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A Magical Christmas in Lisbon Portugal Itinerary 2023! (Updated)

the christmas lights in lisbon during the day lite up just a bit with red christmas bows along the streets. christmas in lisbon is magical

Are you thinking about celebrating Christmas in Lisbon Portugal? You should, it’s a blast! There are plenty of things to do in Christmas in Lisbon and it’s simply magical. From the twinkling streets to the festive Lisbon Christmas markets full of Christmas trees. You are going to frock through the streets and feel the Christmas Joy again.

If you are looking for where to spend Christmas in Portugal, A Lisbon holiday should be high on your list! I love the anticipation for Christmas at Natalis, the twinkling lights, and the party really starts on Christmas Eve in Lisbon! Most people spend about 7 Days in Portugal!

If you are traveling to Lisbon Portugal you have to grab the Lisbon Card, read more about it here!

  • Wondering how to say Merry Christmas in Portuguese? Feliz Natal is how to say Merry Christmas in Portugal!
me sitting in a sleigh during christmas in Lisbon. I have on a gray sweater and hat with a pink scarf.

What to do during Christmas in Lisbon

There are so many different ways to answer the question, what to do in Lisbon Portugal in December? If you are visiting Lisbon in December, you have to check out these next concerts and events.

Christmas Concerts and Events in Lisbon

One of the first things you should do when you get to Lisbon is visit the Christmas wonderland Lisbon. Every year this event takes place at the Marquês de Pombal Square and the whole area transforms into a winter wonderland. Complete with an ice rink, Ferris wheel, and, of course, a ton of Christmas events.

Christmas wonderland Lisbon kicks off in early December and runs through January. So If you are looking for what to do in Lisbon Portugal in December, you’ve got plenty of time to check it out.

Next up is Cirque du Soleil Crystal at Altice Arena. Now, if you’ve never seen a Cirque du Soleil show, you’re in for a real treat. Their show “Crystal” is performed on ice and trust me when I say it’s nothing short of mesmerizing.

Another gem in the heart of Lisbon is the Teatro Armando Cortez. This theater hosts a variety of special Christmas shows. One of my all-time favorites is “O Feiticeiro de Oz“, a Christmas musical that’s great for the whole family.

And last but not least, do not miss out on the Traditional Christmas Concerts. Held in various churches across Lisbon, these concerts offer a serene blend of sacred music and Lisbon’s cultural heritage. If you looking for what to do in Lisbon in December this church will help to immerse you into the spirit of Christmas, even if you are not religious.

Christmas Decorations in Lisbon Portugal

Up next is the list of my favorite places to see Christmas decorations in Lisbon!

1. Baixa and Chiado Neighborhood: You can’t miss a stroll through the shopping streets of the downtown Lisbon area. The seasonal window displays are a sight to remember. There are twinkling lights illuminating the streets, creating a truly magical atmosphere.

2. Nickolaus: This store is full of Christmas treasures, gifts, and decorations. It is famous for its fun choice of festive gifts, so you are sure to find something extra special here.

3. Christmas Market at Campo Pequeno: One of Lisbon’s most classic Christmas markets, Campo Pequeno. This market hosts over 150 vendors selling everything from retro jewelry to brand-new books, clothing, toys, and of course, some of the best Christmas decorations in Lisbon!

4. Walking Tour: At the end of November, Christmas decorations start popping up all around Lisbon. Consider taking a guided walking tour to see the festive décor and learn about Lisbon’s traditions.

5. Saudade Flores: This florist is known for its beautiful Christmas wreaths and advent creations. It’s the perfect place to find unique, handmade Christmas decorations.

6. Natalis at Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL): This popular indoor Christmas market takes place in late November or early December. With a variety of vendors selling festive goods, it’s a great spot to find unique decorations.

Activities in Lisbon During Christmas

  • Christmas Walking Tour: Consider exploring Lisbon with a private tour during Christmas. It’s an excellent way to learn about the city’s traditions and see some hidden gems!
  • Wonderland Lisboa: Every year, Marquês de Pombal Square transforms into Wonderland Lisboa, a magical Christmas fair complete with an ice rink, Ferris wheel, and a plethora of enchanting Christmas shows. It’s the perfect place to soak in the festive spirit!
  • Cirque du Soleil Crystal: A real highlight of the holiday season in Lisbon! Cirque du Soleil brings its unique blend of circus arts and street entertainment to the city. Their show “Crystal”, performed on ice, is nothing short of mesmerizing.
  • Christmas Lights in Rossio & Terreiro do Paco: The city’s historic squares, Rossio and Terreiro do Paco, are adorned with twinkling Christmas lights that illuminate the night, creating a truly magical atmosphere.
  • Portuguese Christmas Desserts: No visit to Lisbon during Christmas would be complete without indulging in traditional Portuguese Christmas desserts. From delicious Bolo Rei to creamy Rabanadas, these treats are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!
  • Natalis Fair: At the beginning of December, Lisbon hosts the Natalis Fair, a bustling Christmas market offering tasty treats and handmade crafts. It’s the perfect place to indulge and enjoy these famous Portuguese tarts.
  • Christmas Day Exploration: Many hotels in Lisbon will offer a special Christmas Day lunch menu. After a hearty meal, you can walk it off and enjoy the breathtaking views from the city’s belvederes.

A Christmas Photo Shoot in Lisbon

One of the best things to do in Lisbon in December is to book a Christmas photo shoot in Lisbon.

With its charming streets, twinkling lights, and epic architecture, Lisbon provides the perfect backdrop, perfect for capturing your Christmas. Hire a Christmas Lights Photo Shoot and explore Alfama’s narrow, picturesque lanes. Or against the backdrop of the city’s beautifully lit squares. You will have high-quality images to treasure forever.

Is Lisbon worth visiting at Christmas?

a big snowman head with a green striped scarf and a black hat with chrsimtas lights in the back round

Yes! Lisbon is worth visiting at Christmas. The city comes alive with festive decorations, twinkling lights, and Christmas events. You can enjoy traditional Portuguese Christmas desserts, visit the magical Wonderland Lisboa fair, and admire the beautiful Christmas lights in Rossio & Terreiro do Paco.

Lisbon’s old is charming, Plus, the weather in December is mildly cold, making it perfect for exploring. So yes, Lisbon is definitely worth visiting at Christmas.

How is Christmas Celebrated in Lisbon?

two people walking down the street with a Christmas in lisbon market in the back round

Christ is celebrated i Lisbon on the 24th of December. This is when families gather for a grand feast known as ‘Consoada‘. And guess what’s on the menu? Bacalhau, Portugal’s beloved codfish dish. Trust me, it’s divine!
You will also find an array of cakes, but my personal favorite is the ‘Bolo Rei’ or King Cake. It’s a traditional Portuguese Christmas cake that will make your taste buds dance!
And after dinner? A midnight mass called ‘Mass of the Rooster’ is celebrated all over Portugal.

Is Portugal good to visit at Christmas?

a Ferris wheel in downtown lisbon during christmas time. the lights are big and green and there are people partying in the front

Yes! Portugal is good to visit at Christmas! The streets of Lisbon and Porto glow with festive lights. Enjoy the ‘Consoada’ feast, filled with traditional Bacalhau and Bolo Rei. Don’t miss the festive markets and ice rinks in Wonderland Lisboa. The Midnight Mass is a heartwarming experience. Portugal at Christmas is a blend of tradition, food, and festive cheer you’ll absolutely love!

How is Christmas celebrated in Portugal?

a street in lisbon with christmas lights and people walking down the street during the day time

Consoada – Portugal’s Christmas Eve feast is a delightful mix of tradition and taste, featuring bacalhau (cod) and Bolo Rei (King Cake). Yum!
Mass of the Rooster – A midnight mass that brings in Christmas Day with peace and reflection.
Dia de Reis – Celebrated on January 6th, it extends the festivities with traditional songs sung in streets and churches.
Christmas Markets – From Lisbon to Porto, these winter wonderlands are chock-full of festive cheer!

Lisbon Christmas Lights 2023

There are plenty of Christmas lights in Lisbon. As soon as you step out into the bustling streets of Lisbon, you’re greeted by thousands of twinkling lights, transforming Lisbon into a true winter wonderland.

Christmas lights in Rossio Terreiro do Paco

Get ready to be dazzled by a Christmas spectacle like no other in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal. We’re talking about the legendary Christmas lights display in Rossio Terreiro do Paco.

The main event is the giant Christmas tree in Praça da Comércio which has countless lights and it casts a beautiful glow over the square.

You’ll find the best displays along the shopping streets of Baixa and Chiado. I recommend taking a slow walk through downtown Lisbon to fully soak in the magical atmosphere. The window displays with seasonal decorations are absolutely worth your time. And if you’re lucky, you might even catch a live performance of Christmas carols! 🎶

Getting there is easy! Just hop on a tram, or better yet, take a tuk-tuk tour of Lisbon’s Christmas lights it’s the best way to see the city! The lights start to sparkle from the beginning of December and continue to shine brightly into the New Year. So there’s plenty of time to plan your visit.

a bunch of chrismtas lights hanging down the row with green in the back round
  1. Avenida da Liberdade: This is one of the main avenues in Lisbon and it’s beautifully lit during the Christmas season.
  2. Rossio Square: Known for its vibrant atmosphere, Rossio Square becomes even more magical with the Christmas lights.
  3. Baixa and Restauradores: These downtown restaurants in Lisbon with a view are transformed into a winter wonderland during Christmas.
  4. Parque Marechal Carmona: The Christmas Village here is a must-visit, especially for kids.
  5. Praça do Comércio: Home to Lisbon’s magnificent Christmas tree, this square is a sight to behold.
  6. Parque Eduardo VII – Wonderland Lisboa: This park hosts a lovely Christmas market and is adorned with beautiful lights.
  7. Campo Pequeno: The Christmas market here is lit up with festive decorations.

Where to stay for Christmas in Lisbon

I have done the research for you! Here is my list of the best hotels in Lisbon for Christmas! Many offer Christmas in Lisbon packages.

  1. Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Lisbon: This luxurious hotel dresses up its Almada Negreiros Lounge with impressive works of art for Christmas.
  2. Hotel Lisboa Plaza: A part of the Lisbon Heritage Collection, this hotel is known for providing a perfect Christmas holiday experience for its guests.
  3. Bairro Alto Hotel: With smooth jazz setting the tone for dinner at the bohemian BAHR, the Christmas program here is quite a treat.
  4. Hotel Portugal: Celebrating Christmas right in the center of Lisbon, the Varanda de Lisboa at this hotel offers a family-friendly atmosphere for the holiday.
  5. Lisbon Marriott Hotel: Offering a special Christmas package that includes a festive dinner buffet and late check-out, this hotel adds a touch of luxury to your Christmas stay.
  6. Lisboa Carmo Hotel: Located in the heart of Lisbon, this hotel has luxury rooms with modern décor and spectacular views of the Tagus River.
a christmas tree in lisbon inside of a hotel with a star on top and the rest of the lobby decorated nicely

Getting around in Lisbon at Christmas Time

Metro: The Lisbon Metro is a quick and efficient way to navigate the city. It runs until 12:30 a.m., but on Christmas Eve, it finishes early. And there is a reduced service on Christmas Day. On New Year’s Eve, it should operate at normal hours. To get tickets you will need a reusable ‘Navegante’ card, which costs €0.50. You can find these at local shops.

Train Service: The first train usually departs from Lisbon Oriente at around 10:20 a.m., stopping at Entrecampos and Sete Rios before heading south. This can be a good option if you’re planning on getting to Lisbon from other cities.

Walking: Lisbon is a compact city, so walking can be a great way to explore, especially the decorated streets and markets during Christmas. Areas like Rossio and Terreiro do Paco are particularly beautiful with their Christmas lights. Be aware that Lisbon is known as the city with 7 hills, so you will be walking up and down the hilly streets.

Private Tours: If you prefer a personalized experience, consider booking a private tour. Not only will you have a dedicated guide, but you’ll also be able to tailor your Lisbon Christmas itinerary to your interests.

Tour Lisbon by Streetcar

Tram 28: Known as the most famous tram in Lisbon. This yellow tram offers an adventure through the narrow streets of the Old Town, with lovely views of the city. It connects Martim Moniz with Campo Ourique and passes through popular tourist districts like Alfama, Baixa, Estrela, and Graca!

Hop On / Hop Off Tram: This option allows you to explore at your own pace. You can climb aboard a historic tram and enjoy a stroll through typical neighborhoods of Lisbon like Alfama, Mouraria, and Bairro Alto.

Explore Lisbon by Tram

Buses and Trams: Lisbon’s network of buses and iconic trams also provide easy access to various parts of the city. While they might operate on a reduced schedule during the holidays, they are still a viable option for getting around.

the yellow 28 tram in lisbon portugal there are two different yellow trams here and a red tram in the back round

Lisbon at Christmas Weather and New Year

The weather in Lisbon around Christmas is sunny but cold. You will want to bring a jacket and scarf for night, but during the day you can get away with water.

The Weather in Lisbon Around ChristmasAverage TemperaturesRainfallSunlightHistorical DataClothing Advice
Daytime16°C (61°F)Short heavy showersGenerally sunny daysChristmas Day 2019: 14°C (57°F), SunnyWarmer clothes and layers recommended
Nighttime9°C to 10°C (approximately 48°F to 50°F).Can also be very foggyChristmas Day 2018 & 2017: 11°C (52°F), SunnyBig Jacket, hate, gloves, scarf

things to do in Lisbon Portugal in December

The Christmas Tree in Lisbon

Every year, the Christmas Tree in Lisbon is located at the Lisbon’s Marquês de Pombal square. The tree’s grand stature beautifully blends into the green space of the square, creating a picture-perfect festive scene. The best time to visit the Christmas tree in Lisbon is from 17:45 until 01:00 the next morning. This is when the Christmas tree is at its full potential.

The exact date of the tree lighting changes yearly. But one thing that remains consistent is the crowd it draws. It’s wise to arrive early to secure a good viewing spot. While the specific date the tree is taken down isn’t always the same, it usually stays up until at least the 7th of January.

The Christmas tree in Lisbon tradition started back in 2004. Since then, it has become famous as the tallest Christmas tree in all of Europe, with its height peaking at an impressive 76 meters in 2007. Traditionally, the tree is a pine, its triangular shape representing the Holy Trinity for Christians.

a large Christmas tree during Christmas in lisbon Portugal. it is a town square that has a largely light ree and it looks very festive.

Buying Christmas Presents in Lisbon Christmas Shopping

  1. Unique Gift Stores: Visit the Amazing Store for their ‘Stir It Up!’ collection, or SAL Concept Store for the Le Secret de Manon Product Kit. For children’s gifts, try Lucy’s Kids and their popular Attipas’ Shoes.
  2. Traditional Christmas Shop Lisbon: Explore stores like Nickolaus, Amar Lisboa, Caza das Vellas Loreto, A Vida Portuguesa, Embaixada, Manuel Tavares, and Garrafeira for a range of items from local delicacies to homewares.
  3. Gift & Specialty Shops: For unique finds, check out the LX Market, Lisbon Craft, Mercado de Campo de Ourique, Luvaria Ulisses, and Anjos 70.
  4. Largest and Varied Shops: Don’t miss out on LISBON SHOP, the city’s most extensive shop, and A Vida Portuguesa, a mini department store stocking authentic Portuguese souvenirs.
  5. Modern Concept Stores: Visit Depozito, a modern Portuguese concept warehouse, and Azul, known for its selection of Portuguese crafts.
  6. Locally Made Gifts: Sarah Nagaty recommends vegan solid shampoo, Bordallo Pinheiro tableware, a bottle of Ginja, an Amália Rodrigues CD album, jewelry, a vintage doll, and gourmet canned goods as meaningful and budget-friendly gifts.
two girls enjoying Christmas shopping in Lisbon Portugal. they are bunded up and look very happy

Things to do on Christmas Day in Lisbon

  1. Visit Wonderland Lisboa: This is the main Christmas market in Lisbon, located in Parque Eduardo VII at Marques de Pombal Square.
  2. Cirque du Soleil Crystal: Enjoy a mesmerizing show by this world-renowned circus troupe.
  3. Stroll under Lisbon’s illumination: Experience the magical Christmas lights in Rossio & Terreiro do Paco.
  4. Explore Sintra or Cascais: A short trip from Lisbon, these towns are worth visiting for their beauty.
  5. Discover the Tower of Bethlehem and Visit the Jerónimos Monastery: These historical sites offer a unique experience. You may not be able to go inside but the views from the outside are worth it.
  6. Walk Lisbon: Explore the city’s best neighborhoods, from Alfama’s narrow cobblestone streets to Belem’s late Gothic wonders.
  7. Dine in Style: Indulge in traditional Portuguese Christmas desserts and Lisbon’s festive food at things that are open on Christmas Day in Lisbon.
  8. Rent a Villa for the Holidays: If you’re spending more than a day, consider renting a villa and having your own party in Lisbon on Christmas Day.
  9. Visit a Church at Midnight: Participate in a midnight mass for a spiritual experience.
  10. Christmas Shopping at Lisbon’s Lojas Das Historias: Located in Baixa and Chiado, these charming historic shops can be a good place for last-minute gifts on Christmas day in Lisbon.
  11. A Christmas Sunset Over Praa do Comrcio: Experiencing a Christmas sunset at Lisbon’s Praça do Comércio is simply magical. The setting sun shines on the grand square and its majestic yellow buildings in a warm, golden glow, while the Christmas lights begin to sparkle, creating an ethereal play of colors in the evening sky.
a man with a ponytail exploring downtown Lisbon Portuga. he is standing in front of Christmas lights and looks amazing

Portuguese Christmas Traditions and Customs

In Portugal, most Portuguese Family Christmas includes a big celebration on Christmas Eve. This is the day that they feast with port wine, and big meals, and the whole family gets together. Christmas Day is used more as a rest day, and people spend time at their homes relaxing.

  • Thinking of going from Lisbon to Porto? Read my how-to guide!

Eat Portuguese Christmas Cake

Portuguese Christmas Cake, or Bolo Rei, is a traditional holiday dessert in Portugal. It’s a round, crown-shaped sweet yeast dough cake filled with candied fruits and nuts. The cake is glazed with sugar and decorated with more fruits and nuts.

A small token is often baked inside, and the person who finds it buys the cake the following year. This festive cake is enjoyed between December 25th and January 6th.

a Bolo Rei cake during Christmas nin Portugal. this is a fruit cake that is extra fancy with lots of ingredients.

Try Portuguese Christmas Desserts

You have to taste the Bolo Rei and other Christmas sweets!

  1. Bolo Rei: This is one of the most popular Christmas sweets in Portugal. It’s a round, crown-shaped cake filled with candied fruits and nuts, often with a small token baked inside. It’s traditionally eaten throughout the Christmas season, especially on January 6, the twelfth day of Christmas.
  2. Azevias: This dessert is a deep-fried treat covered in sugar, originally from the town of Alentejo. It consists of thin dough shaped like a half-moon filled with a sweet filling.
  3. Lampreia de Ovos: This is probably the most unusual Christmas dessert in Portugal. It takes at least 20 eggs to make this flashy dessert, which is shaped like a lamprey (a type of fish).
the Lampreia de Ovos dessert in lisbon portugal. there are 4 big fluffy desserts with powered sugar on it on top of a white plate

Lisbon Christmas Market 2023

Lisbon is full of amazing Christmas Markets! If you are thinking about splitting up your time and spending some of the Christmas in the Algarve, they also have amazing seaside markets!

Campo Pequeno Christmas Market Guide

The Campo Pequeno Christmas Market takes place in Campo Pequeno, a former bullfighting arena that’s transformed into a vibrant marketplace for the holiday season. The market is renowned for its unique blend of traditional and contemporary offerings from over 140 stalls.

What sets this market apart is its emphasis on Portuguese culture. The market hosts dozens of exhibitors who offer unique, locally made products, making it an excellent spot to find one-of-a-kind gifts. The market is also known for its fun activities and workshops, providing entertainment for the whole family.

This year, the market will operate from November 30 to December 4, and then again from December 9 to December 11. The market opens at 5 pm and closes at 10 pm on weekdays, while on weekends and holidays, it operates from 11 am to 10 pm.

the Christmas market in Lisbon with red stockings, plenty of cute gnomes, and small ornaments

Rossio Square and Lisbons Christmas Markets

Rossio Christmas Market: Known for its spectacular Christmas decorations, this Christmas village in Lisbon takes place in Rossio Square.

This festive market runs from November 19th to December 21st. It has traditional handmade crafts that are perfect for unique Christmas gifts. As well as stalls serving local food and drinks. It is not just a shopping venue, the Rossio Christmas Market also hosts family-friendly Christmas activities.

The historical Rossio Square has a huge Christmas tree and is such a picturesque setting, making the market a must-visit during the holiday season in Lisbon.

abbey rae and carter sitting inside of a red ornament at a Christmas in lisbo market. they are both bundled up and it looks amazing

Other Lisbon Christmas Market Locations

  1. Wonderland Lisboa: This market is located in Parque Eduardo VII at Marques de Pombal Square and is one of the main Christmas markets in Lisbon.
  2. Mercado da Baixa: This market is another popular spot for Christmas shopping in Lisbon.
  3. Diplomatic Bazaar: Part of Lisbon’s Christmas market scene, offering a variety of goods.
  4. Natalis: A popular Christmas market in Lisbon that is free and inside. It takes place during a weekend in late November or early December at Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL).
  5. Ateneu Comercial De Lisbon Christmas Market: Another festive market to explore during the Christmas season.
  6. Braga Christmas Market: Although this famous market is not in Lisbon, it’s worth mentioning. It takes place on Avenida Central and offers a variety of Christmas goods.
two women looking at presents at a Christmas market in Lisbon. they are bundled up warm and look very festive.

Lisbon Christmas Market Dates

Christmas markets in Lisbon start to appear in late November and run throughout December. Sometimes even extending into early January. The Christmas markets in Lisbon 2023 are a blend of traditional and contemporary celebrations. There are many stalls offering everything from handmade crafts to local delicacies.

Christmas Dinner Lisbon

Roasted lamb and goatling are the most common Christmas Day meals, although there are some places where the Portuguese eat turkey. Turkey was common in the past for wealthy families, and it was often eaten after the Midnight Mass.

a big cut of meat being enjoyed on Christmas Day in lisbon portugal

Going Out for Christmas Dinner in Lisbon

If you are Going out for dinner during Christmas time in Lisbon, here are a few of my favorite spots to enjoy a traditional Christmas lunch on December 25th! I also have a list of my favorite restaurants in Lisbon with a view!

  1. AKLA restaurante: Is inside the Intercontinental Lisbon: Known for its contemporary dining experience and a Christmas Eve dinner in Lisbon.
  2. Sacramento: A restaurant where you can taste typical Portuguese dishes, from the beloved typical codfish to the roasted lamb.
  3. Tivoli Lisboa Hotel: They offer Christmas dinner as part of their Lisbon holiday celebrations.

Celebrate Christmas Eve Dinner in Lisbon

vegan restaurants in Lisbon

a restaurant in Lisbon Portugal decorated for Christmas dinner. there are cookies on the table with a big napkin and two glasses

Day Trips from Lisbon at Christmas

There are plenty of day trips from Lisbon to take during Christmas time. Down below I will link the best tours today, but it might be best to rent a car because these tours might be closed.

Many of these cute towns are on the Portugal Silver Coast, and some are just a few minutes from Lisbon!

Sintra at Christmas

Taking a day trip to Sintra would be an amazing way to spend your Christmas vacation.

It is known for its epic fairy-tale palaces and one of the prettiest castles in Portugal. And Sintra transforms into an extra magical place during Christmas time. The town is beautifully decorated, and you can visit the Pena Palace, Moorish Castle, and the Quinta da Regaleira.

You can catch the train to Sintra from Rossio Train Station in Baixa. Trains depart roughly every 30 minutes and it takes about 40 minutes. Or click here to book a private tour!


This small medieval town hosts a popular Christmas event called ‘Óbidos Vila Natal‘. It’s a festive wonderland with ice skating, Santa’s house, and various performances.

Taking a day trip to the Obidos Portugal Castle for a day trip a night or two during Christmas is always a good idea!
Click here to see a day tour from Lisbon to Obidos and Nazare.

carter walking down the street of obidos Portugal with a jean jacket and white washed homes in the back


Cascais’s beachfront town transforms into a winter wonderland during the Christmas season in Lisbon. You can see the Christmas markets, concerts, and a spectacular fireworks display on New Year’s Eve.

The best way to get to Lisbon to Cascais is by train. Take the coastal train station, Cais do Sodré, and take the suburban train “Linha de Cascais”.

santa is on the beach in Cascais Portugal. he is holding a surf board and wearing his read Santa suit.


Evora is a UNESCO World Heritage city. It is known for its epic Roman Temple, Cathedral, and Chapel of Bones. During Christmas in Evora, the streets are beautifully lit, and there are various festive activities to enjoy.

Take the Rede de Expressos to get from Evora to Lisbon and it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Evora from Lisbon.

bones in a pile at the town of Evora Portugal during chrsitmas time


Fátima is one of the most important Catholic pilgrimage sites in the entire world. Christmas is a special time to visit, with beautiful nativity scenes and a peaceful atmosphere.

It’s easy to get from Lisbon to Fatima by the FlixBus. The journey from Lisbon to Fatima has only one stop in between. Plan the trip to take 1 hour 20 minutes.


A trip to Setúbal can include a dolphin-watching boat tour in Sado Estuary and a visit to Arrabida Natural Park. During Christmas, the town has festive decorations and events.

To get to Setubal from Lisbon you will need to catch a train from the stations Sete Rios, Roma-Areeiro, Entrecampos, or Campolide and head straight to Setúbal!


The town is known for the Mafra National Palace, one of the most significant Baroque buildings in Portugal. The palace and the town have special Christmas decorations and events.

If you want to the bus it only takes about 1 hour to get from Lisbon to Mafra. Take the Lisbon metro to Campo Grande Station, then a Mafrense bus to Mafra which will take you to Ericeira.

Mafra portugal from above you can see the grand building and lots of orange roofs and a big building in the back round

Day Trip from Lisbon to Belem

Taking a day trip from Lisbon to Belém during the Christmas season is an enchanting experience. To get there from Lisbon you will need to hop on the tram 15.

Start your visit at the Coach Museum, home to a fascinating collection of historical carriages.

The Jerónimos Monastery, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is an absolute must-visit. This architectural marvel takes on an extra charm under the winter light.

Not far from the monastery stands the Belém Tower, another UNESCO site, offering breathtaking views that are even more spectacular during this time of year.

Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Berardo Collection Museum, where you can admire modern and contemporary art, often featuring themed exhibitions for Christmas.

downtown lisbon portugal with a sing that says boas festas and lots of light up stars in the back round

How to Spend New Year’s Eve in Lisbon

You will want to spend New Year’s in Lisbon watching the amazing fireworks display. It can be watched around plenty of vantage points around the city. But the best place to see it is at the Terreiro do Paco. This large square is perfect for seeing the fireworks above the Tagus River.

Party-goers will love the nightlife in Lisbon around New Year too. The Praça do Comércio is known for its epic New Year parties. For late-night fun, the house and techno club, Alcantara Mar gets going from around 2 a.m. onwards. The Bairro Alto neighborhood is known for its lively bars and parties that spill into the street.

What to do during New Year’s Eve in Lisbon

Eating is also a significant part of Portuguese Christmas traditions and customs. Many restaurants in Lisbon, including the Ritz in Lisbon offer special New Year’s Eve dinners. Another restaurant to consider is The Insolito, known for its finger food menu of oysters, crab, and other delicacies. If you’re looking for a different perspective, consider a Tagus River Cruise.

the new yeares fireworks above belem Portugal  this is one of the best things to do during chrismtas in lisbon Portugal

Lisbon Between Christmas and New Year

Is Christmas and New Year in Lisbon Is it worth it? Yes! It is absolutely worth it!

Lisbon is beautifully festive between Christmas and New Year. The city center is filled with thousands of colorful lights and the tallest Christmas tree in Portugal.

On December 26th almost everything reopens as normal. However, on New Year’s Day, shops, most museums, and many restaurants will be closed.

You can explore some of the 17th and 18th-century nativity scenes at the Estrela Basilica and Mártires Basilica. You will also find concerts in churches, outdoor ice skating rinks, and a small Christmas village in Lisbon where you can see Santa Claus.

Also, winter temperatures in Lisbon are quite mild. So it’s never too hot or too cold, which makes it an ideal time place to enjoy Christmas.

the giant christmas tree in lisbon portugal with red balls and a big star on top

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