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The Best Things to do in Croatia That You Cannot Miss

Zadar Sea Organs

Planning your trip and looking for the best things to do in Croatia? Well, you have come to the right place because here we have found you all the Croatia attractions to fill up your holiday. When heading to the beautiful Baltic country you must plan to spend some time on the beach. But here you will also find how to spend your time when you are looking for what to do in Croatia for a week.

Although some of the best things to do in Croatia are during the summer, you can visit this wonderful country any time of the year. Try and spend some time bouncing around because there are wonderful places to visit in Croatia throughout the country. So rent a car, or hop on a bus and be ready to amazing site and eat some delicious food.

beautiful water in Croatia

The Best Things to do in Croatia That You Cannot Miss

Why is Croatia so popular?

There are many reasons why millions of travelers flock to Croatia throughout the year. It may be because they have stunning architecture and amazing beaches along the Adriatic Sea. Another reason is that it is one of most affordable places to visit in all of Europe. The people are very welcoming and are happy to help assist you with anything you may need. Try to learn a few greetings like dobar dan (good day) and how to say thank you, it will go a long way with the locals.

What food is famous in Croatia?

There are many different famous foods to try in Croatia. The most popular is the black risotto or anything with truffles. Pag Cheese is found on the island of Pag and is world known as an amazing goat cheese. When visiting Croatia you must try the local seafood it is often caught the very same day. Gnocci although it is actually Italian is very popular throughout Croatia. This is because of the Italian roots you will see throughout the country. They also take olive oil very serious and you will love tasting it in their cooking.

A bunch of yummy  pag cheese and wine

What is Croatia best known for?

Croatia is known for so many different things. The City of Dubrovnik is high on everyones list for how well all the persevered it is. Game of Thrones is super popular series that was filmed in Croatia. The National Forrest of Krka is home to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. And of coarse, they are known for the Dalmatian coast line and stunning architecture.

What should I see in Croatia?

What you should see in Croatia all depends on what kind of holiday you are looking to have. You should not miss the national forrest or the dreamy town of Dubrovnik. But if you are looking to have a laid back beach vacation head to the south and spend some time on one of the many islands.

beautiful swimming water in Croatia with a boat

How many days in Croatia is enough?

You could do everything you wanted in 10 days. If you are okay with missing a few cities you could get away with a week in Croatia. It is your best bet to fly into Dubrovnik and plan from there! There are 7 different airports in the country so pack light and plan to hop around a bit! You will not want to miss all the best things to do in Croatia.

Croatia Places to Visit – Cities


Up first is the dreamy city of Dubrovnik. Here you will see Europe’s best preserved medieval city. There are so many things to do in Dubrovnik that you may want to spend 3 to 4 days here just to be able to see everything. This is the most popular city for cruise ships and is the most southern city right on the Adriatic Sea.

Here you will see the 16th century castle walls and the dreamy old town. This is also were you will be able to see where the filming of “Game of Thrones” was set. When you are wondering around old town be sure to find the Jesuits Stairs, this is where the iconic walk of shame was filmed for the HBO Series Game of Thrones.

When visiting here you will find some of the best things to do in Croatia, including the many monasteries, ports, castles, and you can even take a cable car across the city to see all dreamy views of the architecture and the sea. Be sure to add all of these things to do in Dubrovnik on your list when you are look on what to do in Croatia.

Dubrovnik is one of the best things to do in Croatia


Split is the second largest city in all of Croatia and is the biggest coastal city. This would be a great place to go to if you are planning on visiting the islands of Croatia or if you want to visit Krka National Park. Like most places to visit in Croatia you must see the old town of Split.

After you stroll around make sure to get out the Rivera and the many beaches. Bacvice, Kastelet, and Kasjuni are the most popular and best beaches in Split. Most people only come to split for a day or two and that should be enough time to see all the things to do in Split.


If you are looking for the best places to visit in Croatia, then Zadar should be high up on your list. There are so many things to do in Zadar that you find yourself not wanting to leave! From here you can take boat trips to islands like Pag or Hvar or just around the sea for some snorkeling. Spending your time walking throughout old town and gazing at the Venetian gates around the city is always a good idea as well.

There is a great mix in the city of new and trendy restaurants and old time traditional Croatia cuisine. Making Zadar one of the best places to visit in Croatia for young Adults. Make sure to go to the city center and check out the 11th century ruins in front of the clock tower and Cathedrals. The sea organs is also one of the most popular sites in Zadar. Plan to spend 2-3 days here it should be enough to see and do all the best things to do in Zadar, Croatia.

Zadars sea organs


Most likely you will fly directly into Zagreb because it is the nations capital and biggest city. There are endless things to do in Zagreb and it is one of the best places to visit in Croatia for couples. Here you will find museums, world class restaurants, and sites for days.

Next, head out to Upper City this is where you will find most of the best things to do in Zagreb. It has a much slower vibe it so beautiful you will forget that you are in the capital. A few other noteworthy Croatia outdoor activities include visiting the 13th century Cathedral. You cannot miss it because it is the tallest building in all of Croatia. Next stop by Dolac market for some fresh produce. And be sure to check out the medieval Stone Gate that separates upper and lower towns of Zagreb.


One of the best things to do in Croatia would have to be visit the Island of Hvar. The best way to get to the island of Hvar is to take a boat ride from Split. Here you will find some of the best beaches in Croatia. This is because the island of Hvar is the longest island in the country. There is also a small part of the island known as little Venice where there is a lovely canal that flows throughout the town.

After you spend your day lounging along the beautiful water make your way into Strai Grad for a lovely evening. Here you will find cheaper prices than the more popular city of Hvar town and a lovely laid back mediterranean beach town. And of coarse if you visit during the summer you will find all the typical beach activities like jet ski, snorkeling and boat rentals. Be sure to add all of theses wonderful things to do in Hvar on your list when visiting Croatia.

go swimming is one of the best things to do in Croatia

Pag Island

Pag Island is a very special place and is one of the best places to visit in Croatia. You can drive here easily from Zadar is takes only an hour. Or there are plenty of options where you can take a day trip in a boat. Here you will find some of the best beaches in Croatia. Zrce beach is the most famous and is known as the Ibiza of Croatia. In the summer you will find some of the hottest DJ’s coming to play a set on one of the many party clubs on the island.

Here you will also fall in love with the small town vibe of Novalja. Plus there there are many Pag attractions in town. Do yourself a favor and enjoy some pag from cheese and visit the winery Boksinac. There are also ancient Roman Aqueducts to explore right under the history museum and so many delicious restaurants to enjoy. Be sure to make Pag Island a destination when planning all the best things to do in Croatia.

Pag island is one of the prettiest places in all of Croatia

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