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Best Rovinj Nightlife | Beach Bars, Nightclubs Guide 2023 (Recommended)

the view of beautiful rovinj during the best time for rovinj nightlife

Rovinj nightlife is unmatched! This small city on the western coast of Croatia knows how to party! And there are plenty of different ways to enjoy your night. Of course, Rovinj has a romantic atmosphere, but there are also numerous bars to dance the night away. Also, check out 25 amazing things to do in Rovinji!

In the summer months, you can listen to great live music and enjoy dancing in the sand at one of the beach clubs. And you best believe that the cocktail bar will know how to make your favorite cocktail!

Enjoy the day at one of the many beaches in Rovinj, then make a reservation to eat at one of the excellent Rovinj restaurants and wine bars. You will have to double check behind me to see if these bars are open in the off season, but some of the most popular Rovinj nightlife spots stay open all year! 

On the last weekend in August, there is a popular outdoor summer festival with, local foods, drinks, and live music on multiple stages. And at midnight they set off fireworks! Book yourself a room at one of these Hotels in Rovinj!

Rovinj Nightlife | Numerous bars 

Valentino Rovinj Cocktail & Champagne Bar

Treat yourself to Valentino at least one of your nights out in Rovinj. They have an extensive menu (including a few mocktail options). The Valentino cocktail bar is right by the sea and is the perfect location to watch the sunset.

To get to the Valentino cocktail bar you will need to follow the rope railing to the marble steps to the end of the harbor. The drinks are a bit more expensive than in other places for nightlife in Rovinj, but this pricey cocktail bar is worth it for the fantastic views.

Address to the Valentino cocktail bar.

a fancy cocktail with a pineapple next to it. this is one of the best rovinj nightlife drinks.

Mediterraneo Bar Rovinj Seaside Bar

Up next is the Mediterraneo bar in Rovinj nightlife. This is the perfect location for a relaxing atmosphere. This little bar is built directly on the rocks with delicious snacks. For drinks, they have all sorts. Coffee, cocktails, aperitifs, and fun specials. Try the Pina Colada Crush it is always a crowd favorite cocktail.

Come early or show up right before sunset, either way, the views from the outdoor terrace are out of this world. Bring your only family, they are even doggy-friendly.

Find Mediterraneo Bar here, they are the top Rovinj night club! 

Steel Club Rovinj | Late Nightlife in Rovinj

Whenever you visit Rovinj, the Steel Bar is sure to have an epic party going on. They host all sorts of nights from foam parties to neon nights. And each night there is a different type of music! This is the only night club where the live music ranges from house to hip hop to Latin music! You will find old and young people dancing along to the tunes.

This night club, the Steel Bar, the party really gets started around 2 a.m., so be sure to have supper at one of the Rovinj restaurants before heading out to party. 

Find the address to the Steel Club here to enjoy cocktails and late nightlife in Rovinj! 

party goers dancing to a foam party in one of the best rovni nightclubs

Snack Bar Rio Bar

The Rio Bar is on the Harbor and has fantastic views of the flat-bottom boats and the old town. Although it’s called a snack bar, they have full meals, serving all your favorite Istrian peninsula dishes.

Try the local pasta Pljukanci Dell’ Adriatico, so you can really start your Rovinj nightlife right. They do keep the Rio Bar open in the off season, so no matter what time you are visiting Rovinj, you can head here for great service, and enjoy cocktails, and an amazing view.

Address to Rio Bar

Café Bar Limbo | Cozy and Romantic Atmosphere 

Cafe Bar Limbo has a good atmosphere for any time of night out you are looking for. They are a unique bar in the Rovinj old town. 

Almost all of the specialty cocktails are custom-made, so you are sure to get something original. Try the Gin basil, it was my all-time favorite cocktail in Rovinj. They also stock local beers, on draft and in a bottle, and have some wine choices. 

Grab one of the small tables, and order a few plates of delicious snacks to share. They have prosecco and small plates! 

At night with the candlelit tables, it makes for a very cozy and romantic atmosphere. Or opt to sit outside on the staircase with a few pillows cushioning your back. If you are looking for something special in the old town, this is the best bar for a date night out. 

Address to this unique bar for amazing cocktails! Cafe Limbo Address

Beach Bar ComeBack | Rovinj Beach Club

You can visit this amazing Rovinj beach club during the day to work on your tan, but the real magic is when the sun sets and the live music starts. Although this is a little bar, they have pretty much anything cocktail you could want.

From ice-cold beers to specialty cocktails. And the prices here are very competitive for being right on the north Adriatic Sea.

If you come during the day the coffees are great and the beach chairs are about 30 kuna a day to rent. If you make it until sunset you will have a beautiful view of the view of St Euphemia church.

You are going to love the charming and relaxing atmosphere at this lovely beach bar in Rovinj nightlife. They are both dog and kid-friendly.

Address to Beach Bar Comeback

people hanging out in the sun with cocktails and drinking at the beach bar

Cuve Beach Bar | Cuvi Beach 

Cube is an excellent beach bar that is located in a pine tree forest shade at Cuvi Beach in Rovinj. Fast service and really affordable prices. They also have great music and laid back atmosphere.

The coffee is really excellent, produced locally in Rovinj and the prices are very reasonable. 

The waiters are really nice, the music is very relaxing and the surroundings are just beautiful (pine tree forest right next to the sea). Besides many different beverages, they also offer some food for a quick bite (toast, pizza, and fries). And they have some of the best pizza in Rovinj, but the kitchen closes at 9 so you will have to start your Rovinj nightlife tour off here!

Besides the great selection of drinks, they also offer some food for a quick bite (sandwiches, pizza, and fries).

You cannot visit Cuvi Beach and not stop at the Cuve Beach bar. It is highly recommended!

people sitting at a bar in rovinj playing music and watching the sunset.

Caffe Bar XL | Sunset Spot & St. Euphemia 

Caffe Bar is set in a beautiful view of the garden in front of St Euphemia church, a very popular site to see in Rovinj. This caffee bar has a very relaxed atmosphere. You can come early in the morning and grab a coffee, or head out during golden hour and try the great pink gin! 

You can also find tasty beers and ales at Caffe Bar XL, and everything is reasonably priced. If you visit during the day keep your eyes peeled for the cute owls in the trees! But sunset is always the best time to visit here! Or keep this cute caffe bar XL in mind for drinks when you are touring the best things to do in Rovinj! 

Address to Caffe Bar XL in Rovinj

Mulini Beach Bar Adults Only | Beach Clubs

Up next is maybe the most famous beach bar in Rovinj, the Mulini Beach Bar. This beautiful beachfront bar is the perfect location for a drink, tan session, or dance party. They are located right outside the fancy Adults Only Hotel Monte Mulini. If you are not staying at this popular tourist resort, you can still rent a chair for the day to join in on the bars party. 

Extremely beautiful and modern bar by the sea! They play great music during the day, and then at night, it turns into a party! Sometimes it’s hip hop, sometimes it’s 80s, but it’s always a great atmosphere. 

They are on a rocky beach, so be sure to bring shoes if you plan on swimming in the sea, or staying at this popular tourist resort. Grab a drink or two and enjoy the north Adriatic sea Croatia style! 

Address to the Mulini beach bar for the best Rovinj nightlife. 

three girls drinking wine and beer getting ready to enjoy cocktails and go swimming

Chaka Bar | Local Nightlife in Rovinj 

Chaka is a small and cozy bar with the option of beach view, or pull up a stool around the pool! At Chaka Bar, you can order cold beers, cocktails, and/or coffees. They also serve ice cream to cool you off. And, you don’t sit on the large terrace here alone for long, as it is a very sociable place. 

No matter what you are looking for this is the best bar to try! From the background music to the yummy drinks! They have everything you need for a relaxing day at the sea. Enjoy the sea view and stretch your legs along the cooling water’s shore! It’s cash only, so be prepared for that! 

They also have a large children’s playground around the corner, if you are traveling with young people. Find Chaka Bar, for great nightlife in Rovinj! 

Adris Old Tobacco Factory

The Adris Old Tobacco Factory is a unique bar in Rovinj nightlife. They have big dance floors and multiple stages. But, you don’t have to worry about it getting too hot inside, as they always have the aircon blasting when the people hit the dance floor. 

They often host special parties, like Latin nights. So be sure to check out their page before heading over! Depending on what kind of event they are hosting, the music ranges. The last few events they have held are salsa and Latino fests with a few dance parties mixed in. 

You can find Adris Old Tabacco Factory here, and paid parking is right down the street. 

Havana Rovinj | Cocktail Bar

The Havana Club has great cocktails that are made with original Cuban rum! Yum! The drinks were a bit expensive, but they were huge! So it’s like getting more than one drink at a time. You can come anytime of the day, but the real party, like most bars clubs in Rovinj nightlife, starts around midnight. 

Havana Club is within walking distance of the old town city center if you are staying at one of the many hotels in Rovinj

Always expect live music, and sometimes they will have local DJs spinning Latin music! You are going to love the warm and welcoming atmosphere that Havana Club offers, they are one of the best bars for Rovinj Nightlife! 

Find the address to Havana Clubs

a cuban run drink at the havana bar in rovinj nightlife

Ixie Sky Club | Warm and Welcoming Atmosphere 

Ixie Sky Club is a cute beach side small and cozy bar that is only open in the summer months. The main reason to check out this little bar is the view and laid back atmosphere. Best atmosphere, comfortable chairs, shady, great music, and a huge variety of drinks!

If you visit during the day, or at golden hour, they have kayaks and paddle boards for rent! They close at 8:30, so you will want to hit this spot early before for a few dinks heading out to some of the bigger clubs in the area. 

Find Ixie Sky Club here! 

a beach rovinj bar with wood and bottles

La Concha | Mexican Style 

A true Mexican restaurant in this beautiful Croatian city! As soon as you walk through the door you will be transported to Mexico! I don’t know how many of y’all have been to Mexico, or to an authentic Mexican restaurant, but La Concha is the best I’ve been to in Europe! 

The flavors are right, the cheese dip is perfect, and the Margaritas and cocktails are perfect! And you can always expect great service. Swing by here to fill up your stomachs before your big night out, you will have everything you need for a great night out in Rovinj! 

This is one of the many excellent restaurants in Rovinj nightlife. Find La Concha here

three people cheerings their cups together with maragratias

Maistra Select Island Hotel Katarina

The Marista Select at Hotel Katarina is a popular tourist resort that has 3 outdoor pools, 3 bars, 2 restaurants, and 1 is beach side. So no matter what kind of bar or nightlife you are looking for, they are sure to deliver. 

The best bar is the one with the outdoor terrace and pool! You can enjoy your cocktails in the sand, or with your toes dipped in the clean pool. Sometimes Marista Select brings in bands, or solo artists to sing live music. 

This is a great hotel to stay at if you are thinking about visiting the island of Katarina. There is so much to do you may never leave the grounds. 

Check your dates: Booking.com or Agoda.com 

Barrel Bar | Rovinj Wine Bar 

Barrell Bar is one of the top wine bars in Rovinj nightlife. Plus, you can order homemade wine right from the barrel, hence the name Barrel Bar! If you are visiting during the right season they will also pair your wine with fresh strawberries, or fruit! 

The best way to describe Barrel Bar is that it is a small and cozy bar in the old town, down a narrow, winding street. You will love the shade on the outdoor terrace, or you are always welcome to grab a seat at the wine bar to talk to the welcoming bartenders. 

They also serve cocktails of many varieties, and may even have a few cold beers if you are traveling with a nonwine drinker. 

Barrel Bar address, enjoy a few glasses in the warm and welcoming atmosphere of the old town. 

a bottle of red wine with barrels in the back round and a glass on top of the bar.

Does Rovinj have Nightlife?

people parting on the beach with lights strung around them.

Yes! The nightlife in Rovinj is amazing! From the Rovinj old town, to the beach front you will find a party wherever you go. But, this is not to say that Rovinj nightlife is tough, because it’s not. Rovinj is very safe and has a relaxed atmosphere. 

Is Rovinj too touristy?

No! Rovinj is not too touristy. It is the perfect location if you are looking for a cozy and romantic atmosphere in a Croatian city. There is a beautiful old town, islands to visit from the Marina, and fun fact, they are the most Italian-influenced city on the Istrian peninsula! So visiting Rovinj is not too touristy and it is like getting a little bit of Croatia, and a little bit of Italy all in one trip! 

What is Rovinj known for?

a sunset view of the beautiful town of rovinj

Rovinj Croatia is known for its stunning natural beauty, charming Old Town, and rich cultural heritage. With its picturesque coastline, colorful buildings, and cobblestone streets, Rovinj offers a perfect blend of history with a relaxed atmosphere. From exploring historical sites and art galleries to indulging in delicious local cuisine and amazing nightlife, Rovinj has something to offer every type of traveler. 

Is Rovinj a Town or City?

a view of the city of rovinj from above with the big church and beautiful orange roof tops

Rovinj is a city in Croatia situated on the north Adriatic Sea. It is located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula, Rovinj is known for its romantic and historic atmosphere. It resembles more of an Italian town than a Croatian one. It has twisting city streets, a bustling harbor, and a car-free old town that adds to its charm. Rovinj is considered one of the most popular tourist resorts in Croatia and is a perfect base for exploring the food, wine, and history of the western coast of Croatia. 

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