Hello, adventurous people! Here is the perfect Krabi Travel Itinerary if you only have 3 days in Krabi. I was lucky enough to spend an entire month here, and let me tell you, it is one of my very favorite places I have ever been. The vibe here is laid back and not pushy, the food is delicious and the things to do in Krabi are virtually endless!

You can take this list of what to do in Krabi for 3 days with a grain of salt and change it up to meet your interests, but I have put it together with location and fun in mind. If you are planning to have a beach-filled trip, check out these amazing hotels on the beach. You can also stay a little further outside of town if you are looking for a budget trip.

One of the very best things about visiting Thailand as a whole is how affordable it is. You can plan for your Krabi trip cost to be around as little as $30 (USD) per person per day if you are a budget. On our trip to Krabi, we spend around $40 a day for 2 people. Use this Krabi travel guide and you are sure to stay within budget.

The Ultimate Krabi Travel Itinerary For 3 Days

a man looking out at Ao Nang in Krabi Thailand

Day 1: Krabi Travel Itinerary 3 Days

You can easily tour Krabi on your own with this itinerary, but if you want you could always book a private tour. There are advantages to touring Krabi alone and with groups. If you wanted to rent a scooter or car to get around you will have no trouble finding all of these attractions in Krabi. Ask your accommodation if they have any hookups on scooters, this is how I have found the best prices and most reliable people.

Stop 1: Take a long tail to Railay Beach

One of the very best Krabi Thailand things to do is visit Railay Beach. That is why it is the first thing on the list of things to do. This beautiful peninsula is only accessible by boat and has stunning crystal-clear water and the most picturesque backdrop.

The best way to get to Railay is to head to Ao Nang Beach and find the stand on the very end of the beachfront. You cannot miss it there is usually a big crowd out front. I waited no more than 10 minutes after paying and was on my way to Railay.

Ask for a one-way ticket instead of a round trip. This is because when you do the round trip they give you time to get back on the boat. You want time to relax and take in the views. When you are ready to leave head to the middle of the beach and find the guy selling tickets back. You will not have to wait long and expect to pay 100 baht per person each way.

a man and women on a boat tour during their krabi travel itinerary

Stop 2: Diamond Cave

While you are on Railay head over to the Diamond Cave. It is located on the east side of the beach and is only about a 10-15 minute walk away from where they drop you off. Diamond Cave gets its name from the pretty glittery crystals that you can see shining on the walls and ceiling. It is estimated to be over 10,000 years old!

When I visited in 2023 it was 40 baht per person (less than a dollar) to enter. You will want to wear your shoes and be ready to be amazed. Although Krabi is super safe and I never encountered thefts, it is also best to go ahead and bring all of your belongings with you. The Diamond cave hours are 8:30 to 4:30 so plan accordingly.

Stop 3: Visit the Grotto Restaurant

Now that you have spent a few hours exploring it is time for lunch. There are plenty of places to enjoy lunch on Railay, but the very best is the Grotto Restaurant. Walk to the west side from the Diamond Cave to the Ravadaee Resort. You do not have to be staying there to dine you are more than welcome. But it is best to make a reservation on the day you are planning to go.

Now on to the good stuff. The Grotto is on a limestone cliff with a romantic vibe with a view of the Andaman Sea. I ordered the shrimp appetizer and mussels pasta and it was done perfectly. It is more expensive than other places, but it is your first day in Krabi, treat yourself!

Also, check out the best restaurants in Krabi for other dining options.

Stop 4: Head Back to Ao Nang For Shopping

Next up on our Krabi itinerary is to take the long tail boat back to Ao Nang. While you are here it is the perfect excuse to do a little shopping. There are all types of shops from local vendors on the street to high-class shopping.

We got elephant shirts for 3 dollars, and the cutest flip-flops I’ve ever had for $7 and if I had room in my travel bookbag I would have bought more. But being a digital nomad comes with its ups and downs like that.

sunset with a palm tree in krabi

Stop 5: Krabi Night Market in Ao Nang

After you are done shopping till you drop, it is time to grab some food at the night market. You cannot miss the market, it is right along the beach. It opens up around 5 pm and stays open until 10. You will find any and every type of food here. I started my meal off with chicken skewers, cheese french fries, and massaman curry. There is a big restaurant-type stand where you can order fresh curries and ice cream as well.

Since I spent a month in Krabi, I went back here many times. I can also recommend the salted pressed fish cooked over an open flame. You may want to share this with a friend or come super hungry. There are also amazing sushi rolls, silly corndogs with fun toppings, and a whole section of Halal food.

Take a few minutes to do a lap before you order anything you do not want to fill up before you get a chance to check it all out. Do not leave this off of your Krabi travel Itinerary it is one of the very best things to do.

Krabi Best Tours Not Included on this Krabi Travel Itinerary

Day 2: Krabi island-hopping Itinerary

When it comes to Krabi day trips you have to go island hopping. There are a few different ways to go about island hopping. I was lucky enough to have friends in town that I met through a co-working group in Turkey. So we booked a private boat and the tour guide took care of everything for us.

We got lunch, water, and a day full of fun. We all brought snacks and pitched in with drinks and a few joints on the boat. Weed is legal in Thailand if you didn’t already know. We paid about $30 USD each, but there were 8 of us. You can also head down to the beach in Ao Nang and ask for a long-tail boat for the day! But the islands in Thailand you have to check out are the following.

Stop 1: Poda Island is one of the Most Popular islands in Krabi

The first stop on your Krabi travel Itinerary island tour is Poda Island. This is one of the prettiest islands with a white sandy beach and beautiful clear water for snorkeling. This is the island you will see on the postcards and the most popular photos of Krabi. Be sure to bring your phone and have it charged you will not want to miss your Instagram-worthy photos!

long tail boats on the water in krabi travel guide

Stop 2: Chicken Island for Fun Photos and the Sandbar

Next up is Chicken Island. This is a great stop for snorkeling with colorful fish and relaxing on the scheduled beach. This island gets its name because the top of it looks like a chicken’s head and neck. This is also all over insta and you will want to grab a few photos here. Most tour guides will give you about 30 minutes here before heading on to the next stop on the Krabi island tour.

me with a drink in my hand at an island in krabi

Stop 3: Tup Island is right next to Chicken Island

After chicken island asks your captain to take you to Tup Island. This is a tiny island with no accommodations or places to eat. But that is what makes it so special. During low tide, there is a sandbar that connects Tup to Chicken island that you can easily cross.

Ask your captain to plan your stops accordingly so you will be able to walk across the islands. You will feel like a luxurious Tom Hanks on Castaway.

Be sure to bring a cover-up, swimming shirt, hat, and sunnies on your boat tour. A whole day in the sun can be daunting and you will for sure want to cover up. This is also a great spot to stop for lunch it is about halfway through your day out on the water.

boats on the Krabi travel Itinerary in the clear waters

Stop 4: Hong Island is one of the Very best Islands off Krabi

Take a short ride over from Tup Island and check out Hong Island. This is a part of the Than Bok Khorani national park. There is a small entrance fee of 300 baht ($8) to get in.

The beach is separated into two sections by a big rock in the middle. The sand is extra soft and white here and it is an amazing last top on your island day of the Krabi travel Itinerary.

Ask your boat captain to take you back to the pier and head back to your accommodation. Take a power nap, shower, and change your clothes. Grab a coffee or beer and you are ready to get back out there.

If you are looking for another island in Thailand, off the beaten path Ko Yao Yai island is an amazing one to check out!

Stop 5: Back to the Ao Nang for the Night

Since you explored Ao Nang the night before, tonight you may be ready to party. The best places to grab a drink or joint are on the strip in Ao Nang. My favorite place to visit while I was here was the Joy Beach Cafe.

It has a laid-back vibe and it is right on the beach. Try to get there in time for sunset, it is the perfect way to end your beach day. It is about 15-20 minutes outside of Ao Nang.

If you are looking for more of a party vibe you can check out K-Hostel on the strip, or the Jamaican Bar right down the way. The Hostel always has the hippest DJs and they have bar crawls three times a week (It is a great way to make friends).

The Jamaican bar has amazing live music every night. Take your pick between these three places to have the perfect night out on your Krabi travel Itinerary.

Sidenote: There is also a 7-island tour with a BBQ dinner at sunset if you wanted to spend the entire day on the water.

two pretty rocks in krabi

Day 3: in Krabi Travel Guide Out in the Jungle, Hiking & Krabi Town

Your last day on your 3 days 2 nights Krabi itinerary is a chill day out in nature. Although Krabi is an amazing city with so much to do, the real treasure is outside of the city. Sleep in or get up early to beat the crowds.

Stop 1: Krabi Klong Thom Hot Springs to Recover

If you stayed out too late the night before you are going to need to head to the Krabi Klong Thom Hot Springs first. It is out in the jungle and is known for its special healing powers. This is due to the minerals in the water.

The water at the Klong Thom Hot Springs is warm because the water runs through the thermal chambers of the volcanic chambers.

Sit in the hot springs and relax. There are different size pools that will leave your skin feeling soft and heal any sunburn you may have gotten the day before. The springs are open all year long and there is a small fee (of 200 baht $5 per person) to enter.

a girl walking along the beaches with a green bathing suite and cute hat

Stop 2: Emerald Pool or Kra Morakot is a Must Visit

One of the best things on your 3 days itinerary in Krabi is the Emerald Pool. This is also located in the Thung Teao Forrest. It is one of the most famous attractions in Krabi for the beautiful clear but green water.

It is surrounded by a dense forest and you have to walk the nature trails to get there. You may run into a large variety of birds, monkeys, and plenty of butterflies. You can only swim in the designated areas, but trust me it is enough. If you do anything on this Krabi Travel itinerary please make it the Emerald Pool, it was one of my very favorite things.

Stop 3: Floating Restaurant at Klong Prasong for Lunch

The Floating Restaurant at Klong Prasong is one of the best places to stop after visiting the Emerald Pools. It is close by and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The restaurant is on a floating raft-like structure and boasts beautiful views of the Andaman.

The food was very fresh and they use local ingredients. They have yummy Thai food, and a few international dishes to pick from. If you have time before your next stop you could book a canal tour of the Klong Prasong canal here as well.

rice and veggies on a white plate with cucumbers

Stop 4: Tiger Cave Temple Hike

If you are not too tired after your day of relaxation in the jungle, the Tiger Cave Temple hike is an amazing and heart-pounding adventure. When I arrived they wanted to sign in and asked if could donate any money. I gave a few dollars, but you do have to.

I say my was heart pounding because you have to walk up 1260 steps to get to the top. It is almost straight up the whole time and does not be afraid to take breaks. I probably took 5.

Once you reach the top you will be greeted by an amazingly huge large golden Buddha. You have to take your shoes off to walk around the temple grounds and be careful because the resident monkey almost stole mine. And on that note, wear comfy shoes, you can do it in flops but you will regret it.

There are so many different things to check out once you get there. Including the spectacular view of the Krabi mountain ranges. I was there at sunset and it did not disappoint. If you are planning on going around sunset as I did, bring a headlap or make sure your phone is charged because walking down at night is no joke.

big Buddha at the tiger cave in krabi

Stop 5: Head to the Krabi Night Market

Since the other two nights you will be chilling in Ao Nang, you should go to Krabi Town for your last night. For the perfect last night out you can head to the Krabi night market, also known as the walking street, if you are in town on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Here you will find the very best traditional Thai street food. My favorite dish was green curry, although you can get that anywhere. Plus, the market is right on the main Marhaht Road, and the entire area is closed down.

Enjoying walking around listening to the live street performances. There are also so many more vendors to grab all your souvenirs, freshly squeezed juices, and flavorful iced teas. One of my favorite things about my time in Thailand was how seriously they took their drinks.

If you are not visiting on the weekend you could head to one of the many rooftop restaurants for dinner. My favorite restaurant was the Gecko Cabane Restaurant. It is very cozy and you can get a large variety of seafood here and it is right in the middle of town. I ordered the Pad Thai and it was fresh and filling. Mix this Krabi travel Itinerary up to ensure you visit the night market if you can, it is a special experience that you will surely love.

Where is Krabi in Thailand?

Good Question! Krabi is located in Southern Thailand on the western side of the country. It has an airport and port making it an easy location to get to on your trip through Thailand. I easily got here from Chiang Mai on an easy 2-hour domestic flight. The flight from Bangkok to Krabi is even shorter coming in around 1 hour and 20 minutes.

It is right on the Andaman Sea and is a perfect location for island hopping, and soaking in the sun on the beaches, and has plenty of amazing restaurants to choose from. Krabi is close to the popular island of Phuket but is quieter and more relaxing.

the beautiful view of one of the best beaches on the  Krabi Travel itinerary

How Many Days do you Need in Krabi Thailand?

Three days in Krabi should be enough to knock out all the best things to do. Although you could spend more time here if you are a slow traveler. I spent a month and looked forward to every single day. There are a variety of different things to suit solo travelers, families, and couples looking for a romantic escape.

Is Krabi worth Visiting?

Yes! Krabi is by far one of the best places to visit in Thailand. There are cultural experiences, a fun nightlife scene, and plenty of places to escape the city life on the beach. It is more relaxed than some of the islands in Thailand and very affordable. Do not hesitate to book your trip to Krabi and you will love it just as much as I did.

A few more of my favorite places in Thailand or Koh Samui for the beaches, and Chiang Mai for the community.

Where to Stay in Krabi Town

I stayed in the center of Ao Nang and I it is the best part of town to be in. It is also the best place to be if you are going to follow this Krabi travel itinerary. There is so much to do and you are right by the best docks to see the local islands and best beaches. You can check out this list of hotels on the beach, or try finding your own guest house on Airbnb. The prices are so reasonable and you are going to love them.

a beautiful view from a hotel room in krabi thailand