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Best Camping Novalja Croatia | Island Pag 2023 (Recommended)

a beautiful sunset coming over one of the camping novalja sites. a girl is standing over looking the mountains in her orange tent

Enjoy Camping Novalja! This is the perfect place to set up camp for a few days! Whether you’re looking for an active vacation or a full out party on Zcre beach there are campsites all over this beautiful island of Pag in Croatia. You will soon learn that there are so many things to do in Novalja!

We have perfect families sites, with entertainment and various activities to keep the kids busy. Or campsites that are so close to the beach party you won’t even need a ride! No matter what kind of trip you are looking to have you will love these amazing sites and do Camping Novalja right!

Treat yourself to a well deserved vacation in the sun. Sit back and relax and discover all of these amazing campsites in Novalja!

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camping in novalja with a dog

Pag Camping Novalja | Camping Adriatic Croatia Things to Know

Set up camp on the most beautiful islands in the Adriatic! Here are a few pointer to keep in mind for the best time camping in Pag Croatia.

  • Choose Your Campsite: There are several well-rated campsites on the island like Camp Straško Novalja, Camp Šimuni, Autocamp Dražica, and Aminess Avalona, which is the only 5-star campsite on the island.
  • Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Pag Island for camping is typically during the summer months when the weather is warm and sunny. However, it is very warm, and some of the Novalja campsites stay open for the spring and fall!
  • Pack Essentials: You should bring camping essentials such as a sturdy tent, tarp, sleeping bags, pillows, cooking equipment, food and water supplies, first aid kit, sunscreen, insect repellent, and appropriate clothing for the season. You can purchase firewood form most of the camping novalja sites. But you could always bring your own as well! Don’t forget to pack a swimsuit and beach towel as the island is known for its beautiful beaches.
  • Unique Landscape: The island of Pag has a unique landscape, often compared to the surface of the moon due to its sparse vegetation. This makes for a unique camping experience but also means you should prepare for less natural shade than in more forested areas.
  • Local Delicacies: Pag Island is famous for its cheese production. Trying the local cheese could be a unique part of your camping experience.
  • Respect the Environment: As with any camping trip, it’s important to respect the environment by minimizing waste, avoiding disturbing wildlife, and leaving the campsite as clean (or cleaner) than you found it.
  • Booking: Some campsites allow online booking. Book your campsite in advance, especially in peak season to ensure your dates aren’t full!
  • Amenities: Check the amenities offered by each campsite. Some, like the Aminess Avalona Camping Resort, even offer luxury pitches with private swimming pools.
  • Activities: Look into activities available on Pag island or at your campsite. From exploring the local town, water sports, swimming in the Adriatic Sea, or hiking, there’s plenty to do!

Camping Straško Novalja | Kamp Straško Cijene Family Camp 

Camping Strasko in Novalja is the best place to set up your tent, or grab a a comfy accommodation like a mobile home cabin. There are plenty of options to stay. Pick a pitch on the sea, or head further back into the camp site for a more peaceful stay.

If you are renting a mobile homes come with hot water showers, clean and sanitary facilities, and some even have fews of the most beautiful beaches on Pag Island. The mobile homes have enough space that your whole family will be comfortable. 

The camp straško is HUGE. You will want a bike or some other transport to see everything. But no worries as you can rent whatever you need from the camp! They also have free parking on site for one vehicle.

If you are coming to Pag with kids, this a great vacation spot for all the amenities. They have a kids room, playground parkr, outdoor pool, mini zoo, and even an indoor playground for younger children. 

The campsite has a the Straško market and restaurant with take aways like pizza, mediterranean cuisine, and even a bakery selling freshly baked breads and borek. Strasko market stocks everything you need if you want cook your own meals. But they are a bit more expensive than the local grocery stores. 

For more info and to check out your dates at Camp Straško: Booking.com

a campsite at one of the best camping novalja places.

Aminess Avalona | Luxury Pag Novalja Camping

Aminess Avalona offers an amazing Novalja glamping trip with a view of the sea. You will have top-notch amenities including a restaurant, 24-hour front reception. Enjoy the outdoor swimming pool complete with a fully stocked pool bar. There is also fitness room and kids club, catering to all the young guests.

Each mobile home at the campground has air-con, bedrooms, seating area, and fully stocked kitchen. With appliances such as a dishwasher, fridge, and stovetop. A coffee machine and kettle are also provided. Or if you wanted to head out in the morning there is a coffee shop and mini market.

Aminess Avalona is located in an area popular for bike riding. And you can easily rent bikes or cars at the property to explore the island of Pag. Or spend you afternoon relaxing in the campgrounds garden or the nearby by beaches.

Check your dates: Booking.com

Noa Beach Club Glamping Novalja | Camping Novalja Zrce

Nova Beach Club is a campsite located on Zrce beach! And is the best place to stay if you are looking for a Novalja camping party. Rent one of the mobile homes with everything you need include private bathroom, aircon, comfortable beds, and a spacious terrace. They also have new villas if you are coming with a big group of friends. 

They greet you with at reception with a big smile and a glass of Champagne to get the camp party started.

At Noa Glamping Resort have a nice outdoor gym, and entertainment around every corner. There is a private pool that is cleaned every day in the summer!

Be aware that you can hear the music from Zrce Beach all night long, so if you come be ready for an adventure and party at one of the best places for Novalja glamping! 

Show Prices for a stay at Camp Nova Beach Club: Booking.com

a girl in a purple bikini dancing away at a party camp in novalja on Zcre beach

Camping Šimuni Village | Pag Camping 

At camping Simuni Village you will be on one at the prettiest places located on Pag with everything you need for a perfect vacation. They an onsite restaurant, grocery store, and beach bars with free sunbeams and umbrellas! The prices are fair and with a wide menu available so everyone in the family will be happy. 

Book a massage on Salt Beach, or get your nails done inside the spa! Every day of the week they have activities planned to keep the kids entertained. Plus, a kids club, playground, and mini disco just for kids!As for the big kids, (adults) they have plenty to keep you happy as well. Including kayaking, wind surfing, paddle boar rents, and even a boat rental/tour.

Keep in mind that the Simuni Camping Village is full of hills so it might not be best for smaller kids or people with mobility issues.

Check rates here for check in: Booking.com

nighttime camping with a fire going in front of the mountains in novalja

Olea Camping Village | Beach Front Camp Accommodation 

Olea is a spot for great camping in Novalja for those who prefer a more calm atmosphere. It is big and easily accessible pitches shaded by beautiful and old olive trees. You can take your pick between the two small beaches. One has a bar and is dog-friendly, and the other is sandy and good for kids.

Olea Camp is super clean and the staff is extra kind. Be sure to enjoy the sunset at one of the best restaurants on Pag Island with a view, Bravarica. 

Try and grab a “pitch” near the sea. If you grab one in the back it might be a bit too far and uphill from the beach and toilets. But it is much more peaceful towards the back. But no matter what Olea camping Novalja spot you pick, you will have amazing views of the sea.

There is a shuttle bus that runs 5 times a day for 5 euros per trip to Novalja in the next larger city right from the camp grounds!

Check out your dates at the Ole camping Novalja: Camp Olea

Autocamp Dražica Camping Dražica | Peaceful Campsite

Drazica is a very nice place for Novalja camping, in the beautiful olive groves! At Camping Dražica Novalja Kroatien there are only about 20 spots total, so its nice and quiet and a bit in the wilderness outside the town of Pag. It is a great place to stay if you are looking for the best hikes on Pag Island too! 

For amenities here, you get a nice clean bathroom facilities, you can rent active sports like SUP kayaks and kayak at the camp for entertainment. And is a great place to snorkel at the beautiful beaches.

Expect clean toilets, electricity plug ins , a small bay beach, restaurant and bar nearby. Plus, free drinking water! If you are looking for camping Novalja with a camper, this is one of the best spots! 

Camping Kanic Pag Camping | Dog Friendly Camp 

It doesn’t get much better for novalja pag camping than at Kanic Pag Camping. Here you have a daily bakery with fresh bread, a fish market twice a week, washing machines, and best of all a nice private bay with crystal clear sea water and soft white sand. The sanitary facilities are brand new, clean and work perfectly. 

They are also dog friendly and then even have a location if you want to bbq the night away. When reserving your pitch be sure to ask for a view of the water so you can watch the amazing sunsets from your tent! This is one of the best camping kanic novalja kroatien sites on Island Pag! 

a crystal clear blue sea with olive groves in the back. this is one of the best places for camping novalja

Camp Odmoree | Sea Side Camp Beautiful Beaches 

This is a sweet little gem of a campsite. You can bring your own tent, camper van, or rent one of the mobile homes. Its up to you! And, all Beautiful shady pitches have an ocean view.  Wake up every day and take a stroll along the beach it is just 10 seconds by foot.

There is also a wonderful pool and bar area. The owners are really friendly and helpful. Great location for exploring all the best things to do in Zadar city and and the local islands. Especially if you have your own transport.

Open through November for offseason novalja croatia camping. Check your dates: Booking.com 

a beautiful sunset spot with people SUP paddle boarding and their tent all set up on their pitch

Camping Sugar Kamp Novalja | For Croatia Nature Lovers 

Next up for Pag Novalja Camping is Camp Sugar. As yes, this campsite is just as sweet as its name. You won’t get all the bells and whistles as you will at some of the bigger sites like camp Straško, but this is the perfect place to pitch a tent for nature lovers. You will be right outside of the town of Novalja, but not too close so you can perfectly savor what nature has to offer.

There is plenty of shade along the olive groves, beatuiful surrounding, a big place for your tent, clean toilets and showers, the beach is only a 2 minute walk away. They offer clean sanitary facilities, hot water for showers, washing up stations, and toilets.

One of the biggest take aways from staying is that the owners are very friendly to their guests and will help in any way than can. They are also dog friendly and 

Check your dates for Camping in Novalja: Booking.com 

a beautiful view of the novalja coast from the sky

Auto Camp Škovdara Camping | Simple Amenities 

Very cheap prices and low key vibe is what you get at Škovadar. There is no electricity here, just a camp site with a sea view from every pitch . 

You can recharge your things at reception during the day, but at night you are left with just the stars and moon light. Most people do car camping here, but you are always welcome to pitch a tent for an added adventure. 

For things to do in Pag you will be very close to the Olive Gardens of Lun and a short walk to the beach across the square. And they also offer scooter and boat rental, and you can order bread for in the morning, from the shop in Jakišnica (4 km north) it is open all year. 

If you like a simple camp that is naturally beautiful this is the place to be for a great vacation. Camp spots like this were made for those who want to enjoy the most beautiful sunset on the island to the fullest and who would like to spend the night without lights and partying, but instead with a dreamy stary sky. 

two people sitting down on the dock with their bikes watching the sunset in novalja

Lonely Island Retreat | Camping in Mobile Homes

The Lonely Island Retreat is a campsite located in Novalja, Croatia located just a stones throw from Zrće Beach. But far enough way that you won’t hear the music festivals in the summer.

Relax in your cabin with garden views, free WiFi, and free private parking. Each unit at the campsite features a private terrace, providing a perfect spot to unwind and take in the scenic surroundings. The campsite is also relatively close to Caska Beach too!


Is Camp Straško Novalja a Great Place To Stay?

Yes! Camp straško is a great place to stay for Novalja camping. It is one of highest rated places for camping in Novalja, Croatia.

a camper van in front of a pitch at a camping novalja site

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