Taking a few Tours in Chiang Mai is one of the best ways to get around the city, learn some history, and see all of the best things to do. You can book a tuk-tuk ride around the old town. Or if you are thinking of a more adventurous trekking tour through the jungles you can book it here with an experienced guide. They will help you every step of the way.

Chiang Mai is full of fun around every corner and is an excellent place to stop along your tour of South East Asia. The nightlight is unmatched, the locals are kind and fair, and the food scene is incredible. Plus, on top of all of that, it is very affordable to find an excellent hotel or Airbnb.

Take a look through all of these amazing tours in Chiang Mai, book one for every day, or get just some ideas for your trip. You can easily explore the city on its own, but this is just a hassle-free way of spending the precious time you have on vacation. Here are a bunch of nontouristy tours in Chiang Mai!

waterfall tours in Chiang Mai with me in the photo

The Top Tours in Chiang Thailand Mai For Every Age!

Secret Elephant Sanctuary

One of the top tours in Chiang Mai takes you to a Secret Elephant Sanctuary. This tour lasts 7 hours and is inside a beautiful location in the jungle of Chiang Mai. You and your family will learn how to feed and care for elephants while walking along a guided tour. There is also an opportunity to bathe and learn why these Elephants are in the Sanctuary and cannot return to the wild on their own.

When you arrive at the Pupha Elephant Sanctuary you will be welcomed by the local tribe of the Karen people. You can dress in traditional tribal clothing for the tour, or keep your own outfit it’s totally up to you. The local tribe will teach you how to feed, wash, and care for these beautiful gentle giants.

three big elephants with a baby elephant in the middle

You will also explore the Mae Wang Waterfall, which is a treat all on its own. This beautiful waterfall is your last stop before lunch and taking the trek back home. This is a wonderful experience and fun for the whole family. Do not hesitate to book one of the best small guided day tours in Chiang Mai to see the elephants!

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From Chiang Mai: Chiang Rai Famous Temples Small Group Tour

If you have a few days to spend in town you will want to take a tour From Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai. There are a few different options when thinking about making the three-hour journey. This is one of the best private tours in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, and it is only 1 day long. 

You will start your tour early in the morning with a pick up for your accommodation in a private car/bus with AC. From there you will start your trek to Chiang Rai. The first stop is at the beautiful hot springs where you can bathe in the mineral waters, walk around to take in the views, or relax at one of the many coffee shops in Chiang Rai! 

the views of the rice fields in Chiang Mai

Next is the famous Wat tours. First up is the famous White Temple crafted by Chaloemchai Khositphiphat. You will spend a few hours here exploring, taking photos, and learning about history. Then the tour will bring you over to the temple of the Dancing Tigers, or Wat Rong Seua Ten.

And last but not least stop on the private tour in Chiang Mai is the Baan Dam Museum. This is a collection of about 40 different objects that date back to the Ayutthaya period. Including fossilized bones and plenty of cool artifacts to look through. This is one of the best private tours in Chiang Mai to book.

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the white templie in chiang rai, take a day tour from Chiang Mai there

Doi Inthanon National Park Full-Day Tour

One of the best things to do in Chiang Mai is to explore the Doi Inthanon National Park Full-Day Tour. And what better what to explore the park than with a small guided tour? When booking this tour you will be taken to three different secluded waterfalls.

Start your day off easy with a convenient pick-up from your hotel in Chiang Mai and head straight for Doi Inthanon Park. When you arrive at the park you will start the hike to the Wachirathan Waterfall. This stunning waterfall cascades down over 80 meters and is the highest point in all of Thailand. You can swim in the water or just relax in the shade.

The next stop on your tour of Doi Inthanon Park is the Sirithan Waterfall which is along the Mae Klong River. This waterfall is a bit smaller but just as majestic. You may even run into some wild monkeys along the way. They are nice but be cautious because they are little thieves.

a women picking rice in a field in Chiang Mai

Your 3rd stop is extra special. This is the part where you visit the famous-twin pagodas. The Napamatanee Don and Napaphon Bhumisiri, these pagodas are dedicated to the Queen and King of Thailand and offer panoramic views of the valley. The Napamatanee Don is the King’s pagoda and the attention to detail here is incredible. And the Napaphon Bhumisir is as equally impressive.

For the last stop of the tour, you will be taken into the local tribe’s village and learn a little about the ways how the local tribes lived and continue to live today. If you are thinking about booking just one day tour in Chiang Mai Thailand, you cannot go wrong when choosing to visit the Doi Inthanon National Park. 

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3 Day Tour in Chiang Mai 

Next up is a fun-filled 3-day tour in Chiang Mai. Here you will experience sleeping in the middle of the jungle, exploring local markets, meeting local jungle tribes, and swimming in epic waterfalls.

Start your first day off early in the morning with a pick-up from the center of the old town of Chiang mai. And make your first stop at the Mae Malai the local market. You will be able to stock up on local fruits, veggies, snacks, and drinks to get you through the weekend. After you and your party are done at the market you will head up the windy back roads up the mountain.

The first stop after the market is at a beautiful waterfall where you can cool down and take a dip. After you have relaxed at the waterfall it is time to take the trek to the local Karen village inside the jungle. This is where you will be spending the first night. The tour includes lunch and dinner on the first day and you are welcome to help prepare the food with the local tribe, or not! It is all up to you.

the Ariel view of one of the best wats in Chiang Mai

The second day of the 3-day tour in Chiang Mai

For the second day, you will be awake to the sounds of nature and start your day bright and early. The second day is full of adventure and hiking. You will walk for about 3 hours before stopping at Chan village for lunch. After lunch, you start your trek through the mountain until you reach the Baan PakaoLaam. This is another remote village where you will enjoy the simple life near the Tang river. Enjoy a campfire under the thousands of stars in the night sky.

Last Day of the Tours in Chiang Mai

You can give your feet a break on the third day. This day includes a bamboo raft ride down the Mae Tang River. The raft ride is about 1.5 hours long, depending on the season. When you eventually get to the Lahu village for lunch and grab a bit of rest before your ride back into civilization. This is a very adventurous 3-day tour in Chiang Mai that you will remember for a lifetime! Be prepared for a long weekend with your own drinking water and plenty of clothes to cover yourself from the environment.

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Authentic Thai Cooking Class and Farm Visit

Taking a cooking class while traveling is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the culture. And with this Authentic Thai Cooking Class and Farm Visit you get to knock out not only the cooking class but also a tour and how to purchase food in the local market. This is a wonderful way to help you learn local customs and greetings, plus it may help you with your bartering skills too.

Thai dishes are largely inspired by what is in season and where you are in the country. By visiting the food market you will learn about the herbs, meats, and veggies you will be cooking with.

You ultimately get to choose what to cook with your group but some of the most popular dishes are the famous mango sticky rice, pad thai, and different curries. You cannot go wrong choosing to cook the Koah Soi. After everyone is done the groups come together and enjoy the fruits of their labors together. Be sure to take this wonderful class you will never forget the day you took one of the best food tours in Chiang Mai! 

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Chiang Mai: Michelin Recommended Food Guided Walking Tour

If you are looking to enjoy the best food tour in Chiang Mai then you have to try the Michelin Recommended Food Guided Walking Tour of restaurants and Street vendors. Yes! Some of the street food vendors in Chiang Mai have been awarded Michelin Stars, how cool is that?!

On this food tour in Chaing Mai, you will start at the Thapae Gate with your small group and private guide. They have plenty of different times available to start your tour, you can pick breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The first stop is the Guay Jub Chang Moi Tat Ma. Here you will be able to try their famous Guay Jub. A yummy rolled riced dish.

a beautiful night market tour in Chiang Mai with friend chicken stand

Up next is the Warorot Market in China Town. Here you can explore and take your pick from sweet, savory, salty, or a little bit of everything. This is a great place to try the Nothern Thai Sausage or fried pork chop, both are delicious.

Then make your way to the Go Neng Restaurant to try the sweet Chinese treat the pa tong go. Relax here for a few minutes before heading over to the Lung Khajohn Wat Ket. Here you will taste the sweet steamed rice dumplings. And the final stop is at the flower market where you can purchase more food if you want, or just take in the views.

The tour does change depending on the time you book. It is recommended to try and book as early as you can in the morning to get the best options and enjoy one of the freshest food tours in Chiang Mai!

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a food tours in Chiang Mai all eating together

Nighttime City Highlights and Street Food Tuk-Tuk Tour

One of the most affordable tours in Chiang Mai is the Nighttime City Highlights Tuk-tuk Tour! Riding a tuk-tuk through town is one of the best ways to see the city, and here you will also stop at one of the best markets for street food as well.

Your tuk-tuk tour will start around 6 pm and take you around the moat and streets of old town while learning about the interesting history of the Lanna Kingdom. Then you will explore Wat Suan Dok, known as the Flower Garden Temple as well. A 48-meter golden temple is an excellent place for the best Instagram photos at golden hour.

take a tuk-tuk tour in Chiang Mai

Hop back on the tuk-tuk to the Wat Lok Moli. Here you can explore one of the oldest temples in Chiang Mai. Your final and best stop is at the Chang Phuak Gate Night Market for the famous Thailand street food. Ask your tour guide for suggestions or explore the night market on your own! This is one of the best tours in Chiang Mai to do when you first arrive in town.

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Best ATV Tour in Chiang Mai 

Next up is an adventurous ATV tour through the unexplored countryside of Chiang Mai giving you a unique experience of the land. With the wind in your face, you will be riding for at least 3 hours. It is recommended to wear tennis shoes and bring long, but light, clothing to protect the skin.

This Atv Tours in Chiang Mai Province is designed for an uncomfortable day of fast-paced fun and freedom to explore. The trail is 40 kilometers (25 miles) long and lasts 3 hours. There is transportation to and from your accommodation in Chiang Mai, with about an hour and a half ride to the dirt path.

Booking an ATV tour is a great way to stay active and get your heart pumping. You are going to have an amazing time you will not soon forget! Book your ticket today for a small private group at one of the funniest day tours in Chiang mai Thailand!  

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ATV tours in Chiang Mai are so much fun. here are two atv's in a field