If you are looking for the best beaches in Albufeira you have come to the right place! Albufeira is located in Faro, the picturesque capital town of the Algarve region of Portugal. Going to the beach is defiantly one of the best things to do in Albufeira in any season.

This is a first-hand experience of all the best beaches in Albufeira. These Portuguese beaches are all family-friendly and are full of breathtaking landscapes that the Algarve is best known for.

There is so much to see in this coastal beach town in Faro, Portugal. But the beaches of Albufeira are some of the best beaches in Portugal. There are 26 different beaches you can go to and sunbathe, surf, or even snorkel.

Save this article for your reference on the best beaches to visit during your Algarve vacation.

9 Best Beaches in the Albuferia, Portugal 2022

Uncrowded beach with girl in the sand

Praia dos Pescadores or Fishermans beach

Praia Dos Pescadores is the main beach of Old Town Albufeira and it is high on the list of the best beaches in the Algarve. This sandy Albufeira beach goes on for miles with very interesting sea stacks and beach caves along the way.

Fisherman’s Beach is the most family-friendly beach out of all the best beaches in Albufeira. This is because it has a sandy shore and plenty of space to play. As you may have guessed fisherman’s beach is popular with local fishermen too. There are statues along the boardwalk that are dedicated to the former fishermen of Albufeira. 

Praia Dos Pescadores has an escalator that will take you from Old Towne Albufeira to the sandy shore. There is also a public bathroom right in the center making it perfect for an all-day stay. Local surfers seem to enjoy the break by the Fisherman’s beach pier. 

If you need a break from the sun there are ample restaurants, ice cream shops, and bars feet away. Making Praia Dos Pescadores one of the best beaches in Albufeira for anyone visiting The Algarve.

Surfer in Albuferia Portugal

Praia De Sao Rafael Beach in Albufeira

Sao Rafael is a wonderful Algarve beach just minutes from the main town center. Which makes it one of the best beaches in Albufeira. This beautiful beach in southern Portugal has relaxation and adventure all rolled into one place.

The Algarve is known for the oceanside sea stacks and Sao Rafael does not disappoint. The water here is clear and shallow, making it one of the best beaches for families that like to snorkel. Another reason Rafael ranks as one of the best beaches in Albufeira is that you can hike the sea stacks

There are many footpaths at Sao Rafael that you can follow that lead you to some marvelous views of the Algarve. You will not want to want to plan for at least one sunset here. There is a beautiful natural arch down at the end of the sand that makes for a perfect family picture. 

Right in the center of the sand, there is a restaurant for snacks and drinks so you can pack light and stay all day at one of the best beaches in the Albufeira!

Best beaches the Albufeira. Girl in Bikini on the rocks

Praia Do Oura Beaches

Praia Da Oura makes the list next for the best beaches in Albufeira. This beach is where the younger local crowd tends to spend their time. So you know it must be a beautiful Portuguese beach! Its central location in Albufeira makes it easy to visit. 

There are so many things to keep you occupied while spending your day at Praia do Oura. There are sunbather chairs available to rent on the golden sand, and Portugal is known to have some of the cleanest beaches in Europe.

Praia do Oura is known to be the best party beach in Albufeira there are many bars, cafes, hotels, and shopping that are all within walking distance.

Girl with camera sitting on the rocks on the beach

Praia Dos Aveiros – Beach in Albufeira

If you are looking for the best beaches in Albufeira, you cannot miss Praia Dos Avios! This is a hidden Portugal beach is a hidden gem. One of the best things is that compared to the other beaches in Albufeira, Praia Dos Aveiros does not get nearly as crowded. 

There is a cove that is formed from the landscape on both sides of this beautiful Algarve beach. Because of this, there is clear shallow water that covers the beach caves. Making it so much fun to explore when the tide is right.

Restaurants and cafes are located right on the beach, ensuring you never go hungry. Don’t forget to catch a sunset here at one of the best beaches in the Albufeira, you might get lucky and have the whole beach to yourself!

Praia Da Falesia

Praia da Falesia is a wonderful beach in Albufeira if you are looking to soak in the sun. This Algarve beach stretches on for almost 4 miles and has some of the most breathtaking Portuguese seaside landscapes. 

Although the Algarve is known for its sea stacks and mountainous cliffs the Praia Da Falesia takes it to another level. As you sprawl out on one of the best beaches in Albufeira you can gaze upon the bright red cliffs above. 

Dolphins are known to swim and play at this Algarve beach so if you get lucky you will get a free show!

Praia De Gale a Sandy Beach

If you are looking for the best surfing lessons in the Algarve, look no further, the team at Supalbufeira has you covered. They have lessons almost every day for SUP paddle boards, surfing, and cave kayak tours. They are so welcoming and patient with you, even if you tend to wipe out a lot. 

Praia da Gale is the best beach in the Algarve if you are looking to escape some of the crowds. There are a few sea stacks to the right of the entrance but other than that it is a long sandy beach in the Algarve. Praia da Gale is located in a smaller town with just a few places to eat. 

But not to worry because in the summer there are still lifeguards and beach activities to keep you happy all day long. Ranking it as one of the best beaches in Albufeira, Portugal.  

Praia De Santa Eulalia

Praia de Santa Eulalia is one of the best beaches in Albufeira for families. This beach is more of a resort destination beach than the others on this list. When you arrive you will see the dramatic landscape. There are rows of palm trees with pretty aloe flowers everywhere. Praia de Santa Eulalia is another example of the clear blue water in the Algarve of Portugal. 

This family-friendly beach is full of golden sand and sun with rentals available for the day. In the summer months when the beach is a little more packed there is always a lifeguard on duty. Even though the water is rarely too rough to swim. There are public bathrooms, shower stalls, and restaurants throughout the beachfront. 

Not only is this one of the best beaches in Albufeira it is also home to one of the best eco-friendly hotels in Europe, which helps to keep the beaches clean all year round. 

Best beaches the Albufeira, sea cliffs during sunset

Praia De Coelha

Praia da Coelha is definitely one of the best beaches in Albufeira. This beach lands on this list for the beautiful plants alone. There is so much natural beauty here you will not mind the little trek you must take to reach the beach. You will know you are there when you reach the wooden steps on the beachfront.

Praia da Coelha is located between the two cities of Albufeira and Armacao de Pera and is a local favorite. This is another Algarve beach that offers lifeguards and beach equipment rentals in the summertime so you will not have to walk down with beach chairs. There are also public restrooms here so you will not have to worry about anything while you relax.

Snorkeling is a must at this beach because the waters are usually very calm and is it rated one of the best beaches in Albufeira for the shallow clear blue waters.

Best beaches the Albufeira. surfer

Praia Do Castelo

When you hear the name Praia do Castelo, the assumption is that there is a castle. Sorry to say there is no castle here today. Back in the 16th century legend says that there once was an amazing watch tour on the shore of this rocky Portugal beach. They were on the lookout for Pirate attacks. When you make your way to the entrance of the beach you will be able to see some of the remains.

There are many reasons that Praia do Castelo ranks among the best in Albufeira beaches and with the history alone it is worth going to take a look. This is another Algarve beach where you can spend your time snorkeling in the beautiful clear waters and a lifeguard to watch out for you.

Like most of the beaches in Albufeira, there are restaurants close by and beach chairs for rent so you can plan to spend your whole summer day at Praia do Castelo without a worry in the world. 


If you are ever lucky enough to find yourself in the Algarve of Portugal you will not ever want to leave. The beaches are not the only thing you find there is plenty of things to do in Albufeira. The Portuguese people are some of the kindest and most generous people in the world.

The best beaches in Albufeira should keep you busy for the whole season, and hopefully, this list will help you figure out which to head to first. But one of the best things about vacationing in Albufeira is that there is always a new beach to hit the next day!

Let us know down below which beach in the Albufeira was your favorite.