How to See and Stay at the Obidos Portugal Castle

Are you looking to head out to the Beautiful Obidos Portugal Castle? Well, you have come to the right place because we have been there and had an amazing time. There are plenty of castles in Portugal for you to visit, but what makes Obidos Portugal so special is you can stay in the castle overnight and be a part of the small medieval village. a man sitting along the castle walls in Obidos When visiting it is definitely recommended to stay for at least one night. When we stayed here we woke up early to catch the sunrise and it was magical. The streets were empty and the light was just coming over the walls. It felt like a fairy tale. If you wanted to check out the big waves in Nazare you could combine these two trips into one because it is only 30 minutes away! Nazare is a beautiful beach town where the waves can reach up to 100 feet. It is one of the best things to do in all of Portugal. sunrise is the best time to see this beautiful castle Yes! Of course, you can go inside Obidos! You can even spend the night in one of the many places to stay in Obidos. There are plenty of day trips that will bring you to the castle and you can spend your time walking around. If you wanted to check out the castle when it is not so busy you should try early morning, or after the tour buses leave for the day around 5 pm. pretty alley way
It may seem like there is so much to see that it can be hard to know where to start when looking for what to do and see in Obidos Portugal. But, the village is actually quite small and you will be able to walk around and see everything in one day. 
You should plan to see a few of the historic things like the Igreja de Santa Maria and the Santuário do Senhor Jesus da Pedra while in. They are both historic churches dating back to the 2nd century and should be high on your list of things to do in Obidos Portugal.
super old church in the morning light
The municipal museum is also worth the visit. Here you will see beautiful paintings, finding of the ancient Roman city of Eurobrittium, and learn the long history of the town of Obidos Portugal. The Obidos Aqueduct is also a very interesting story. This beautiful site was used for over 200 years and was the main source of water for the town. It stands right outside the beautiful castle and is a beautiful piece of architecture.
If visiting museums and monuments is not your jam, then you could spend your day walking on top of the castle walls, strolling through the castle, and stopping for a snack or drink at one of the many restaurants in Obidos. You will easily find outdoor seating where you can enjoy your drink of choice, or order yourself a cherry ginjinha.
the obidos Obidos Portugal Aqueduct

Where to Stay in Obidos Portugal

There are actually quite a few different places to stay in Obidos Portugal. We booked a room at an Obidos Portugal Castle hotel, and they even let us bring our yellow Labrador along for the ride. We paid 45 Euros for one night and were very happy with our stay.  where to stay in Obidos Castle

Best Hotels in Obidos Portugal

Hotel Evolutee Obidos Portugal

Royal Obidos Spa & Golf Resort is one of the best Obidos Portugal hotels to stay at. Here you will feel luxurious and relaxed. There is a golf course, 2 bars, and a restaurant on site. Enjoy eating your breakfast with a view in their beautiful dining area.

Although you will not be staying inside the castle you will be overlooking the lagoon. Treat yourself to a spa treatment in-house and you will have one of the best Holidays in Obidos Portugal. Check rates here:
beautiful view of obidos Portugal
Credit: The Royal Obidos Spa & Golf Resort

Hotel Marriott Obidos Portugal

Hotel Marriott Obidos Portugal is one of the best Obidos Portugal hotels. There is so much to love during your visit including the golf course, health club, Turkish baths, hot tubs, and an indoor and outdoor pool. Every room has a private balcony with views of the ocean. For dining options on-site they have two restaurants, a one-night bar, and a pool bar for light snacks and drink. Staying here would be a short 20-minute drive away from Obidos Portugal and is also near the popular town of Peniche. You will love staying here at this fancy hotel in Obidos Portugal. Check rates here:
hotel on the beach in portugal
Credit: Hotel Marriott Obidos Via:

B&B Obidos Portugal

The Pousada Castelo de Obidos is the best B&B in Obidos Portugal. Here you will enjoy a beautiful view any time of the day. The Pousada is a modern hotel with 14th-century medieval touches left throughout. When booking be sure to ask for a room with exposed brick, four-posted beds, and a beautiful chandler so you can get the whole medieval experience. If you want to go hiking and horseback riding the front desk can arrange it for you. This is one of the most unique Obidos Portugal hotels located inside the castle walls. Check rates here:

Hotel Real d Obidos

Hotel Real d Obidos is a wonderful medieval hotel in Obidos. In the summer months, you can enjoy swimming in the outdoor pool and you can enjoy the terrace all year long. At Hotel Real d Obidos they have breakfast and they also have a bar for drinks.

You will love the historic vibe with the modern touches that they have added. You are welcome to spend time in the living room in front of the fireplace and enjoy the free pool table and darts. This is one of the best places to stay in Obidos Portugal. Check rates here:
Beautiful view of the castle in Obidos
Credit: Hotel Real d Obidos Portugal Via:

Obidos Portugal Restaurants

There are plenty of places to eat when visiting but here I have recommended what I thought were the best places to eat in Obidos Portugal.

naked lady inside a medieval pub in Obidos Portugal

Avocado Coffee & Healthy Food

We headed to Avocado Coffee & Healthy Food for breakfast. We got a big order of pancakes and smoked salmon bagels to share. They had plenty of options for a fresh healthy breakfast and plenty of options for coffee. The Avocado Cafe was inside of a super cute shopping center. There was a big patio with a few other shops and restaurants. We visited in January so we did not get to sit outside. But it would be such a wonderful place to sit out and enjoy the sun during the warmer months.

Bar Inn Errik Rex

The Barr Inn Errik Rex was one of the best pubs we have ever been to. Here we got to cook our own chorizo over an open flame. It was served with yummy bread and cheese. We only stayed here for about 30 minutes but it was so much fun to be inside an old medieval bar. The owner was super kind and showed us how to cook the sausage. If you get the chance to stop in one of the best Obidos Portugal restaurants be sure to ask him to show you the secret photo, you will not regret it!

Vintage/Tapas & Wine Bar

This lovely tapas bar is located inside the walls of the castle in Obidos Portugal. We had a delicious supper here with local bread with olive oil, sardine paste, and a cheese spread. You do not have to eat the bread that they give you but I always do. For our main dishes we got a big steak and potatoes, and a smoked salmon salad. You do not want to skip dessert. We were blessed with a cheesecake with sour cherry liquor that Obidos Portugal is so famous for on tip. We paid about 65 Euros and it was worth every penny.

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