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What is the Best Time of Year to Visit Croatia and Where to go

lovely seaside in Croatia

What is the best time of year to visit Croatia you may be wondering? Here you will find all the best times and even the best places to visit. Visiting Croatia is always a good idea no matter the time of the year it is and you can have fun with just about any budget. The Winter is perfect if you are looking for a local experience.
Spring and fall offer amazing temperatures to explore all the best things about Croatia without the crowds.

And everyone should experience a Croatian summer at least once in their life.
As you can see the best time to travel to Croatia depends on what kind of trip you are trying to have. Now, let’s get started on finding out what the best time to visit Croatia is!

What is the Best Time of Year to Visit Croatia and Where to go

what is the best time of year to visit croatia city walls

Weather in Croatia by Month

Here you will find the weather in Croatia by Month for Dubrovnik, Croatia. 

  • Jan. –      54° to 45°F
  • Feb.-       56° to 45 F
  • March –   60° to 49°F
  • April –      65° to 55°F
  • May –       73° to 62°F
  • June –      81° to 69°F
  • July –       86° to 73°F
  • August –  86° to 74°F
  • Sept. –     79° to 66°F
  • Oct.-        71° to 60°F
  • Nov.-        63° to 53°F
  • Dec.-        57° to 47°F

Weather in Croatia By Month Year Round For Split, Croatia

  • Jan. –      51° to 42°
  • Feb.-       52° to 42° F
  • March –   58° to 47°F
  • April –      64° to 52°F
  • May –       73° to 60°F
  • June –      81° to 67°F
  • July –       87° to 72°F
  • August –  87° to 72°F
  • Sept. –     77° to 65°F
  • Oct.-        68° to 58°F
  • Nov.-        59° to 58°F
  • Dec.-        53° to 44°F

The beautiful city of Split Croatia when to visit

Weather year-round For Zadar, Croatia

  • Jan. –      52° to 41°F
  • Feb.-       53° to 41 F
  • March –   58° to 46°F
  • April –      64° to 52°F
  • May –       72° to 69°F
  • June –      80° to 66°F
  • July –       85° to 70°F
  • August –  84° to 70°F
  • Sept. –     76° to 63°F
  • Oct.-        69° to 56°F
  • Nov.-        61° to 50°F
  • Dec.-        54° to 43°F

The weather in Croatia By Month for Zagreb, Croatia

  • Jan. –      40° to 31°F
  • Feb.-       45° to 33° F
  • March –   54° to 33°F
  • April –      63° to 47°F
  • May –       72° to 55°F
  • June –      78° to 60°F
  • July –       82° to 64°F
  • August –  80° to 63°F
  • Sept. –     71° to 56°F
  • Oct.-        61° to 48°F
  • Nov.-        50° to 40°F
  • Dec.-        41° to 33°F

The rainy season in Croatia lasts from the middle of September to the middle of May. The month with the most rain in Croatia is November. The rain does not always last all day though, so if you are planning on visiting during this time you will still see plenty of sunshine. Croatia in October is very beautiful.

The hottest months of the year in Croatia are July and August. This doesn’t always mean that this is the best time of year to travel to Croatia though. You will experience the hot Mediterranean climate which can be a little hot to handle in the summer.
lovely seaside in Croatia

You should try and spend at least a week to ten days in Croatia. Find out what the best month to go to Croatia would be for you and plan your trip from there. I was lucky enough to spend three months there, and it wasn’t enough to see everything I wanted.

The Dalmatian coast in Croatia experiences the best weather and the best views in Croatia. The southern islands of Croatia are going to be warmer and less rainy. But then that comes with more heat as well,  it all just depends on what attractions in Croatia you want to experience.

What is the best time of year to visit Croatia?

Summertime in Croatia

If you are looking for the what is the best time of year to visit Croatia for sun rays and tan lines then you should go in the summer. More specifically in the months of June to September.

But don’t say I didn’t warn you that is also the busiest time of year for tourists. The beaches are stunning and are well worth the crowds. 

Summer is the best time of year to visit Croatia for all of the big music festivals as well. Nightlife is unmatched during the summer too, you can party all day on the island beaches and then head out to the clubs if that fits your vibe. Or you can spend your day’s paddle boarding and relaxing in one of the amazing hotels.
The beautiful summertime is the best time to visit Croatia

Where to go in Croatia in the Summer

The very best time of year to visit Croatia would be June. The most popular destinations in June are places on the Dalmatian coast like Zadar. Here you will find beautiful beaches, lots of places to stay, and a lively nightlife scene.
The best time for Croatia is really whenever you can get there. But if you fancy a summertime holiday then you will want to check out the beautiful islands of Croatia. Pag Island has a little bit for everyone. The landscapes are incredibly diverse and some of the best hikes are on this small island as well. 

Are you wondering to yourself what is the best time of year to visit Croatia? And if spring is coming to mind you would be right! Spring is when all the beautiful flowers and trees are coming to life. The weather is warm and dry.

This is the best time of year to travel to Croatia for all the outdoor adventures.
Cycling, swimming, climbing, hiking, and trekking are some of the best things to do in the spring. Plus the locals are so excited about the upcoming season that they are usually a little more friendly, but you do not have to worry because they are always welcoming.
The beautiful spring time in the best time to go to Croatia

Where to go in Croatia in the Spring

There are so many places to see in the Spring because it best time to go to Croatia for the natural beauty. The islands of Pag and Hvar are amazing in the spring. Rovinj is also one of the best places to visit in Croatia for couples and the spring is especially pretty. And there are plenty of romantic places to stay in Rovinj at that time of the year.

Autumn or Fall Can Be the Best Time of Year to go to Croatia

If you are into cooler weather the best time of year to visit Croatia is in Autumn. The further north you go up the more fall foliage you will get. The weather in Croatia in October is amazing, and this is the truest fall month. You can expect mid 60°F (18°C) on the coast and just a bit cooler inland.

If you are wondering what is the best time of year to visit Croatia you cannot go wrong in the Autumn. There are fewer tourists and you can get away with a light jacket.

You can still swim in the sea during the early fall too, so you will get a little bit of everything! Croatia in October is so beautiful and you will love every minute of it.
hiking in Croatia is amazing in the Fall

Where to go in Croatia in the Fall

Be sure to go and check out the Krka National Park during the fall it is one of the best times to photograph the waterfalls.

You can never go wrong visiting Zadar, but in the fall you will be able to really experience those amazing sunsets.Split is another one of those cities that are always amazing and in the fall you should be able to get a break on the hotel costs.

Wintertime is the Best Time of Year to go to Croatia for Fewer Crowds

When is the best time to visit Croatia for a real experience? Well, I say in the wintertime. We spent 3 months in southern Croatia last winter (2022) and it was amazing. We were able to connect with locals, learn about the history, and have entire beaches to ourselves.

They also take Christmas very seriously. No matter where you go you will see amazing Christmas markets and stunning light displays. The markets usually open in late November and stay open until the New Year.
Zadars organs

Where to visit Croatia in the winter

For the best time for Croatia in the winter, head down to Dubrovnik for a festive firework display, and celebrations last until the early morning hours. Zagreb has recently been voted one of the most popular markets in all of Europe and does not disappoint.

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