environment to eat lovely dinner in Porto.

Address for the best sushi in Porto at Kanpai Fusion.

The Iconic Porto Views The Classic 17º

One of the most phenomenal restaurants with a view, Porto Classic 17º is decades old and an iconic destination in the city. You can find 17º on the 17th floor of the Hotel Dom Henrique Downtown with a gorgeous terrace overlooking the colorful terracotta roofs.

Serving an interesting fusion of traditional Portuguese dishes with a flair of Mediterranean flavors, the food here is delicious. Between tuna tartar and grilled octopus, the seafood plates are amazing and flavorful.

Find the address to the Hotel Dom Henrique and 17 here.

the beautiful view of one of the best restaurants in porto, you can see churches, rivers, and the beautiful sunset

A Bolina For Tapas Eats & Amazing Views

A Bolina is a perfect example of Porto Restaurants in a prime location, as it away from the mass tourist. They are known for both delicious Portuguese tapas and their wine pairings. Plus the view of the Douro, Luis bridge and the monastery is simply breathtaking.

You have to try the fresh sausage, or Alheira. This is a smoky sausage stuffed with bread, and the skin is especially crispy. If you ordered about 3-4 small tapas to share, it should turn into a full meal. Or just stop by for a light plate, and enjoy a class from the wine list, it is massive.

Check out their website or give them a call to book a table for yourself. Address to A Bolina.

Antiqvvm – Michelin Star Restaurants in Porto

Next up is Antiqvvm, a Michelin Star dinner experience with an impeccable attention to detail. You can pick an al el carte service, or go with a 5, 7, or 9 course tasting menu. They accommodate all dietary restrictions and have a wonderful vegetarian menu as well. The servers will help you with wine pairings or order a cold beer!

Enjoy your meal with a view of Chrystal-palace gardens, overlooking the Douro Valley river and the city across. Save room for dessert, Antiqvvm has the reputation of being having the best in Porto!

Find Antiqvvm here for an amazing fine dining experience!

a group of friends enjoying eating and drinking together at one of the best rooftop restaurants in porto Portugal

Vinum – Graham Port Cellars Restaurant

To get to Vinum you will have to hike up the hill or drive to the car park. But that’s what makes the views here so special. And that’s not even the best part, Vinum is also apart of Graham’s Port Cellars, so you can do a wine tour before you indulge.

On the Vinum fixed price tasting menu expect a fresh starter, some type of fish, delicious steak tartare, cheeses, and desserts like pineapple topped with port wine and coconut ice or cream creme brûlée. All of the dishes are made with fresh seasonal ingredients and the tasting menus change every few months to keep it fresh.

It is best to make a reservation for both lunch and dinner to get a wonderful table with a view at Vinum. Find the address to Vinum here!

Douro Sky Lounge at Vincci Hotel

The Douro Sky Lounge is a hidden gem inside of Porto. No, seriously you could miss it if you didn’t know about it has it is inside the beautiful Vincci Hotel. This intimate rooftop is the perfect wine bar relax while enjoying the scenary.

When it comes to food you can’t go wrong with super fresh salmon tartar. Or if you are hankering for a classic burger, they make it very juicy served with perfectly cooked and seasoned French fries, try them with olive oil, you won’t regret it.

The Sky Lounge opens at 1pm and reservations are a must to secure a table with the best views. Book a table around sunset, to enjoy the Porto sky light up the Douro river.

Find the Vincci Hotel and Douro Sky Lounge, here for the perfect sunset dinner date!

the view from one of the balconies in porto portugal you can see the Douro river and orange roof tops

PapaVinhos for Lunch & Dinner Meals

PapaVinhos is a super cute restaurant next to the Neya Hotel Porto. Make a reservation, or head in early for lunch, they open at 12 most days ,to grab a table with the views over beautiful river.

The first thing to order at PapaVinshos is the garlicy octopus starter with home made tuna pate and bread. One if you are looking for red meat dishes, the peppercorn steak comes with an amazing sauce and 6 different types of peppercorn!

They also have fantastic ham, fesh seafood, hake filets with cheese, really flavorful ribs, and the french fries are thick and crunchy. Seriously, everything you eat at PapaVinhos comes out perfect.

PapaVinhos restaurant address for a delicious meal!

a big juicy peppercorn steak with a sauce, bacon, and green on the white plate

Casa Guedes For Serra da Estrelas in Porto

Next up is Casa Guedes and here you can will find one of the cutest sandwich shops serving Portuguese comfort food with a view of a pretty park. The pork belly meat here is very well marinated and has a soft texture. You can almost describe it as BBQ pulled pork, with a different flavor.

The top menu item to eat here is the serra da Estrela, which is a melted cheese that they throw on a sandwich with pork. You can also order the sandwich without cheese and add freshly cut prosciutto! You have to try the fresh french fries and one serving is enough to share.

If pork is not your thing, they also have cod fish cake, Caldo Verde (fish soup), and shredded chicken soup with pasta perfect for a crisp night in the winter.

Find the address to Casa Guedes restaurant here for the perfect meal of comfort food at one of the best restaurants in Porto with a view!

a big plate of cheese or serra da Estrela. at one of the best restaurants in porto with sandwhiches and French fires

What food is Porto famous for?

The most famous food in Porto are dishes like Francesinha and Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá. The former is a hearty sandwich layered with ham, sausage, steak, melted cheese, and a beer-based tomato sauce.

While the latter is made from salted cod, potatoes, onions, and olives. Other notable dishes include Tripas à moda do Porto, a tripe dish cooked with white beans and various meats, and Bolinhos de bacalhau, crispy codfish fritters. Porto is also famous for Port wine, a fortified wine produced exclusively inDouro Valley.

What is the national dish of Porto?

While Porto does not have a specific national dish, the city’s most iconic dish is Francesinha. This hearty sandwich is unique to Porto and is widely considered the city’s signature dish. Francesinha is made with layers of ham, sausage, and steak, covered in melted cheese, and topped with a rich, beer-based tomato sauce. It’s typically served with french fries on the side.

Do you tip waiters in Porto?

In Porto, tipping is not mandatory, but it is a nice gesture to show your appreciation. It’s common to leave a tip of around 10% of the bill for waiters if you are satisfied with their service. If the service was exceptional, you can tip more. For quick bites or cafes, rounding up the bill or leaving a euro or two is also very appreciated.