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Portugal Silver Coast Guide | Best Towns & Where to Stay 2023

me taking a photo of the portugal silver coast

Portugal Silver Coast is a stunning stretch of glorious coastline on the West Coast of Portugal. It has become a popular destination in the last decade or so. But it is still much less crowded than the Algarve area. The silver coast Portugal towns still have all the small village charm you are looking for.

Another name for Portugal’s Silver Coast is Costa de Prata. It is one of the last hidden gems in Northern Europe. Although Porto, downtown Lisbon, and the Algarve get much more love and attention, vacactioning on spectacular coastline on the Silver Coast of Portugal, will give you a much more authentic experience.

From Lisbon: Tour of the Silver Coast Day Trip

a beautiful photo of the silver coast Portugal with white buildings and a big ocean view

Portugal Silver Coast on the Atlantic Ocean 

Best Towns Silver Coast Portugal

Portugal’s Silver Coast is full of the cutest Portugal towns with natural beauty. The cities all have their own charm and historical attractions. Expect traditional villages, surf spots, medieval castles, and fishing towns with beautiful beaches along the Atlantic Ocean. 

Obidos Silver Coast Portugal | Unesco World Heritage Site 

Obidos is one of the prettiest castles in Portugal! And the best part is that the town of Obidos remains almost exactly the same as it was when it was built hundreds of years ago. This small medieval town is wrapped around the high castle walls with magic around every corner.

There are so many different ways to see the Obidos Portugal Castle. You can take a day trip, drive yourself, or hire a private driver. Many day trips from Lisbon stop in Nazare, Obidos, and other small beautiful towns on Portugal’s Silver Coast.

You could easily wander around the town filled with narrow streets lined with shops in the afternoon, but the real magic is when the sun is setting over the beautiful towers and castle walls.

the castle Obidos town on the silver coast of Portugal in the sunrise with beautiful orange clouds and sparkling parts

Santa Cruz | Beautiful Coastal City in Portugal

Santa Cruz is one of the west coastal towns of the Portugal Silver Coast. It’s less than an hour north of Lisbon and is much less touristy than some of the other beach towns in Portugal. The best thing to do here is to relax at the many beaches.

Other notable attractions are our Lady of Assumption, Monte Palace’s tropical garden, and Burgau Castle. Santa Cruz is close to Ericeira, and you could easily explore both Silver Coast of Portugal towns in one day.

the town of santa cruz with a castle tower right on the beach

Aveiro | Veince of Portugal

Up Next is the vibrant city of Aveiro. This lovely town is often referred to as the “Venice of Portugal.” With its labyrinthine canals, stunning architecture in the old town, beautiful beaches, and vibrant culture you will love the romantic atmosphere here.

Aveiro’s roots are thick and trace back to the Roman era. The name Aveiro is derived from the Latin word “aviarium,” meaning “a place with many birds.” Over the years, it has evolved into a bustling port city, earning its nickname from the network of canals reminiscent of Venice, Italy. The stunning canal system, once used for transporting goods, now serves as the primary attraction!

A visit to Aveiro wouldn’t be complete without spending time at its breathtaking beaches. Head to Barra Beach, a pristine stretch of golden sand kissed by the Atlantic waves. It’s a haven for surfers and sun-seekers. There is also the iconic Barra Lighthouse. It is one of the tallest in Europe and provides a stunning backdrop with an excellent vantage point to admire Portugal’s silver coast beauty.

the veince of portugal aveiro with cute boots in the canal and beautiful old time buildings in teh back

Figueira da Foz | Queen of Silver Coast

This coastal town, affectionately known as the “Queen of Silver Coast,” is a hidden gem that promises a mix of the beach destination with authentic Portuguese vibes. Also, for all you gamblers out there, Figueira is a zone of legal gambling! With one of the biggest casinos on the Iberian Peninsula – the Casino Figueira.

For architectural lovers, the Sotto Maior Palace and Venture to Forte de Santa Catarina are always worth a visit. And to get outside the Serra da Boa Viagem is full of hiking trails, and is a great escape from the city. Figueira da Foz is about an hour south of Aveiro and you could easily visit both in one day.

The town’s main beach, Praia da Claridade has a wide shoreline with calm waters. While the Praia da Costa de Lavos is more of a secluded beach for a more intimate silver coast in Portugal experience. The most iconic beach is the Praia do Relógio with the famous clock tower!

a castle on the silver coast of Portugal with a red lighthouse and green trees around

Costa Nova | Iconic Coastal Stripped Houses

Costa Nova on the Portugal Silver Coast is a picturesque coastal village with the cutest striped houses., or palheiros. This charming town is also known as the “Beach of Stripes”. Historically used as fishermen’s huts, the palheiros now serve as vacation homes and add a touch of fun and color to Costa Nova’s coastal charm.

The Ria de Aveiro is the lagoon that lies just behind Costa Nova’s beaches. Take a boat tour through the lagoon and enjoy the picturesque landscapes. It is just over an hour north of the capital city of Lisbon and makes for a wonderful day trip along the Portugal Silver Coast.

colorful houses in Aveiro silver coast Portugal. this is a super cute beach town in Portugal

Ericeira | World Surfing Reserve

Ericeira’s world-class waves have earned it the prestigious title of a World Surfing Reserve. If you are a rookie there are so many surf schools with kind and knowledgeable instructors that will you catch your first wave.

Or spend your days strolling through the cobbled streets in the town’s central square, Largo dos Navegantes. You will be transported back in time to a place that proudly preserves its maritime heritage. There is also where you can find the Chapel of Our Lady of the Sea, a poignant symbol of the villagers’ deep-rooted love and connection to the ocean.

Take in the white-washed house with the iconic Mediterranean blue trim around Ericeira it creates a quintessential Portugal silver coast scene. Book a walking tour or food tour, you are going to love the time spent exploring Ericeira. It is the best place to live silver coast Portugal!

the beach of Ericeira Portugal with white buildings along the shoreline with waves crashing in

Peniche & Berlenga Islands | Fishing Town Turned Surf Haven

Peniche’s Peninsula is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean on three sides with several surf spots. From the powerful barrels of Supertubos to the gentler waves of Baleal, the Penchie coastline promises an exciting adventure for wave riders and water sports lovers on the Silver Coast in Portugal. 

The town’s imposing fortress the Fortaleza de Peniche was once a political prison during the authoritarian regime in Portugal. But today the fort now serves as a museum and honors those who fought for democracy. Sao Joao castle is also a popular spot on the island.

A short boat ride from Peniche lies the beautiful Berlenga Islands. This a breathtaking archipelago of unique beauty and ecological importance. Designated as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the islands have crystal-clear waters, fascinating wildlife, and stunning sea caves. A visit to the Berlenga Islands promises an unforgettable escape into unspoiled nature.

a bunch of boats in a Portugal marina on the silver coast

Nazare | Big Waves & Fishing Village

Nazare is one of my favorite towns on the Silver Coast of Portugal. There are so many things to do in Nazare, but in the last decade or so it is the big waves of Nazare that attract surfers. The waves are on Nazaré beach and crash into the iconic old lighthouse. But other than pristine beaches, Nazare is also an important pilgrimage site and fishing village.

Another reason to visit Nazare is the ancient local folklore about the Virgin Mary. Legends state that back in the 12th century a statue of the Virgin Mary appeared holding baby Jesus was discovered by a local man. It was found floating in the waters and was believed to be magical. Today this state is inside a small chapel up on the Sitio.

Nazare is one of the most popular and beautiful towns on the Atlantic coast and is definitely worth a day trip from Lisbon to Nazare.

the famous lighthouse in Nazare with 100 foot waves crashing the shore at sunset

Terres Vedras | Perfect Silver Coast Stop for Wine Lovers

Terres Vedra is surrounded by lush vineyards and fertile countryside. It has preserved its traditions while still being modern. The fertile lands surrounding Terres Vedras are home to numerous vineyards that produce some of Portugal’s finest wines.

One of the best things to do is the Fort of São Vicente and the Lines of Torres Vedras. These are some of the best castles in Portugal and have a series of defensive lines that stand as testaments to this history of the land.

Be sure to check out the beaches of Praia Azul and Praia de Santa Cruz while in town. Terres Vedras is the perfect place for travelers seeking an authentic Portuguese experience on Portugal’s silver coast.

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Sao Martinho do Porto | Cute small Town & Beautiful Bay

At the heart of São Martinho do Porto lies the horseshoe-shaped bay. The bay has calm and gentle waters. It is the perfect place for children to swim in the shallow bay. The crescent of golden sand is perfect for sunbathing, building sandcastles, or enjoying a cold drink at one of the cute cafes with a terrace.

And the beautiful mountains that surround the bay are incredibly beautiful. Be sure to hike up to the Lighthouse on Santo António Hill. You cannot miss it as it is right above the bay, as is an iconic fixture in Sao Marinho do Porto.

There is also a tunnel that connects the bay to the ocean and is the perfect place for a stroll. São Martinho do Porto, a seaside gem and nature’s embrace, is the best place to discover the beauty and tranquility of the Portugal Silver Coast.

a bay and ocean on the coast of Portugal with a lighthouse and big waves

Foz do Arelho | Obidos Lagoon Silver Coast Portugal

Foz do Arelho is where the Obidos lagoon on the silver coast of Portugal meets the ocean. The beautiful lagoon, the beautiful beaches, and the scenic cliffs create the perfect setting of natural beauty.

As far back as history goes Foz do Arelho has always been a seasonal vacation town. It was chosen by elite and royal families as the perfect place to enjoy the sea. So you know it’s an extra special place along the silver coast.

Noteworthy spots include the Quinta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe. This is an ancient manor house and farm that dates back to the early 16th century. You can tour the chapel, built in 1580. Inside there is a wood sculpture, dated back to the 16th century, representing N. Sra. do Carmo.

a lagoon with clear water and a peir out in the mountains.

Lourinha | Wine & Dinosaurs

Lourinha is known for its dinosaur discoveries, charming vineyards, and inviting coastline. The Lourinha vineyards produce fine wines, both whites, and reds. Take a few wine-tasting tours where you can learn about the local winemaking traditions, and savor the delightful wines of the Portugal silver coast region.

Lourinhã is one of the most important places for paleontology in Europe. There have been several major dinosaur fossils and footprints dating back millions of years. Head to the town’s Museu da Lourinhã (Lourinhã Museum) to see a few of these extraordinary dinosaur finds.

The Praia da Areia Branca is a popular beach spot, attracting many people with its soft golden sands and inviting waters along Portugal’s silver coast.

Best Place to Stay Silver Coast Portugal 

Silver Coast Beach Residence  

Silver Coast Beach Residence is a seaside villa just steps away from the shore. Every room at Silver Coast Beach Residence offers ocean views and terraces. You will also be within walking distance of many restaurants, bars, and beach cafés with local cuisine. This beach resort was designed with surfers in mind and features storage and drying of surfboards and wetsuits. You can also book surf lessons and rent surf equipment.

Check rates here: Booking.com

abbey looking out onto the silver coast Portugal at a beautiful seaside hotel
Credit: Silver Coast Beach Residence Via: Booking.com

Silver Coast Vacation – Your Unique Inn

Silver Coast Vacation – Your Unique Inn is the perfect place to live your best silver coast life. You will be just 100 meters from the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Enjoy your floor-to-ceiling windows letting in the perfect amount of light.

If you are coming to the coast for a golf vaca you will have a variety of golf courses within 11 km (5 miles). You will be very close to some of the best beaches, and the ferry to the Berlenga Islands. you will love the modern amenities and swimming pools near the sea!

Check rates here: Booking.com

the beautiful full from one of the best pales to stay on the silver coast
Credit: Silver Coast Vacation – Your Unique Inn Via: Booking.com

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How to Get to Portugal’s Silver Coast 

It’s very easy to get to Portugal’s silver coast from the major cities. Take a scenic ride of the rugged coastline one on of these amazing day trips from Lisbon!

Omio.com is a wonderful way to explore how to get around Portugal, the prices are fair and always correct! Explore the site and plan your trip!

Also, you can get to the silver coast of Portugal in just two hours from the Porto airport.

Silver Coast Portugal Beach | Stunning Beaches

The Silver Coast offers beautiful beaches with golden sand. No matter what town you go to, besides Obidos, you will have a beach to choose from. Some of the best beaches are down below! But you will want to pick one of the best towns Silver Coast Portugal, and then go from there!

North Nazare Beach | Nazare

First up is the beautiful North Nazare Beach. This might be one of the most famous beaches in Portugal. This is where the big 100 foot waves are. Nazare is worth a visit if you are thinking about exploring the Silver Coast.

Address to Nazare North Beach

surfers and jet skis out on the break on the north beach of Nazare on the silver coast of Portugal

Ferrell and Baleal Beach | Peniche, Portugal

This is an untouched stretch of golden sand, that is popular with surfers but also a wonderful beach with private coves. There are small cafes and restaurants on both of these beaches. Ferrel Beach is an ideal location for surfers and beach lovers who enjoy less crowded beaches and a more relaxed atmosphere.

Baleal Beach is on a small island offshore, known for its stunning beaches. It’s located very close to Ferrel. You could hit both of these beautiful beaches in one day and have an amazing day.

Address to Baleal Beach 

the beautiful beaches on the coast of Portugal with beach goers, cafes, cards, and the prettiest water

Polvoeira Beach | Alcobaca

Polvoeira Beach is also located in the municipality of Alcobaça, just a short drive south of Paredes da Vitoria. This secluded beach is fine and golden, backed by high, rugged cliffs.

Polvoeira Beach is less crowded than others in the area, making it a perfect spot for those seeking peace and quiet. You can swim in the waters and enjoy the break but there are no lifeguards. There’s a small parking area near the beach but be prepared for a short walk down to the beach itself.

There are no facilities or amenities at Polvoeira Beach, so it’s a good idea to bring everything you need for the day, including food and drinks. This is one of the best sandy beaches on the Silver Coast.

sunset with green grass and pink skies with golden sand in the water

São Pedro de Moel | Marinha Grande

São Pedro de Moel is a charming beach located in the city of Marinha Grande, in the Leiria District of Portugal. It’s on the western coast of the country, part of the famous Silver Coast. What’s special about this is that there are walking and biking trails along the coastline. The nearby pine forest, the “Pinhal de Leiria”, is great for both hiking and picnics in the shade.

São Pedro de Moel has several amenities including beach bars, restaurants, and shops. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer season, and there’s also a flag system indicating the safety of the sea for swimming. This is one of the top beaches on the Silver Coast.

a beautiful view of sao pedro de moel with a fishing peir and big cliffs in the back

São Martinho do Porto Beach | Sao Martinho do Porto

We talked about this beach earlier, but we have to highlight it again. This beach is famous for its shell-shaped bay, which offers calm and warm waters. It is very safe to swim making it an ideal spot for children. There is parking available right by the beach, but it can get crowded during the summer months.

The sand at São Martinho do Porto Beach is fine and golden, and the beach is full of cafes and restaurants. This is one of the prettiest golden beaches in Portugal!

Address to Sao Martinho do Porto Beach Bay.

the obidos laggos with a big lighthouse and walking trails

D’El Rey Beach | Obidos

D’El Rey Beach, often known as Praia D’El Rey, is near Obidos. This beach features a vast expanse of fine, golden sand, making it perfect for long walks or simply lounging and enjoying the sun.

It’s particularly popular for surfing, with consistent waves attracting surfers of all levels. Additionally, beach volleyball and football (soccer) are always popular on the golden sandy beaches of Portugal Silver Coast.

The beach is backed by dunes and overlooks the Berlengas islands, with spectacular views. There are lifeguards on duty during the summer season and parking is available nearby. For those interested in golf, the Praia D’El Rey Golf & Beach Resort is super nearby.

Navio Beach, also known as Praia do Navio, is a part of the Silver Coast of Portugal and is well-known for its natural beauty. The beach is flanked on both sides by rocky cliffs which gives you a very dramatic backdrop to your beach day. Also, the Miradouro da Praia do Navio offers a fantastic viewpoint over the beach.

Navio Beach is an excellent spot for surfing the gentle waves. However, there are no lifeguards, swimmers are advised to be cautious.

There aren’t many facilities at Navio Beach, which does add to its untouched charm. You will want to make sure you grab all your snacks and water before you reach this beautiful beach.

abbey tying her surf board to her ankles about to catch some waves on the silver coast of Portugal

Praia da Foz | Arelho Silver Coast

These famous beaches are located in Arelho, on either side of the Óbidos Lagoon.

Both beaches feature fine, golden sand that stretches out both along the Atlantic Ocean and the Óbidos Lagoon, offering two distinct environments. The ocean side is for surfing and the lagoon side is for swimming.

Surfing, windsurfing, and kite surfing are popular on the ocean side, while the Obidos lagoon side with calm, shallow waters is perfect for kids. Lifeguards are on duty during the summer season. There are also several walking trails along the beach and around the lagoon.

The main beach side has restaurants, cafes, and bars. So all you have to bring is yourself!

Address to Praia da Foz.

abbey out enjoying the walking trails in Portugal silver coast

Praia do Bom Sucesso | Arelho Beach Near Obidos

Praia do Bom Sucesso is located south of Foz do Arelho, on the other side of the Óbidos Lagoon. It has a long stretch of beach with high cliffs. These sea cliffs offer the best opportunity for hiking and have stunning views over the Praia do Bom Sucesso beach and the ocean.

There’s a small parking lot near the beach. Please note that there are very few restaurants, cafes, and places to go to the bathroom. And there are no lifeguards on duty, so it is not very family-friendly, but because of that there are fewer people.

Adress to Praia do bom Sucesso

Praia Tocha Beach | Figueira da Foz

Situated in Cantanhede, within the Coimbra District of Central Portugal, Praia da Tocha is a captivating beach renowned for its vast stretch of clean, golden sand. Whether it’s a tranquil walk in winter or sunbathing in the summer, this beach offers an idyllic setting for relaxation and leisure.

The remarkable feature of Praia da Rocha is its natural landscape. The beach is enveloped by protected dunes and extends to the quiet Palheirão Beach to the north. The backdrop of low dunes and thick pine forest adds to its beauty, making it perfect for a peaceful getaway.

Praia da Tocha is not just a haven for beach lovers but also caters to surfers. It’s an exposed beach break known for its consistent surf reports, making it an excellent spot for surfing year-round.

This beach is part of the Praia da Tocha is located in busy area. Yet, despite its location, it retains its pristine condition with clear blue waters and white sands. The beachfront stretches about 1.9 km,(1 mile) lined with dunes that add to its scenic charm.

Additionally, Praia da Tocha is situated in a picturesque fishing village, adding a touch of cultural heritage to your beach experience. The shoreline here is one of the largest for Portugal beach silver coast, measuring approximately 12 to 15 km! (6 miles)

 a peir leading to the sandy beach with small waves

Praia de Barra Beach | Aveiro

Praia de Barra Beach is located in the Aveiro District of Portuga and is one of the best swimming beaches on the Silver Coast. It’s situated on the western shoreline of the country, facing the Atlantic Ocean. The closest Silver Coast town to Aveiro is Nazare, and you could easily do both towns in one day.

Walking along the beach, you can enjoy the view of colorful boats belonging to the local fishing community. The beach is also near the Barra lighthouse, the tallest in Portugal, and worth a visit for its panoramic views.

Praia de Barra features a vast expanse of fine, golden sand, which contrasts beautifully with the deep blue of the ocean. Although the water is calm you will see surfers out in the water all year long and there are lifeguards on duty during the summer months.

It does get crowded during the summer, so it’s recommended to arrive early if you want to secure a good spot. Parking is available nearby but can also fill up quickly during peak times.

Address to Praia de Barra.

praia de barra on the silver coast of portugal with a castle and a bunch of gre

Berlenga Grande Beach | Peniche

Berlenga Grande Beach, also known as Praia da Berlenga, is located on Berlenga Island, the largest island of the Berlengas archipelago off the west coast of Portugal and is one of the best beaches on the Silver Coast.

The island’s natural beauty and wildlife make it a perfect spot for nature lovers. Activities you can enjoy at Berlenga Grande Beach include swimming, snorkeling, and diving, thanks to the clear waters and beautiful marine life in the area. The island is also a nature reserve covering part of it.

Access to Berlenga Island is via boat from the town of Peniche. Boats operate between May and September, usually taking about 30-40 minutes. Once on the island, you can reach the beach on foot or by taking a smaller boat.

As a nature reserve, the number of daily visitors to Berlenga Island is limited, so it’s best to book your boat trip in advance! There are no restaurants or shops on the island, but there is a small campsite and a fort where you can stay overnight. Be sure to bring everything you need to explore the amazing beaches on Berlenga Grande Beach Island.

a castle on the coast with blue skies and a orange bricked back

Silver Coast Portugal Weather

The silver coast Portugal climate is known to be comfortable all year round. Unlike the hot and dry summers at the beaches in the Algarve or the chill of the mountainous north, the Portugal Silver Coast offers a balanced climate that never gets too hot or too cold. Check impa.pt to get the most accurate weather forecast in Portugal.

Winter in Portugal (December to February): The winter months see average temperatures fall to about 15 degrees Celsius. December tends to be the wettest month, and there can be occasional drops in temperature close to zero. However, these are rare instances and generally, the weather remains mild.

Spring (March to May): Spring is characterized by mild weather with sunny spells. It’s a beautiful time to visit as the countryside flowers burst into bloom.

Summer (June to August): In the summer months the Portuguese sun shines on the silver coast region.  Summer is warm but not overwhelmingly, with the average temperature silver coast of Portugal is about 30 degrees Celsius in summer.

Autumn (September to November): Autumn, like spring, is mild and pleasant. September can still feel quite summery with the odd day of drizzle.

Silver Coast, Portugal Holidays 

The best time to take Silver Coast Portugal Holiday depends on what you’re looking for. In terms of weather, the summer months offer the best beach weather. However, June and September are also lovely with slightly cooler weather with less crowds.

Most people enjoy visiting during the summer months when they can make the most of the glorious beaches and outdoor activities. However, because of its mild climate, the Silver Coast is becoming increasingly popular as a year-round destination.

As for accommodations and attractions, while some smaller, family-run businesses might close for a short period in the off-season, most hotels, restaurants, and tours remain open all year round. The Silver Coast is a popular location for ex-pats and has a thriving local community, which means amenities are always available.

Portugal’s Silver Coast Golf Courses 

Sure, Portugal’s Silver Coast is a paradise for golf lovers with a plethora of courses offering stunning views and challenging layouts. Here are five amazing golf courses that you should definitely check out:

  1. West Cliffs: Designed by Cynthia Dye, West Cliffs has been named the ‘World’s Best New Golf Course’ at the 2017 World Golf Awards. The course provides panoramic ocean views. You’ll be playing on natural sand dunes and coastal plants.
  2. Praia D’El Rey Golf Resort: This is another top-rated course on the Silver Coast. It regularly features in the upper rankings of many Top 100 lists and is known for its pleasing layout and well-maintained fairways.
  3. Royal Obidos Spa and Golf Resort: Some would argue that Royal Obidos is a better course than Praia D’El Rey. This challenging course offers breathtaking views of both the Obidos Lagoon
    and the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a must-play for any golfer visiting the Silver Coast. And you can book a massage afterward.
  4. Bom Sucesso Golf Course: Bom Sucesso is another one of fantastic Portugal’s Silver Coast golf courses. The course provides a mix of woodland and lakes, making it a challenging but fun game for golfers of all skill levels.
  5. Campo Real Golf Course: Last but not least, Campo Real is a stunning 18-hole par 72 golf course winding up and down the beautiful country landscape. It’s known for its tough layout with slim fairways and undulating greens.
a beautiful golf course in portugal

Where is the Silver Coast in Portugal?

Silver Coast Portugal is on the western coastline neighboring the Atlantic Ocean. The Silver Coast starts about an hour north of Lisbon and extends up to slightly south of Porto. This makes it nestled between two of Portugal’s major cities, Lisbon and Porto. This region is known for its stunning Silve Coast Portugal towns, amazing beaches, and rugged sea-stacked coastline.

Despite its natural beauty and modern amenities, the Portugal’s Silver Coast remains one of the last affordable beach destinations in Europe, making it a desirable location for ex-pats, nomads, and tourists.

What towns are on the Silver Coast in Portugal?

A few towns on the Silver Coast in Portugal are:
Torres Vedras
Caldas da Rainha
Figueira da Foz

What is the Silver Coast Portugal called?

The Silver Coast Portugal is also called Costa de Prata in Portuguese. This long stretch of coastline is located in the central-western part of Portugal, along the Atlantic Ocean, in between the cities of Lisbon and Porto. It is a popular location for sunny beach vacations.

Is the Silver Coast cheaper than the Algarve?

Yes! The Silver Coast Portugal is cheaper than the Algarve! Property prices, the cost of living, dining, and booking accommodations are much cheaper on the Silver Coast. You could plan to spend at least three more days exploring Portugal if you decide to head over to the Silver Coast instead of the Algarve.

Silver Coast Real Estate 

The Silver Coast of Portugal is an increasingly popular area for both locals and foreigners looking to invest in real estate. It’s known for its beautiful Portugal beaches, charming small towns, and excellent climate, making it a desirable place to buy real estate.

In terms of what’s available, you’ll find a wide range of properties on the Silver Coast. This includes everything from apartments and villas to more traditional Portuguese houses. Many properties offer sea views or come with private pools, adding to their appeal.

When it comes to property prices, they can vary widely depending on the type of property, its location, and its condition. However, you can expect property prices to be anywhere from a few thousand euros for a small apartment to several million for a luxury villa. A mid range silver coast real estate prices are between €200,000 and €400,000.

Yes, as a foreigner you can buy a home in Portugal. The process is relatively straightforward and there are no restrictions on foreigners owning property in the country. In fact, Portugal has a program known as the Golden Visa, which offers residency permits to non-EU citizens who invest a certain amount in real estate. This makes it an attractive option for those looking to relocate or invest in property abroad.

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