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Best High Guide for Weed in Krabi | 2023 (Updated)

the Jamaica bar weed in krabi. we are sitting outside under bright lights with waters and beers at nighttime

Looking for the best weed in Krabi? You have come to the right place because I am going to tell you all my favorite places to score weed in Krabi. You can enjoy a joint at one of the many beaches in Krabi Thailand, or take it back to your hotel and enjoy it on your own.

I have spent countless months exploring Krabi, so I can also tell you the best time to visit Krabi, and where to go! Stay tuned, and get ready to enjoy cannabis in Krabi.

a big bar in krabi on the strop there is a sign out front that says weed cannabis cooes & brownies for sale there is also a man doing a fire show

Weed in Krabi Thailand

White Lily Cannabis

White Lily is one of the most popular places for weed in Krabi. They are conveniently located right by the big Makro shop and have any type of weed you want. From pre-rolled to nugs to big batches of weed for cheap. You can’t miss them, they are a small black trailer with a few chairs in front.

Find White Lily Cannabis in Krabi!

someone with dreads buying weed in krabi from a store front during the day time

Smokey’s Weed in Krabi Town

Great vibe with very friendly staff and good quality buds for a reasonable price. The best shop I found during my 3 months in Thailand, even get some snacks and water with your purchase! I would definitely recommend it!

The man I met behind the counter, Sast, was incredible. Smokey’s has wonderful hospitality, they gave me free water and had a super comfy smoking area to smoke weed in.

Smokey’s Weed Shop.

Cannakin AoNang Krabi

Up next for weed in Krabi is Cannakin AoNang. They are in the popular AoNang area of Krabi. They back up to the beautiful jungle so you can enjoy the natural vibes and just relax. The owner was so kind and taught us a little bit about the culture and language. They can also recommend tours in Krabi.

You can also grab a beer and is a great place for nonsmokers just for a coffee and relax. Cannakin also has a large variety of weeds, and you can find just about anything type of strand you are looking for!

Cannaking AoNang Address

a bunch of weed in krabi inside see through jars with a different strands and sizes


Stonerolls in Krabi is right by the night market and has some of the best weed in Krabi. It is a simple, clean, and to-the-point cannabis store in Krabi. The budtender was super kind and helped me pick out the type of weed in Krabi I was looking for. They keep the weed in clear containers with cool magnifying glasses so you can really see the strands and nugs up close.

Find Stonerolls in Krabi.

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures is the prettiest weed shop in Krabi. They also have a great selection of glass and I picked up the perfect bong for my time in Krabi! They have the largest range of flower in Krabi and the owner Ying was very helpful and knowledgeable.

When I was in Krabi they had a special that was buy 3 strands for 1490 baht. Or grab a prerolled joint for 200 baht. Find out what else to do with my Krabi travel Itinerary.

Address to Joint Ventures.

someone packing up a clear bong in krabi.

Joy Cafe on the Beach

Joy Cafe, also made my list of the best restaurants in Krabi! They were a secret find as I was riding my scooter down the road. They have a cute sign that says Beach Cafe! But it’s more than just a cafe. It is beachside dining chilling, and smoking.

The waitstaff here is so kind and helpful. You can grab a comfy chair in the sand, or snag yourself a tree house. Most nights they have music playing, with acoustic guitars and beautiful singers. I came here almost every day during my time in Krabi and can’t wait until I go back to enjoy some weed in Krabi Town!

the view from joy beach cafe in krabi Thailand. there are beach chairs, a microphone, and plenty of places to relax in the sand

Reggae Bar

The Raggae bar was another one of my favorite spots for Krabi nightlife. They have live music, cold beers, and you guessed it, cannabis in Krabi! They are on the right side of the strip before you hit the beach road. Grab a seat inside or out, and the band here was incredible, the young Thai man has the most beautiful voice.

You can order pre-rolled joints from the bar, sit back, and enjoy the show! This would be a great place to enjoy New Year in Krabi!

Reggae Bar in Krabi address!

colorful lights around a big weed plant in krabi thailand

Get High Cafe

Get High Cafe is next! Here they have medical-grade weed and great edibles that are super yummy! Plus, the owners are welcoming and super chill making it the best dispensary in Krabi, and one of the best things to do in Krabi.

They also have snacks, water, tea, coffee, many grades of flowers, and beer too. The starting price for weed here is around 450 Baht for a gram and they give you access to a smoking room on the rooftop.

Get High Cafe Address in Krabi town!

a bunch of fun smoking devices in krabi with a skull wearing sun glasses and bongs all around

Jamaica Bar

I had a great time at the Jamaica bar! I ordered a mojito and a joint. The staff and the owner Rasta Man were very nice and we felt very comfortable spending the evening there having some drinks and enjoying the live music especially during Thailand in the Winter.

The server was really nice and there are quite a few different strains of weeds to pick from. Plus, the bamboo bong was really cool. The server gives accessories for smoke directly on the table.

us sitting outside with a beer, singa water with a big weed in Krabi joint. with colorful flags and people walking around the street

Land of Smiles Taste of Weed

I love it when the professional grower is selling his own product. That is just what the owner Tommy, here is doing. He also sells cheap drinks you can chill here at smoke your weed in Krabi too! This weed shop in Krabi really embraces Thailand’s Land of Smiles motto. Take your pick from the many strands he has at affordable prices.

Land of Smiles Weed in Krabi.

weed buds with orange hairs on them up close. this is one of the best weed in krabi

Does Krabi have Weed?

someone with dreads buying weed in krabi from a store front during the day time

Yes! Krabi does have weed! There are so many different places to buy weed in Krabi. A few of my favorite places to get some are The Get High Cafe and the White Lily right by the Lotus.

Can you Travel with Weed in Thailand?

the joy cafe in krabi thailand on the beach with chairs and the pretty beach in the back round

Yes! You can travel with weed in Thailand. Make sure that you keep it in the original package that you bought it in, and do not smoke at the airport and you will be okay traveling domestically in Thailand. Do not fly internationally with weed.

Where is the Best Place to Smoke Weed in Thailand?

me sitting on the swing on the beach in krabi thailand

The best place to smoke weed in Thailand is at the beach. Always be respectful, and do not bother anyone else with your smoke and you will love smoking weed in Thailand.

Is there any Dispensary at Krabi?

a bunch of weed in krabi inside see through jars with a different strands and sizes

Yes! There are many dispensaries in Krabi Thailand. You can find a cannabis shop on just about every corner. You can find grams of weed starting at 200 baht ranging all the way to 1000 baht. The smaller dispensaries in Krabi usually have cheaper prices and stay open until about midnight.

Is Krabi safe at night?

a girl sitting in the sunset under a palm tree during krabi at night

Yes! Krabi is very safe at night. There is virtually no crime in Krabi, but it does have a big party scene so there is always the chance of a drunk encounter from a tourist. But Krabi is very safe at night, and you can walk around freely without being worried.

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