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These are the best Italy Travel Blogs I put together during my time traveling in 2023. Italy is home to stunning coastlines, enchanting cities, and mouthwatering Italian cuisine. Use this Italy Travel guide to help you along your experience of “La Dolce Vita” – the sweet life.

Fly into Rome and spend at least a few days there. From there you can head to Florence for a cultural and artistic adventure. Or to relax in the charming old town. Or start traveling to Italy’s breathtaking islands like Sicily or Sardinia for a serene getaway.

Italians are very proud. They love sharing their culture and history with anyone willing to share a bottle of wine and fresh cuisine. Learning just a bit of Italian really goes a long way, they will surely appreciate the effort.  

a couple enjoying a wine tour in Lucca. with a man picking grapes

13 Epic Lucca Wineries You Wil Love (Recommended) 

Here is a list of 13 amazing Lucca Wineries to visit while in Tuscany!

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abbey outside enjoying one of the best Lucca restaurants in town!

17 Best Lucca Restaurants in Italy 2023 (Recommended)

Here is a list of the best Lucca restaurants to enjoy!

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a photo of me at one of the best hotels in Lucca Italy watching the sunset

18 of the Best Hotels in Lucca Italy (Recommended 2023)

Here is a list of the best hotels in Lucca Italy!

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a beautiful photo of the main square in lucca. with old roman bulidings, clock towers, and so many things to do in luck italy

25 Best Things to Do in Lucca Italy for 2023! (Recommended)

Here is a perfect list of things to do in Lucca Italy!

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Discover Venice, Tuscany, and the best regions in Italy here! Plan to spend at least a few weeks when visiting Southern Europe. The flights can be long depending where you are flying in from, and you will want to have enough time to recover. Accommodation can be affordable or extremely pricey, it really depends on your budget.

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