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Take a Day Trip to Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools

Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools

Are you in Madeira and want to see the best things to do on a day trip to Porto Moniz? You have come to the best place to learn all about this lovely northwest coastal town in Madeira, Portugal. Of course, the main attraction is the Porto Moniz natural swimming pool made of lava it is known to be the most beautiful swimming pool in the world. But once you arrive here, this small town has so much more to offer.

When you take a day trip to Porto Moniz, you should also stop by the close cities. These include the cable car town of Achadas da Cruz, the coastal sea stacks in Ribeira da Janela, and the black sand at Seixal beach. Plus, Porto Moniz Natural pools may be known for their size, but the Seixal natural pools are not as crowded if you want to make your way over there it is only about an about 20-minute drive away.

There is so much to do on a day trip to Porto Moniz, it all just depends on what you are in the mood for, and what time of year it is. Porto Moniz weather is going to be a little bit chillier than some parts of the island. But, if you have ever been to Madeira you know that whether there is unpredictable and can change where ever you are.

How to get to Porto Moniz Natural Swimming Pools

There are plenty of options for getting around Madeira and how to get to Porto Moniz should be a pretty easy task. First and foremost you will need to decide how long you want to stay. There are plenty of things to do in Porto Moniz that you could stay for just a few days and tick all off of your list.

One of the most popular ways to get to Porto Moniz is to take a guided tour in Maderia to the natural pools. One of the best tours you can take goes from Funchal to Porto Moniz. This is a great way to see the entire Island in one day it lasts about 7 hours. This could be a fun way to spend your first day in Madeira and then decide what you love and where you should go back.

Driving in Madeira

Another way to get to Porto Moniz would be to drive if you have rented a car in Maderia. Centro car rental is one of the best options for this, they are reasonably priced and do not add in a bunch of extra fees on top of your rental, definitely recommended. Be careful driving in Porto Moniz and all of Madeira. The roads to the top are very curvey and steep at some points you will not be able to see the cars coming in the other direction, the big buses beep their horns to let you know that they are coming.

Big waves in Maderia

Taking the bus in Madeira is very easy and they run quite a few different options. The bus route to take to get to Porto Moniz is bus number 80 or route 139. Between these two buses, you should be able to make it to Porto Moniz natural swimming pools during the day. The bus ticket prices in Maderia are very reasonable and it could be cheaper than a car.

The address to get to the town of Porto Moniz is here. Once you arrive you should find parking in the center of town in a nice big field if that is full try your hand at parking on the street.

The Cost and Hours of the Natural Swimming Pools in Porto Moniz

The hours of natural pools in Madeira are open in the summer from 9 am to 7 pm. But in the winter the hours are only from 9-5. If you happen to get there in the early morning to watch the sunrise, it is free and beautiful.

You could spend your whole day swimming in the natural pools it is not expensive, the price is about 1.5 Euro per person. The natural pools in Porto Moniz are not heated, the water comes straight flowing in right from the Atlantic Ocean. So you can expect the temperature of the water to be the same as that of swimming in the sea.

Sometimes the winds can be very strong, so before you head out on your day trip to Porto Moniz, make sure to check the Madeira webcams. These Madeira webcams are set up all over the island for your viewing because the weather here is so unpredictable you never know what you are going to get.

Porto Moniz lava swimming pools

Other Things to do in Porto Moniz

Another really fun thing to check out while you are on your day trip to Porto Moniz is the Levada Ribeira da, Janela. This is just a short drive up the super steep hill from the Porto Moniz natural swimming pools, which you will want to experience driving up there anyway.

There is a Levada walk in Porto Moniz that is 25.6 km long and is an out and back trail. You do not have to go the whole way even if you just hike a few km into the mountains it is so beautiful with the sound of the running water and the mountain ranges all around you, you will not regret it.

Next is the aquarium Porto Moniz. The coolest thing about this aquarium is that is it inside of an old castle that sits upon a hill by the water. Inside the aquarium is small and only has a few displays. If you went and the weather in Porto Moniz was bad you could check it out. But, other than that just look from the outside you are not missing much if you do not go in.

Porto Moniz Restaurants

Many different dining options are available for all budgets at Porto Moniz restaurants. If you are looking for a quick bite that won’t break the bank then you should try out Conchinha. It is a cute cafe that is on the second story, the third story if you are European, and the if you sit on the balcony you get the best view looking over the city. Here you can order pies, cakes, sandwiches, and coffee.

If you are looking for a more traditional Portuguese meal then try out Restaurant Polo Norte in Porto Moniz. Here they only serve lunch and dinner here and their style is Mediterranean and Portuguese dishes. They also have a beautiful patio for dining that you will have a wonderful view of the sea.

Morning sunshine in Maderia

There is also a grocery store in the center that has a to-go counter for snacks, desserts, coffee, and cheap beers. This is always a go-to quick for cheap eats if you are in a hurry or a budget traveler. They have a few seats inside and out on the patio to enjoy your small meal. You will find lots of locals eating and drinking here so you know it’s cheap and wonderful.

The best Poncha in Porto Moniz will be found upon the hill in the best little hole-in-the-wall grocery store/bar. It is called Marias and if you go there ask for a homemade Poncha, all ingredients are fresh and come straight from their farm on the island. Try and have a conversation with the man who owns the place, tell him the Americans with the yellow dog sent you, you are sure to get a smile out of him.

Porto Moniz Hotels

One of the most popular Porto Moniz hotels is the Aqua Natura Bay. This is a beautiful seaside hotel in Madeira. This lovely hotel is in a prime location. You can see the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and the mountain range on the Northside of the island. On-site they also have a wellness center and they offer off-site excursions that you can book easily with the front desk. Staying in this Porto Moniz hotel will make your stay in Madeira so much easier.

When you stay at the Paradise Ocean View in Porto Moniz, you can wake up early, or sleep in late whatever you are into. You can take a short 10-minute walk down to the Porto Moniz natural swimming pools whenever the mood strikes you. They have amazing views of the city but they still have a very private feel when sitting on your balcony.

There are also many Airbnbs to check out in Porto Moniz, they are reasonably priced and have some of the best views of the city. This would be a great way to stay in the town for a few days and experience living like a local.

Seixal Beach Natural swimming pools Madeira


If you stay for a week or just plan a day trip to Porto Moniz you will love everything about this small coastal town. It is one of the more beautiful things on the list of Madeira’s top 10 things to do. Let us know down below if you have been here, or if you are planning to go we always love to hear from you.

Map of Porto Moniz

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