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Visit all of these beautiful beaches in Krabi Thailand!

Click here to see all the best beaches in Krabi Thailand!

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a beautiful view of a girl swimming in an infinity pool

Best Beach Hotels in Krabi Thailand for a Perfect Vacation!

Here is the 15 best beach hotels in Krabi Thailand for you to stay at.

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clear blue water in Krabi town thailand

The Best Things to do in Krabi Town Thailand That You Cannot Miss!

Here is a list of all the best things to do in Krabi Town Thailand!

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me looking at a map of the tours in Chiang Mai

The Top Tours in Chiang Mai Thailand for All Ages!

Here is a list of all the best tours in Chiang Mai Thailand!

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all of the best food in Chiang Mai

All The Food in Chiang Mai You Have to Try!

Here you will learn all about the best food in Chiang Mai to try!

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a girl hiking the sticky waterfall in Chiang Mai

The Top 10 Hikes in Chiang Mai You Have to Try!

Here is a list of all the best hikes in Chiang Mai Thailand!

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a beautiful bars in chiang mai thailand

The Best Bars in Chiang Mai for an Epic Night Out

Here is a list of all the best bars in Chiang Mai for a drink!

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a women hanging up a latern at a Chiang Mai old town wat

An Ultimate Chiang Mai Old Town Travel Guide 2023

Here is a travel guide to old town Chiang Mai Thailand!

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What is a world travel blog?  It’s a place you can learn about how to travel the world. 

Well, I have not made it around the whole world. Yet. But every day I am getting one step closer. This is a perfect world travel blog for you to read for all types of travel tips. I like to travel on a budget with a bit of a splurge from time to time. 
The purpose behind starting this travel blog site is that I wanted to have a place to record my move to Europe. Flash forward. Now I have been on the road for over a year and writing this at a cafe in Thailand. With a few different business adventures going on.
I love sharing where I have been and I have so many places I cannot wait to return too. 

Get Lost in Your Travels

I want to inspire and educate people on how to travel on a budget, find amazing places to go, and hopefully get them out there to see the world. Anything is possible. A little bit more about me. I started out in Portugal and completely fell in love with the world. Then headed west to a small island in Croatia. Spent a magical summer in Greece. 
Went white water rafting in Austria, and then spent a few months in Antalya, Turkey. Stay tuned for what Asia has to bring! My love for travel is only growing, and I hope I can share my thoughts and in-sites on world travel with you. 

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Hello loves! My name is Abbey and I am a 30-something-year-old travel blogger. And here I am going to give you all the best details about where I have been.

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