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13 Epic Lucca Wineries You Wil Love (Recommended) 

a couple enjoying a wine tour in Lucca. with a man picking grapes

If you’re planning a trip to Lucca – wine is probably on your mind, and lucky for you: the Lucca wineries are some of the best in the world. There are plenty of things to do in Lucca and it is broken down into two providences, the Montecarlo Doc, and the Colline Lucchesi Doc. The Montecarlo Doc has been famous for wine production since the early 1800s, with their white wines a hint of a French origin mixed in. 

The Colline Lucchesi translates to “the hills of Lucca” and makes both white and red wines as well as award-winning olive oil! Expect a blend of Chianti, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet sauvignon Brunello di Montalcino, and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Once you taste a few you will know exactly what to order when checking out all the best restaurants in Lucca.

Wine season in Tuscany is all year long, (thank god) but generally, the grape harvest in Tuscany takes place between late September to mid-October. Make sure to grab at least two reds from Lucca Italy to bring home after your holidays are over, you will be happy to relive your time visiting one of these amazing wineries near Lucca Tuscany. 

Please check out our list of recommended Lucca hotels if you plan on spending a few days exploring the Lucca wineries!

a beautiful sunset over one of the prettiest Lucca wineries

Greo Winery – One of the Best Wineries in Tuscany 

Of the many Lucca wineries, Greo Winery is one of our favorites. Despite being just a small winery estate located outside of Lucca, in the town of Pieve Santo Stefano, they offer a full-scale wine-tasting experience and a tour of the gorgeous Lucca vineyards. After taking a tour of their warehouse and observing the many types of wine barrels, you will be able to enjoy a taste of three of their lovely wines.

The winery has been operating for over a century, and you will love your taste of their famous red and white wines. As one of the vineyards near Lucca that has been family-owned for over a hundred years, it feels incredibly authentic and the atmosphere will capture your heart (and taste buds). 

Follow this Address to Greo Winery to enjoy one of the best Lucca wineries!

a beautiful view from one of the Lucca wineries you can see the patio and rows of grapes

Fattoria Al Dotto Lucca  – Guided Tours

If you are looking for a wine tasting near Lucca Italy, look no further than Fattoria Al Dotto Lucca. They offer a guided tour of their cellars, vineyards, and olive groves, and will teach you about how they grow wine. After the tour, you will be able to taste their delicious wines, extra virgin olive oil, and other traditional local products.

In terms of wine, Fattoria Al Dotto offers red, white, and rose blends, and you can purchase a few bottles of fine wines after the tasting to take home with you. If you visit in the summer, you will enjoy an outdoor tasting room while looking at the rolling hills of Tuscany, and in the winter, you can soak up the atmosphere of the wine cellar. 

You can easily drive to the winery, but it is also accessible by public transportation. Please be aware that you must make reservations to visit Fattoria Al Dotta Lucca! 

Address to Fattoria Al Dotto Lucca

Lucca Vineyard Tours to Book 

Tenuta Adamo Winery – New Lucca Italy Wine

Guided wine tours from Lucca Italy are one of the best ways to learn about wine, and the Tenuta Adamo Winery is one of the newer hidden gems. As one of the newer Lucca wineries, they offer Tuscan wine tasting on their gorgeous patio overlooking the vineyard, and you can also book a night’s accommodation in their Tuscan-style estate.

Each of the apartments is large and light-filled, allowing you to soak up the authentic Italian atmosphere. As for the tasting itself, you’ll start by being shown the winery and the stages of their wine production and then you will taste five different wines and their olive oil. The estate’s wines that they produce are typical of the region and include Canaiolo, Colorino, Moscato d’Amburgo, and Trebbiano.

Address to Tenuta Adamo Winery

Book a tour to see the Tenuta Adamo Winery and try the local wines & olive oil.

Fattoria Sardi Giustiniani – Learn About Lucca Wine Production 

Spending an afternoon having a delicious wine tasting and then a night in an authentic Italian apartment is all possible at Fattoria Sardi Giustiani. As one of the best wineries near Lucca, your visit to their cellar will teach you about the wine-making process and will be followed by a wine tasting of five of their wines.

The staff is passionate about the wine-making process, and they are happy to answer any of your questions about wine, Tuscany, or the vineyard itself. If you choose to stay on their property, they will provide you with not just a stunning apartment, but also a delicious breakfast: complete with local specialties like fresh eggs, warm sourdough bread, and honey made by their bees. Yum! How’s that for service? 

Address to Fattoria Sardi Giustiniani

bottles of wine stacked up in a cellar in Lucca Italy

Terre del Sillabo – Most Beautiful Vineyards in Tuscany

Terre del Sillabo is one of the hidden gems when it comes to wineries in Lucca Italy. It is located up in the hills about 20 minutes outside of Lucca, and the view alone will make it well worth your trip up there. The vineyard’s location in the valley with a slightly colder climate makes it uniquely known for its white wines, particularly the Sauvignon Blanc.

While on the property, you will be able to enjoy a generous wine tasting of all of its wines, both red and white. The taste is sure to wow your taste buds with unique flavor combinations. Some of the white wines you can expect to taste are Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Toscana Bianco. Don’t miss a trip to Terre del Sillabo for a memorable wine experience in Lucca.

Address to Terre del Sillabo

Azienda Agricola La Badiola – Farm Visit, Wine Tastings, & Lunch 

If you’re looking for a visit to a beautiful vineyard and farm, a lovely lunch, and a fantastic restaurant and wine, look no further than the Azienda Agricola La Badiola winery. With three tour options to suit every budget, you can enjoy a guided tour of the surrounding park and the villa, followed by a visit to the vineyards of the estate and the cellars.

Lunch is provided in the Serafino Wine Tour, and you will be able to taste not just the best wines they have to offer, but also the typical foods of the region. The wines available are both white and red, and your tasting will include the IGT Stoppielle, the IGT Toscana Rosso Flora, and the Serafino DOC Merlot Riserva. It’s clear to see why taking the Azienda Agricola La Badiola Lucca wine tour is one of the best options for travelers in the area. 

Address to Azienda Agricola La Badiola

a red bottle of wine with grapes and yummy cheeses. You can try this at one of the Lucca Wineries

Fattoria Carmignani – Family Owned Vineyards 

For those who are dreaming of visiting one of the most beautiful vineyards near Lucca Italy, we recommend checking out Fattoria Carmignani. The winery is located outside of Lucca’s historical district, but transportation to and from the winery can be easily arranged.

Once you arrive at this charming winery, you can enjoy either one of their typical tastings or design your completely personalized event. In terms of pre-organized offerings, they have tastings ranging from just 2-3 wines all the way up to 8-9, depending on what you are looking for.

At a minimum, we recommend making time to enjoy a visit to the cellar. Inside, you can learn how to recognize the scents and fragrances of the different blends, and how they should be paired with food to bring out the best flavors. For one of the most customizable places for wine tasting near Lucca, don’t look past Fattoria Carmignani.

Address to Fattoria Carmignani

a couple enjoying lunch out in the open air with wine and cheese

Società Agricola Fratelli Urbani – Oldest Wine Tours 

The Società Agricola Fratelli Urbani has existed in Lucca since 1896 – making it one of the oldest wineries near Lucca Italy. The property offers both natural wine tastings and the opportunity to relax in their holiday home that is in the heart of the hills of Tuscany. When you arrive at their vineyard, they will welcome you with a tour of their vineyards and a visit to their cellar.

Afterward, you can choose how many wines you would like to taste, or you can even enjoy a picnic meal on the grass with a variety of fresh food. If you choose to extend your visit with an overnight stay in their farmhouse, you can expect stunning views of the landscape and plenty of outdoor spaces for you to put up your feet and relax. 

Address to Società Agricola Fratelli Urbani

the beautiful sunset over one of the Lucca wineries

Azienda agricola Valle del Sole – Organic Wine Tasting 

If visiting a family-owned winery with an authentic atmosphere is on your list for Italy, take the time to visit the Azienda Agricola Valle del Sole. Known as an organic winery in the hills of Lucca, the Azienda Agricola Valle del Sole offers guided tours of their wines or you can choose to enjoy a bottle on their patio while soaking up the views and summer breezes of the Tuscan countryside.

The guides will tell you about not just the wines themselves, but also the land where the grapes are grown and the history of the property. Visiting the Valle del Sole is truly a boutique wine-tasting experience, making it one of the best wineries near Lucca Italy. They offer a wide combination of both red and white wine, so you will find something to enjoy. 

Address to Azienda Agricola Valle del Sole

a glass of red wine with red and yellow grapes with bottles of wine in the back round

Fattoria COLLE VERDE – Cooking Class & Wine Tastings 

For those who are looking for everything from wine tasting to a cooking class, look no further than Fattoria Colle Verde. The drive to the winery will leave you in awe, as you drive to the property offers views of the tower from a church that was built in the 11th century.

Once on the property, you’ll see where they produce their olive oil, including their decision to go back to the basics: they no longer use insecticides or chemical fertilizers. While doing a wine tasting, you will taste a mix of red and white wines accompanied by fresh Tuscan bread and olive oil. Other outdoor activities at the resort include a wine and food pairing class as well as a cooking class for Tuscan classic meals.

You truly can’t beat the view and the wide variety of options available makes it one of the best wine-tasting lucca offerings. If you’d like to stay in the stunning scenery a little longer, they offer four apartments and a private villa to make your time in Italy even more incredible. 

Address to Fattoria Colle Verde

Fattoria di Fubbiano – 45 Acre Vineyard Lucca Italy

Picture this: 45 acres of lush green vineyards, and olive trees, accompanied by woodlands. That’s what you can expect when you visit Fattoria di Fubbiano, a lovely Lucca winery. Whether you are wanting a night away in the hills or just a wine tasting Lucca Italy has you covered. 

The wine tastings are a fan favorite. Your visit will start with a tour of the oldest part of the farm, the new wine cellars, and then the vineyards themselves. At the end of the visit, guests can taste their extra virgin olive oil and the wines, along with some delicious cheese and cured meats. 

Fattoria di Fubbiano also offers a few traditional Italian villas for you to book that all have been restored to their original appearance while still giving you modern comforts. Don’t miss Fattoria di Fubbiano for your authentic Italian experience. 

Address to Fattoria di Fubbiano

a bunch of small and purple grapes on the vine.

Fattoria Montechiari Award Wining Wine Production 

There are so many Lucca wines to try, plan a visit to Fattoria Montechiari. For a wine tasting Lucca area, you really cannot do any better than this small family-owned winery. 

The property itself is incredibly historic, it is in the location where several battles were fought, and the old stones throughout give you a sense of stepping back into the past. 

When doing a wine tasting, you will enjoy five wines produced in their vineyards as well as some small Tuscan food plates to try. This Lucca winery has won several awards for the quality of its blends, so prepare to be blown away when you try the rich flavors. 

Address to Fattoria di Montechiari

purple grapes hanging in a vineyard with rows and rows in the back round

Tenuta Del Buonamico 

The Tenutaa Del Buonamco story dates back to 1964 and is one of the most famous winemakers in the Montecarlo area with history and traditional winemaking. If you want to take a tour, you will have to make a reservation, but for a quick stop, you will be okay. They specialize in sparking whites and roses wines. 

What Wine is Lucca Known for?

a glass of red Lucca wine in the sunset

The wine that Lucca is known for is exceptional Tuscan wines, Sangiovese, Vermentino, and Trebbiano being the most popular. Lucca Doc also makes a Bianco or white wine and a Rosso or red wine. In addition, it produces an excellent Vin santo win that is very popular in Tuscany and all over Lucca, Italy.

Where are Most Wineries in Tuscany?

sunset in Tuscany over a vineyard

Most of the wineries in Tuscany are located in the Chianti Colli Fiorentini and Chianti Rufina area amounts to over 280 miles of Italian vineyards. Inside this wine region, you will find the territories of Castellina in Chianti, Gaiole in Chianti, Greve in Chianti, and Radda in Chianti. All of which have amazing vineyards and wine to taste! Cheers!

What is the Oldest Italian Winery?

a beautiful castle on the oldest winery in Italy.

The oldest Italian winery is the Ricasoli winery in Italy. It is the second oldest winery in the whole world, and rumor has it the fourth oldest business! Ricasoli opened back In 1141 and the Brolio Castle has been passed down and is still run by the Ricasoli family.

Where is the Oldest Italian Winery?

and old Italian winery in Lucca with a castle

The oldest Italian winery is inside the famous Castello di Brolio in Gaiole in the San Regolo, in the municipality of Gaiole in Chianti. It is about 20 km (10 miles) NE of Siena, a region of Tuscany, Italy. The Castello di Brolio has belonged to the Ricasoli family for almost 800 years.

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