10 Markets in Chiang Mai That You Cannot Miss!

You will never forget the time you spend in one of the markets in Chiang Mai Thailand. And, they are everywhere. You will be driving down the road and out of nowhere there is a lively market happening. Check out these local hotels, most of them are within walking distance of at least one market.

Pull over and check all of them out if you have the time. But, there is plenty to do in Chiang Mai so if you are more of a planner here is a list of the best markets in Chiang Mai. Each one has an address and a little info about what to do there.

abbey walking through a night market in chiang mai

The day markets serve up freshly prepared food. Fruits and veggie stands.  Reasonably priced trendy or traditional clothing, and handcrafted souvenirs.  The night markets are really where the vibes come out in Chiang Mai. Every night a healthy mix of both locals and tourists spend their time exploring around.

The Sunday walking market in Chiang Mai is one of the biggest and most famous markets. It is rumored that no one can complete the entire thing in one night. Maybe you can? Give it a shot.

Always bring cash for your purchases, no one takes cards. You will see that this is the case in many stores in Thailand. Cash is king here. Keep your eyes peeled for a few of the 420 spots around the city too!

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10 Markets in Chiang Mai Thailand That You Cannot Miss!

Are There Any Floating Markets in Chiang Mai?

Yes! The Thung Bua Khaw Floating Market! You can experience the magic of this floating market in Chaing Mai during the day, it is close and worth the trip. Read down below to figure out how to get there, and what to do!

Thung Bua Khaw Floating Market Chiang Mai

Floating markets are one of the best things to do in all of Thailand. What makes this one epic is the flowers. There are 2 breeds of water lilies growing beautifully. The Nymphaea locust only blooms in the morning! And the other Lilly the, Daeng Siam Tropical Water blooms in the afternoon. Both are stunning the market is open every day from 9 am to 5 pm.

On top of that, there is a long-tail boat ride offered for a very reasonable price. These boats will take you out on the water to admire the blooming lilies. It is one of the best instragammable spots in CM!

After visiting here you will be close to the Tweechol botanic garden to keep the flower gazing tour going. Or check out one of the day markets on this list to grab lunch.

pretty liles floating in the water in Thailand

Warorot Market in China Town

On top of the list of day markets in Chiang Mai is the Warorot Market. There is anything and everything here. You can buy yourself a fresh lunch consisting of Northern Thai Sausage, fried pork chops, and sticky rice from the Dam Rong in the middle of the market, or stay on the outskirts for fresh fruit and clothes.

You can head to this Chiang Mai morning market any day of the week. They rise before the sun at 4 am and stay open until 6 pm. It is a good rule of thumb that if you cannot find what you are looking for at the Warorot Market, then it probably is not in Chiang Mai

Here is a complete guide to the Warorot Market to check out.

people walking around in the sunshine eat food and having fun in Chiang Mai

Wua Lai Walking Street – Saturday Night Market Chiang Mai

The Wua Lai Walking Street is one of the best Saturday markets in Chiang Mai. You can find all the best homemade souvenirs and treats. A lot of the products are handmade and beautiful. If you are looking for epic elephant pants this is a great place to grab a pair, or two.

You can also enjoy cheap foot massages, spend a few hours walking around, enjoy the variety of food stalls, and there is a big seating area available. If you are looking to eat Khao Soi this would be an amazing place to try it.

Check out the Wau Lai Walking Street, they are located near the old town and start around 5 pm, it says they close around 10:30, but it seems to last all night. Come hungry, and ready to shop and you will have an amazing night.

Sunday Market Chiang Mai Walking Bazaar

Everyone who visits Chiang Mai loves the Sunday Walking Bazaar, also known as the night market, and Sunday walking market. It has so many names, but it all means the same thing. You are going to love this endless stretch of vendors along Ratchadamnoen Road. Hanging out here is one of the best things to do in Chiang Mai! 
You can explore this walking street from 4 pm until about midnight. What makes this one of the best markets in Chiang Mai is it perfect for both food and shopping lovers. When making a purchase do not forget to haggle a little! For food, you can try classics like Pad Thai, so many different desserts, stir fry, and curry.
Keep your eyes open for treasures along the walking bazaar. You will find beautiful paintings, handmade pottery, adorable elephant trinkets, totes and bags, and so much more. You can even shoot a bb gun at a target or get a foot massage for around $5.
This is definitely one of the best night markets in Chiang Mai, and since it only happens once a week it can get VERY crowded. There is no real organization on which direction to walk, you just pop in and walk around. If you are not good with big crowds you should get there before 7 pm to really enjoy it.
Keep your Sunday night open you do not want to miss the famous Sunday night market in Chiang Mai! Many people head out to one of the many cafes in town to either get some work done or fill up on caffeine to get through the market!
beautiful lanters light up the sky in Chiang Mai Sunday Walking market

Chiang Mai Gate Market Night Food Market Chiang Mai

This popular night food market is a local favorite, and although tourists are very welcome to come and visit, it is made for the locals. You can purchase all of the most popular Thai products from a fresh variety of veggies and meat.

Come hungry to the Chiang Mai Gate Market there is so much street food to try; on top of that, the cooks will greet you with a smile. The Gate Market is one of the best markets in Chiang Mai to try Northern Thai sausage. You can grab fresh smoothies, fried doughnuts Thai style, or try the famous pork skins.  You won’t find any souvenirs or shopping centers here, it is all about the food!

Check out the Gate Market and spend the night like a local. 

delish food at a night markets in Chiang Mai

JingJai Farmer’ & Clothes Market Chiang Mai 

The JingJai is such a vibe and is one of the trendiest food markets in Chiang Mai. When you arrive grab an iced or hot coffee from the Cafe Truck. You can also shop around for artisan crafts, clothes, made-to-order meals, or veggies to take home. 

Plan to visit early they open at 6 am and close around 2 pm. Most of the stalls start to break down around 1 pm so get there as early as you can!  Most of the places here only take cash, but if you go to the grocery store behind the market they do accept credit cards. 

The JingJai Farmer’s is a Sunday and Saturday market in Chiang Mai and would be a great way to start off the weekend right and get a bit of grocery shopping done at the same time!

a clothing stand in a market with batting suits, dresses, big comfy shirts and more

Night Bazaar

Chiang Mai night bazaar is one of the biggest and best night markets in Chiang Mai. People tend to start their night here by filling up cheap food and maybe buying a few souvenirs. Walk around and enjoy the live music and explore the neverending stalls. Be sure to bargain for your goodies sometimes you can get big discounts for just asking.

Thai people are almost always friendly and non-pushy unlike some other bazaars around the world.  It starts at 5 pm and ends around midnight, but it really dies down around 10 pm. There is also a Muay Thai ring in the back with three shows weekly. 

After you check out the keyword you already in the best area of Old Town? Nightlife is abundant here with plenty of bars and 420-friendly shops that Chiang Mai is known for. Here is the address for Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. 

a women cooking meats in a street markets in Thailand

Anusarn Market

Up next is the Anusarn Market. This is one of the most lively night markets in Chiang Mai Thailand with a few twists thrown in. You will find just as many locals eating and shopping here as you do travelers. You can find plenty of quality, handmade treasures while walking around.

The nightly cabernet shows and cheap street food make it an amazing date night or just a fun night out on the town. Head to “Chill Square” to get a look at the selection of food stalls. If you have not tried mango sticky rice on your tour of the markets in Chiang Mai then you have to try it here!

Behind the market, there are more expensive, sit-down restaurants. And you can hear live music just about everywhere. Head to the Anusarn Market any day from 5 pm to Midnight.

a man ordering street food in chiang mai

Malin Plaza Fun Night Market Chiang Mai

One of the best and trendiest night markets in Chiang Mai is the Malin Plaza. This hip market is close to Chiang Mai University and the vibe is super young. You will see locals walking around collecting their favorite foods to enjoy. The food stalls here have a mix of traditional Thai food, western dishes, and a mix of fun fusion foods.

Malin Plaza is one of the best food markets in Chiang Mai because they have anything and everything you could ever think of. If you are in the mood for a sit-down dinner they do have sushi, Thai, and other options that you can order from the menu. Or walk around and grab shrimp dumplings, fried chicken wings, fresh sashimi, milk or bubble tea, and plenty of dessert options. 

Find the address here for a wonderful night out exploring one of the best night markets in Chiang Mai!

Here is a complete guide to the Malin Plaza!

a pretty girl cooking food at one of the best food markets Chiang Mai

Kad Manee Market

This next-night market in Chaing Mai is one of the most traditional markets in town. You can enjoy the best of the best northern Thai food. Do not expect much English on the menus, but as always in Thailand, the people are incredibly helpful. If you cannot communicate at all you can always take pictures of what you want and show them. Google translate is always a backup plan as well.

You can order fresh papaya salad, noodles, stir-fry, and a big selection of other foods to check out. On top of that, there are a few teas and juice stalls to order from as well because Thailand loves its drinks.

One of the best things about the Kad Manee Market is the colorful lanterns hanging in the sky and the big lake that surrounds the grounds. After supper, many people grab a drink, relax, and take in the views. Plan on spending your whole night at Kad Manee market it has a super laid-back, friendly style that you will love.

Kad Manee Market is open every night in Chiang Mai from 5 pm to 10 pm.

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