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Beaches on Pag Island that you Don’t Want to Miss

One of the best beaches on Pag Island

There are so many beaches on Pag Island that it would be hard to try and see them all in one day. Maybe if you stayed in Novalja or Pag Croatia town for a few weeks you would be able to see them all. We were lucky enough to spend 3 months in Croatia, so we got to see the best beaches on Pag over time.

How did we spend 3 months in Croatia? Well, because we are American, we can be in the Schengen zone for 90 days, and although Croatia is in the EU, they are not within the Schengen zone. So after our trip to Portugal, we drove to Croatia for the next adventure. We spent most of our time in Novalja, and it was one of our favorite places we have been.

Top 10 Best Beaches on Pag Island that you Don’t Want to Miss

Where is the island of Pag?

The Island of Pag is located along the Dalmatia coast in Croatia in the northern Adriatic Sea, which is known for its beautiful clear waters and amazing blue flag beaches. The island of Pag is easy to get to by car, and if you are flying the closest airport would be Zadar. From Novalja to Zadar takes about an hour in the car and is about 45 km away.

Babe Beach On Pag Island

The Babe Beach is one of the nicest beaches on Pag Island, Croatia. Here you will find crystal clear water that stretches on for miles. Babe beach is known to be the warmest and has the shallowest water on the island. This makes this one of the best beaches on Pag for kids. There are at least two restaurants on the beach where you can order snacks and cold drinks.

babe Beach, a dog friendly beach in Novalja

There is plenty of parking at Babe Beach, but if you are staying in Novalja you could walk here. If you want to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in Novalja, here is the address to Babe Beach.

Zrce Beach Or the Party Beach in Novalja

Zrce beach is the most popular out of all the beaches on Pag Island. This is where you will find the best DJs, and it is why Pag is known as a party island. Zrce Beach is a big pebbly beach that has some of the clearest waters I have ever seen. There is plenty of places to eat, and drink, and is one of the best places to visit in Novalja.

Zrce beach can fit thousands of beachgoers during the peak season and is easy to get to. If you want to drive there you will find a large parking lot or try taking public transportation so you can enjoy a few drinks and listen to the music. If you want to stay right on Zrce, NOA beach club has amazing rentals you can book.

Blue flag beach in Croatia

Signs are pointing you to Zrce Beach so you will not miss it, but just in case you want to be prepared here is the address to Zrce Beach, Novalja.

Caska Beach On Pag Island

Caska beach is one of the local’s favorite places to go out of all the beaches on Pag Island. Here you will find sandy shores, clear water, and amazing history. Caska Beach in Novalja was once home to a Roman city until the 4th century when they think an earthquake destroyed it. It has a wonderful sandy beach where you can lay out and the water does not get too deep.

Caska Beach on Pag Island

This is one of the most popular beaches on Pag for families. You can drive right up to where you want to spend your day. The address to Caska Beach in Novalja is right here.

Jarda Beach

Jarda Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on Pag Island, not only for the color of the water and the unique rocky landscape that leads up to it but for the views of Velebit Mountain and the Island of Rab as well.

This beach was one of our favorite things to do on Pag Island because it offers so much. One of the best things about this beach is that you can fish here because the waters open up quickly and it becomes very deep.

The beautiful coast of pag island with the Velebit Mountain range

To get to this beach you will need to go to Stara Novalja, Croatia. There is plenty of parking, but I do not remember seeing any bathrooms. The address to Jarda Beach is right here.

Planjka Beach

Out of all the beaches on Pag Island, Planjka may be the best one to take your children to. This is because on Planjka you will find a sandy shore where you can swim in the shallow waters. Plus there are plenty of restaurants and snack bars to choose from.

Back in 2004, they became a part of beaches on Pag that have blue flag status. Another amazing fact about Planjka beach is that they have won numerous awards. Including the best-kept beach and the most beautiful on the Adaraic coast. So you just know that this is a special place to visit on Pag Island.

There should be no problem locating Planjka Beach, but just in case you the address here it is.

Strasko Beach

Strasko Beach is located on a wonderful Novalja camping site called Camp Strasko. It is one of the beaches on Pag island that is located in the south. Visiting Strasko may be hard if you are not staying at the camp. But during the off-season, I think you can go whenever you would like.

Check out the Strasko website, it may be a great place for you to say while visiting Pag Island. There is a beautiful forest that leads up the beach offering shade and comfort.

Strasko Beach on Pag island

To get to Strasko Beach follow the directions here. The campsite also has pools, restaurants, bars, playgrounds, and so much more.

Mata Beach

Mata beach is one of the best-hidden beaches in Novalja. To get to Mata you must first drive through the Olive Gardens of Lun. So visiting this beach you get a two-for-one experience because you should check out these olive groves.

We saw dolphins swimming out in the waters when we went here for sunrise. Mata Beach is one of the best beaches in Novalja for fishing because there is an excellent concrete pier right on the water. Do not miss this beautiful beach on Pag Island, it is fun for the whole family.

I do not think that Mata Beach is a very popular place to go, it is at the tip of the island. But it is so beautiful if you do get a chance to go while you are visiting the Olive Gardens of Lun. To get there here is the address to Mata Beach.

Fishing on pag island

Beriknica Beach

This is one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Croatia. There are no restaurants, bars, or shops nearby here it is simply just a beach. Which is sometimes what you need the most while on vacation. It has been known to help restore your body’s natural energy.

To get here you will need to take a short 20-minute walk through the hike called Life on Mars Trail, but the locals just call it the canyon. The most notable thing about this beach is that there are rock formations in the shallowest part of the water.

Go check out one of the best beaches in Pag Island and all of Croatia, I bet you feel better after you do. Do not forget you may be walking for about 20 minutes, so wear the right type of shoes and bring extra water. You can find the address to Beriknica Beach right here.

Lokunje Beach

This popular beach made this list of the best beaches in Pag Island because it is the beach in the town square of Novalja. While on your vacation to Pag you are sure to either stay in Novalja or at least go for a visit you will see this beach. The waters are clear and shallow making it a great beach for families. Here you will find umbrellas, restaurants on the water, and places where you can rent water toys. There are also many hotels in Novalja that are within walking distance of this beautiful beach on Pag Island.

Beautiful beach in Croatia

Just in case you need it, here is the address to Lokunje Beach but you should be able to find it pretty easily.

Ručica Beach

To get to Rucica beach you will first need to take a small little hike through the area that is called the Canyon. It is only 1 km or 0.5 miles from Metajna and is easily reached by car or boat. We were lucky enough to visit Rucica Beach during the early spring so the beaches on Pag were not as crowded as they normally are in the summer months.

There is no shade on this beach, so make sure you pack and plan accordingly. There is a beach bar for drinks and food, and the town of Metajna is very close if you needed or wanted to do any shopping.

To get to Rucica Beach, Pag you can follow the route until you get here. Like I said earlier, there is a small walk to reach the beach but it is so worth it.

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