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33 Restaurants in Zadar Amazingly Delicious (Recommended) 2023

abbey from trips on abbey road holding up a huge pizza the size of her head at one of the best restaurants in zadar Croatia old town

Are you looking for the best restaurants in Zadar? Well, you have come to the right place because I am a traveling foodie, and love to eat pretty much anything! I also spend a good amount of time living in Zadar, so I can give you some insights into Zadar restaurants. Get ready to enjoy local wines, fresh fish, and amazing mouthwatering dishes! Eating is one of my favorite things to do in Zadar!

There are so many Zadar old town restaurants, but sometimes you need to venture out just a bit further to enjoy the best food in Zadar. Use this list as a guide and you will have an amazing time enjoying some of the best restaurants in Zadar. I’ve included directions to each place as well. Zadar nightlife is also amazing!

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a beautiful view of Zadar from above there are plenty of restaurants in here

What Time Do Croatians Eat Dinner? 

Many of the best restaurants in Zadar city centre stay open late. But the typical time for a Croatian dinner is around 8 or 9 pm. Most of these restaurants stay open until about midnight during the busy season. Sometimes I like to eat an early dinner in Zadar and then go out for tapas or shareable plates with my friends! Read more about it on my Croatia travel blogs.

Zadar Restaurant Prices

The prices for restaurants in Zadar differ. You can find a wonderful restaurant with good food for cheap, or try one of the fine dining restaurants in Zadar if you are looking for a special night out. For an average price expect to pay 10-20 euro per person for the entire meal.

This doesn’t include drinks, and the local wines are going to be cheaper than the international ones. Always ask for a wine list, and see the prices for yourself. Also, expect to pay more for the restaurants in Zadar city centre. 

Explore and discover the best restaurants in the Zadar archipelago

Harbor Cookhouse and Club | Dine with a sunset view in Harbor 

Harbor Cookhouse and Club in Zadar is a popular restaurant by the water that everyone loves. They have a lot of different foods, but their seafood is the most famous. Try the grilled fish, seafood risotto, octopus salad, and seafood pasta. They also have meat dishes and a food menu for vegetarians.

They have a great view of the water and the old town of Zadar. You can sit and eat while looking at the pretty scenery. The atmosphere is fun and lively, and the restaurant looks cool and modern. It’s a good place to go with friends or family to have a nice meal.

A lot of people like going there, so it’s a good idea to make a reservation, especially during busy times. They are open all day, from breakfast until late at night, so you can find a time that works for you.

Address to the Harbor Cookhouse & Club in Zadar

the view from one of the best restaurants in Zadar harbor with pretty Croatian boats and palm trees

The Taste Zadar | Best Meat Dishes in Zadar

The Taste Zadar is highly acclaimed. This establishment has garnered positive reviews for its exceptional dining experience and delectable cuisine. for its amazing food and impeccable service.

Visitors to The Taste Zadar can indulge in a diverse menu that features an array of mouthwatering dishes. Some notable highlights are the home-grown Zadar truffles tagliatelle, Bavette with lobster, shrimp sauce ravioli, and homemade gnocchi in chicken and champignon mushroom sauce.

These expertly crafted dishes showcase the restaurant’s commitment to delivering a memorable culinary journey.

With its inviting ambiance and attentive staff, The Taste Zadar offers a delightful atmosphere for diners to enjoy their meal.

Address to The Taste Zadar.

Atrij Zadar | Best Seafood Zadar

The Atrij Zadar is highly Renowned for its Mediterranean cuisine and impeccable service. This is definitely one of the best restaurants in Zadar Croatia. 

When it comes to favorite dishes at Atrij, one that consistently receives the most hype is their grilled squid. It is cooked tender and smoky and this dish is always so fresh. Pair it with a medley of grilled vegetables, and you are in for a real treat. 

Another beloved dish is their Dalmatian Peka. This is a traditional Croatian specialty with succulent pieces of meat that are cooked in a slow food style. You can pick from lamb or veal, potatoes, herbs, and olive oil in a traditional bell-shaped dish. The result is a melt-in-your-mouth meal that captures the true heart of Dalmatian cuisine.

For those seafood lovers, the black risotto with cuttlefish is a must-try. It turns black because it is made with ink from the cuttlefish. This dish has an interesting appearance and a very savory flavor that beautifully combines with the tender Arborio rice.

And to satisfy a sweet tooth that we all have you have to try the homemade fig cake. It is the most popular choice for restaurants in Zadar. Here they make it with local figs and add a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Are you drooling yet? 

Fish restaurant Zadar, the Atrij address.

a beautiful plate of black risotto with seafood and truffles on top with truffles.

The Botanist | Zadar Vegan Restaurant

The Botanist is the best vegan restaurant in Zadar Croatia. There is a great atmosphere, delicious food, and great staff, This place has everything to offer you an unforgettable experience. Even if you aren’t a vegan, you will love this raw food restaurant. Everything is carefully crafted, and the wait staff will help you with any questions you may have. 

Try the vegan filet mignon, or the vegan feta burger with aioli on homemade bread that comes with fresh potato wedges! Oh my gosh wow! I will have to say though, that The Botanist is a bit more expensive than the other simple restaurants in Zadar, but the food is very high quality, and worth the extra money. 

If you can plan your day around it, you have to come to enjoy this beachfront view at sunset! I did it and enjoyed a wonderful Aperol spritz! They do have a great wine list and other fun cocktails, as well! 

Find The Botanist here!

a yummy bowl of vegan fish at one of the restaurants in Zadar Croatia.

Trattoria Mediterraneo Zadar | Mediterranean Cuisine 

Trattoria Mediterraneo is one of the best places to eat in Zadar if you are a bread and Mediterranean cuisine lover like me! The bread is amazingly fresh as they cook it right after you order it. The inside is small but cozy, and makes you feel like you are eating at home in a relaxed atmosphere.

For dinner get the mussels to start and the cuttlefish stew for main if you are craving seafood. They also have quailty pizzas, seafood pasta dishes, beef cheek, rissoto, and of course truffles. All the dinners are big portions and you get the best service from the nice wait staff. I tried “ice cream” for dessert and it was very light tasting and sweet. 

Find one of the best restaurants in Zadar, The Trattoria Mediterraneo here

Mediterranean Cuisine with bread, pasta, red onions, a salad, and pasta

L’osteria 12 Zadar | Best Restaurants in Zadar Old Town

L’Osteria 12 is one of the most highly recommended restaurants in Zadar old town. The menu here has a variety of dishes for all different tastes. Some top choices include their flavorful pasta dishes seafood options, wine list, and delish desserts. 

The food here is always cooked perfectly. A few other dishes are the tuna steak, beef carpaccio, mussels with a tomato base, and game pate bruschetta with truffle oil! 

The restaurant’s location on Ul. Špire Brusine 12 in Zadarand the little outside courtyard adds to its romantic atmosphere, and the attentive, friendly service provided by the wait staff makes it one of the very best restaurants in Zadar old town! Find the address here!

Konoba Rafaelo | Local Wines

The menu at Konoba Rafaelo offers a variety of traditional Croatian dishes, including fresh seafood, grilled meats, and flavorful vegetarian options. Some standout dishes include the mixed salad with goat cheese and prosciutto, as well as barbecue plate specialties.

They have very reasonable prices and you get generous portions. Try the meat platters that can easily serve two people and they always come with french fries, ajvar, and satued onions. If that’s not your jam, the Chicken in a mushroom sauce is also blissful. 

Grab a seat outside on the shaded patio, and order the house wine. It is of excellent quality and a very good price!

Located at Obala kneza Trpimira 50, Konoba Rafaelo offers a picturesque setting by the sea, allowing diners to enjoy their meal in a charming ambiance. Like most restaurants in Zadar, they stay open until Midnight! Try to make a reservation, if you want to eat at a reasonable time. Find the address here!

a table full of food outside on a terrace with fresh ingredients

Corte Restaurant Zadar | Excellent Breakfast

Corte is another one of the excellent restaurants in Zadar and is known to have an amazing breakfast spread. They have both a buffet and a special menu you could order off of. If you are a vaca breakfast drinker, no shame we all need some champagne sometimes, they have fancy and very tasty options. 

The scrambled eggs are always made super well with great extras. Or get fancy and order the eggs royale, eggs benedict, or the croque madams. They also have a variety of bread and croissants to try during breakfast. 

But that’s not all, they also have a dinner and lunch menu, that are just as good! The restaurant is inside the Almayer Art & Heritage Hotel. You can sit outside on the great little patio and enjoy your coffee with the sounds of birds chirping in the background. 

Crote Restaurant address in Zadar.

a beautiful fine dining restaurant in Zadar known for good breakfast. the plate has eggs, tomatoes, and bread.

Restaurant Foša | Zadar Restaurants Old Town & City Walls 

This is one of the best fine dining restaurants in Zadar. This is a perfect place to celebrate an anniversary, a special night out, or simply enjoy your life. Foša is known as a seafood destination nestled in the picturesque harbor of Foša. 

Situated near the city walls, they offer guests a combination of history and gastronomy. The menu features an array of age-old Mediterranean dishes. From freshly caught Adriatic fish to classic Dalmatian specialties. With an emphasis on seafood dishes. You can always expect freshly caught tuna and shellfish prepared perfectly. Be sure to check out the extensive wine list! 

Additionally, the tasting menu of 5 courses will have mouthwatering meat options, vegetarian dishes, and desserts! What makes them stand out as one of the best restaurants in Zadar is the unique flavor profile of the dishes. 

You will love the elegant setting and relaxed atmosphere as Fose is housed in an old renovated stone building. Enjoy your meal either indoors or out on the terrace, soaking in the beautiful surroundings and sounds of the Foša harbor.

You can come late, and enjoy the night breeze. You won’t find loud music or bands here, just elegant fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere, and the food will blow your taste buds out of the water.  Find the address for Fosa in Zadar!

the outside patio at one of the fine dining restaurants in zadar. there are beautiful purple flowers and small tables for a lovely meal

Gricko Grill | Homemade Good Food

Gricko is situated in the city centre of Zadar, on the bank of the river Adriatic, They have a beautiful view with a charming and relaxed atmosphere. They are known for their homemade and grilled cuisine. 

My favorite part of eating at Grick was the homemade pita bread! But I’m a sucker for bread. They also do the grilled vegetables, little bistro ćevapi (spiced meat dishes) burgers, fries, and the Kobascia, (Croatian sausages) amazling well. 

I sat in the outdoor garden, filled with trees, plants, and flowers, and felt very relaxed. Be sure to check them out if you want a home-cooked meal at one of the restaurants in Zadar, you can thank me later! 

homemade monk fish with scallops

Lungo Mare | Zadar Restaurants with a View 

Lungo Mare is one of the best seafood restaurants in Zadar. The menu has Mediterranean dishes, with a strong focus on seafood and fish. Savor the flavors of fresh seafood as they are prepared with care and local expertise. They also offer vegetarian options. 

Some of the top meals to have here are the angler fish, pork fillet, black risotto, house fish plate, and chocolate cake! 

The best seat in the house is out on the picturesque terrace overlooking Maestral Bay. And make a reservation for the stunning sunset. You will love the cozy interior too if you can’t get a seat out back. 

Find one of the best restaurants in Zadar here- 23 Obala kneza Trpimira

the view of one of the restuarnts in the old town at the sea. you can see the water from the tables and it looks incredible.

Pet Bunara Zadar | Best Restaurants in Zadar 

Pet Bunara is always highly-rated for its delicious food, excellent local wines, and warm and friendly staff. You don’t have to look hard, as they are one of the best restaurants in Zadar old town. 

Pet Bunara specializes in slow food here, which means they cook it slow with warm wood and use ingredients straight from the garden to the kitchen. Just like momma used to do. Jk my momma never did that. 

For startes try sour sardines, fresh calamari, not fried, fish soup or pork fillet. For your main meal try to pick from the ravioli, the gnocchi with beef, napoleon desire, wild asparagus with poached egg, leg of lamb, turkey, or sea bass! It will be a hard choice. You may have to visit Pet Burana more than once on while visiting Zadar. 

And Pet Bunara does dessert just as well! The two favorites are the pistachio lava cake and Fig cake. 

For those who appreciate good wine, Pet Bunara has an extensive wine list to pair with your meal. They even have an in-house sommelier who can help recommend the best blend. The combination of delicious food and great wine the perfect night out in Zadar. 

Address for Restaurant Pet Bunara Square, – 1 Stratico Ulica

friends saying cheers at a very popular spot in zadar, pet bunara . they have steaks and red wine

Restaurant Bruschetta, Zadar Old City | Best Pizza Zadar 

Restaurant Bruschetta serves fresh Mediterranean dishes and the very best pizza in Zadar I think at least. Tell me if I’m wrong! But restaurant bruschetta has more than just that! They have a tradition rooted in passion and lifestyle they aim to take you on a culinary journey of Croatia! And you are in for a treat.

The menu at Restaurant Bruschetta showcases a mix of Mediterranean and Dalmatian dishes. Traditional bruschetta, black risotto, ravioli, and tuna tartar are the most popular dishes. 

If that’s not enough to bring you in, they also have a large selection of local beer! We all Croatians love their wine, but the beer is just as good. They are one of the more popular restaurants in Zadar old town, so be sure to make a reservation. Either call before, or pop down and book a table when you get to Zadar. 

Address to Restaurant Bruschetta. 

carter eating a large slice of pizza in the middle of zadar. he is smiling big and looks very handsome.

Konoba Zadar | Seafood in Zadar

Specializing in Dalmatian cuisine, Konoba Zadar offers a menu that showcases the flavors and culinary traditions of the region fresh seafood dishes, including grilled fish and seafood platters. 

The restaurant also offers a variety of meat dishes, such as succulent grilled meats and traditional Dalmatian stews. Yum! 

The restaurant’s cozy and inviting atmosphere adds to the overall dining experience. With its rustic decor and friendly staff, Konoba Zadar provides a welcoming environment for guests to enjoy their meals.

It is best to make a reservation in advance to ensure you get a table! 

Bistro Gourmet Kalelarga | Closed 

Bistro Gourmet Kalelarge restaurant in Zadar is permanently closed :(. 

Mamma Mia | Italian Restaurant Zadar

If you didn’t already guess Mamma Mia, is one of the best restaurants in Zadar known for their authentic Italian! This restaurant offers delicious dishes like mouthwatering pizzas, freshly made pasta dishes, and a variety of seafood and meat options. It doesn’t matter what you order, all the dishes burst with flavor. 

The best fish to order is salmon in dill sauce, I am a sucker for anything will dill sauce. The octopus and truffle gnocchi and steaks are also note-worthy. Mamma Mai is very family-friendly, and they even have some toys to keep them entertained and many kids’ chairs. 

Address to Mamma Mia

a personal sized pizza in zadar with cheese and herbs on top

The Garden Lounge | Raw Food Restaurant

Nestled in between the ancient city walls of the Zadar peninsula is the Garden Lounge. This is a chic and vibrant destination that offers a truly unique experience. This trendy lounge has a large array of seating from tables and chairs to sofas, raised bar stools, and even comfy mattresses to soak in the sun. 

When the sun sets the Garden Lounge always has resident and guest DJs playing. Adding an extra layer of fun to your night. It’s a great place to unwind after checking out all the amazing things to do in Zadar.

The Garden Lounges terrace is full of twinkling string lights, and plenty of greenery. It oozes a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail with your flavorful meal, or take a look at the wine list.

The menu is mostly Mediterranean cuisine, including fresh seafood, and grilled meats, with some vegetarian options, all prepared with love. They are also known as a raw food restaurant. You can order spring rolls, banana crepes, and healthy options like kale chips. Seriously, if you are looking for a fun time, day or night, this is one of the best restaurants in Zadar! 

Find the address to The Garden Lounge here!

a comfy chairs and tables overlooking the sunset

Art Kavana | Art Cafe 

Art Kavana is a hub that seamlessly blends art and music in a super cosy atmosphere. This unique restaurant in Zadar combines the local creative scene with an amazing culinary experience.

Art Kavana has an eclectic food menu featuring a mix of fresh Mediterranean and international flavors. They have everything from freshly brewed Croatian coffee and pastries to light bites and even succulent meats. The focus here is on both the quality of the food but also on the visual presentation to excite the eyes.

Beyond its culinary offerings, Art Kavana sets itself apart with its commitment to supporting local artists and musicians. They regularly host art exhibitions, and live performances, and have open mic nights.

The cosy atmosphere encourages you to relax, socialize, or simply enjoy some quiet time. The outdoor seating area is particularly charming, allowing you to soak in the sunshine while still enjoying the bustling energy of Zadar.

Find the address to Art Kavana.

a plate of grilled squid with potatoes and fresh veggies

Restaurant 4 Kantuna | Delicious food 

Restaurant 4 Kantuna offers a delightful culinary experience that combines traditional and modern amazing food. This charming eatery is inspired by the rich history of the Zadar. And serves a fusion of flavors in a great atmosphere. The focus at Kantuna is on using fresh and high-quality ingredients to create delicious dishes.

The menu at Restaurant 4 Kantuna may not be big, but it has everything you need. From fuzi with truffles and BBQ ribs to vegan dishes with quinoa burgers and hummus, there really is something for everyone.

The ambiance of Restaurant 4 Kantuna is cozy and inviting, with a unique interior made up of several smaller units. It’s one of the best restaurants in Zadar for a romantic dinner or a casual night out with friends.

Restaurant Kaštel | Michelin Star Fine Dining 

Nestled in the city centre of Zadar, Croatia, Restaurant Kaštel calls all food enthusiasts with its great food and stunning views. This gastronomic haven offers a memorable dining experience that combines romances with traditional flavors with a splash of modern-day creativity. The food here is so beautiful that it is conserved fine dining, but it has a very relaxed vibe. 

For seafood lovers, they have the most succulent seafood! Order the Adriatic house fish plate, it comes with three different types of fish! Or the tuna tartare is always perfectly done, the risotto is sweet and explosive, and the shrimp salad is amazing. They don’t skimp on portions either! 

If you aren’t into seafood or want to mix it up they also have amazing lamb chops and steak. Finish it off with the sweet sweet desserts. My favorite was figs in sweet wine and peach and cheesecake. Pair it with one of the cocktails made with herbs from the garden, or try a few of the local wines.

The true highlight of Restaurant Kaštel lies in its breathtaking location within the ruins of the city walls. You will be perched atop a hill overlooking the old city and the Adriatic Sea. Whether you choose to grab a table indoors or on the outside terrace, it’s hard to say what’s better, the good food, or the amazing views.

Find the address to Kastel Restaurant.

a fine dining meal in side of seashells at one of the best restaurants in Zadar

Restaurant Niko | Fresh Fish

Situated in the picturesque city of Zadar, Croatia, Niko is a culinary gem that delights visitors with its delectable offerings.

The menu features Mediterranean cuisine, making it a haven for food lovers seeking truly authentic flavors. The perfectly cooked octopus and first-class fish specialties are particularly perfect. Whether you’re a seafood lover or prefer other Mediterranean favs, like fresh pasta.

The pleasant and relaxed atmosphere adds to its charm, creating an ideal setting for enjoying a memorable meal on vacation. With its coastal location and stunning views, you can really savor the dishes at one of the best Zadar restaurants with a view. 

Address to Niko. 

Restaurant Groppo | Best Seafood Restaurants in Zadar

Situated in the beautiful city of Zadar, Croatia, Groppo offers a delightful dining experience that combines Mediterranean flavors with a picturesque setting. The menu at Restaurant Groppo showcases a range of Mediterranean dishes prepared with care and attention to detail. 

From fresh fish and seafood to delicacies and delectable meat options. The restaurant’s splendid terrace provides an inviting space to enjoy your meal while taking in the charming surroundings of Restaurant Groppo.

They make it easy for you with a daily menu. Most of the time it includes a soup, fish of the day, and a glass of their affordable white wine. But you can also order anything off the menu. Some of the favorites include pasta, gnocchi, bruschetta, tuna, and mussels! 

Inside is full of neutral light brown tones and sleek furnishings, or you can grab a seat outside to take in the sights or, my favorite, people watch. 

Located in the heart of Zadar, right next to next to the Sf. Anastasia Cathedral and the Sf. Donatus church, Restaurant Groppo is in a central location. 

Restaurant Groppo Address.

a big bowl of seafoods from shell fish to mussels to clams!

Restaurant Kornat | Best Lunch in Zadar

Next up for restaurants in Zadar is Kornat! This lovely place is the perfect place for a leisurely lunch or a delish meal. It is situated near the Zadar waterfront and has amazing views of the sea, creating a serene and relaxing meal.

Although this is a great lunch spot, I almost love it even more at sunset! For hearty meals, try either the homemade lobster tagliatelle or the tagliatelle with mushrooms. For our veggie friends, the restaurant also caters to vegetarian and vegan preferences. 

Some of the most ordered meals are the truffle risotto, crispy shrimp tempura, and julienne vegetables with ginger! They also have locally sourced meat dishes to pick from. For a lighter plate, the tuna is caught and cooked on the same day. You cannot go wrong every item on the menu is fresh and delicious. 

You are going to love dining here, it is one of my favorite restaurants in Zadar. Restaurant Kornat address.

a fresh plate of tune with seeds all along the side with a bit of lettuce. you can get this one of the best restaurants in zadar

Proto Food | Zadar Restaurants Seafood

Proto Food is in a prime location near the city’s historic center! This charming establishment offers a unique dining experience with its focus on traditional Dalmatian cuisine. The menu features a variety of seafood dishes, including freshly caught fish and shellfish, as well as delicious meat options.

You will love the perfectly cooked steak, I ordered it medium and it was juicy, tender, and bursting with flavor. I also tried the tuna steak and it was the best I’ve ever had. Other local dishes are the flavorful, juicy chicken, beef steaks, and gnocchi.

In addition to its yummy food, Proto Food is nicely decorated and known as a welcoming place. It has a rustic interior that adds to the overall charm. You are going to love dining here, it is one of the best places to eat Zadar! 

Find Proto Food & More here.

two tuna steaks cooked to perfection with truffles on top

Bistro Gourmet Kalelarga | City Centre 

Nestled in the heart of Zadar’s historic Kalelarga Street, Bistro Gourmet Kalelarga is a culinary haven that offers a delightful experience for food enthusiasts.

At Bistro Gourmet Kalelarga, guests can indulge in a menu that combines international flavors with local ingredients, creating a unique fusion of tastes. From carefully crafted seafood dishes to delectable meat options and vegetarian delights.

The charming and cozy atmosphere of the bistro, along with its friendly and attentive service, adds to the overall dining experience. Whether you choose to dine indoors or enjoy the bustling ambiance of the outdoor seating area, you’ll be immersed in the vibrant energy of Kalelarga Street.

Restaurant 2Ribara | Fresh Fish Restaurant in Zadar 

Located in the heart of Zadar, Croatia, 2Ribara is a renowned dining destination that offers a delightful culinary experience. 

At Restaurant 2Ribara, guests can indulge in a menu that showcases a combination of Italian and Croatian flavors. From fresh seafood dishes to delectable meat and pasta courses. 

For the fish, the seabass is always very popular, and they also the tuna. But the very best thing, I think, is the truffle sauce ravioli with shrimp. My mouth is watering just thinking about it again. For dessert try the Italian tiramisu it is light and delicious! 

They have a dedicated gluten-free menu, which is amazing when you are traveling with a big group! The interior of Restaurant 2Ribarah has a simple design, where you can enjoy a meal with a cozy and inviting vibe. 

Find the address to Restaurant 2Ribarah here! 

two plates of pasta with potatoes and french fries

Maguro Restaurant | Sushi Restaurants in Zadar 

If you’re craving Sushi while in Zadar Maguro is the perfect place for you. It is located in the heart of old town, this Zadar restaurant offers pretty authentic Japanese meals.

Their specialty is sushi and sashimi made from the freshest seafood right out of the Adriatic. The menu features a variety of nigiri, maki rolls, and specialty dishes with all the best techniques of Japan.

The restaurant’s sleek and modern interior creates a stylish but still has an inviting ambiance. Whether you choose to sit at the sushi bar or in one of the cozy booths, you’ll love visiting one of the best restaurants in Zadar for sushi!

Address to Maguro Restaurant

a sushi restaurant in zadar with tuna and fun plates

Ledana Lounge Bar and Club 

Looking for a vibrant nightlife spot in Zadar, Croatia? Ledana Lounge Bar and Club is the place to be. Situated in the heart of the city centre, they have an energetic atmosphere, refreshing cocktails, and top-notch entertainment with resident and guest DJs that keep you dancing all night long.

Ledana Lounge Bar and Club is known for its diverse music selection from EDM to hip-hop. Talented DJs and live performers share the stage. People stay all night long and dance until the early hours of the morning.

The bar offers an extensive menu of cocktails, beers, and local wines to keep you hydrated while enjoying the energetic vibe. They do take credit cards too, which can be quite rare in Croatia.

Address to Ledana Lounga bar.

two girls cheering their drinks together at one of the best restaurants in zadar croatia

Svarog Bar | Craft Beer in Zadar

If you’re a craft beer lover like me, it can be hard to find it in Europe. But look no further because Svarog Bar is worth a visit. This trendy bar offers an impressive selection of craft beers with a cozy terrace where you can relax and enjoy your drink.

Svarog Bar prides itself on showcasing a wide range of local and international craft beers, ensuring that there’s something to suit every palate. From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts and refreshing lagers, beer lovers will find a diverse and ever-changing menu to explore.

The bar’s interior is stylishly designed, with a modern and industrial vibe that adds to the overall ambiance. The outdoor terrace provides a laid-back setting, perfect for enjoying your chosen brew while socializing with friends or mingling with fellow beer enthusiasts. Find the address to Svarog Bar.

Zadar Jadera Traditional Restaurant | Monk Fish 

Up next is Jadera Tradtional Restaurant. This unfussy local spot is the place to go for monk fish and grilled squid. If you have never had grilled squit before, here it comes with a very yummy sauce and they get the texture perfect. I usually prefer fried squid, don’t we all, but here I would recommend the grilled every time! 

Jadera also does the black Rissoto right as well. You really can’t go wrong with anything you order here, and the prices are very reasonable for being in the old city. Ask the waiters for help with the wine list if you need it, they were all very kind.

You can find them in Old Town, right here! 

a plate of monk fish at one of the restaurants in zadar cooked perfectly

Restaurant Malo Misto | Seafood Restaurant Zadar

Up next is the restaurant Mal Misto. This place is a hidden gem and was recommended by a local walking guide. If you are hungry and in the mood to eat something really special the seafood plate for 2 people is a great option, and there is plenty to fill you up. 

For startes the fish soup and asparagus soup are awesome, and the brouchetta was extra crispy. 

For mains, the gnocchi with beefsteak comes with an amazing truffle sauce that seems to melt in your mouth. If you are looking for hearty meats try the tasty lamb or the pork ribs. 

Enjoy your meal inside, or out on the lovely outdoor setting. Restaurant Malo Misto is open for lunch and dinner, and will always welcome you with a smile! I even made a little black cat friend here. Find Malo Mistro.

Eat Me Zadar | Restaurant & Lounge Bar in Old Town 

Family-friendly with plenty of choices for kids. They open early for breakfast, and have delicious iced coffee! For lunch or dinner try ordering one of their mains. The top menu items are steaks, pasta, risotto, burgers, local fish, and pizzas. 

This is a great spot to hit if you are exploring Old City, They are a bit expensive, but it’s because of the area they are in. The food is great, and the service is even better. 

Find Eat Me, Located in the centre of the old town of Zadar, on the corner of Ul. Jurja Dalmatica. You can grab a seat at one of the tables that overlook the old town. 

Find Eat me right here!

a bowl of pasta with chicken chives, and a creamy sauce

Wunderburger | Zadar Restaurants Cheap

If you are looking for zadar food and cheap eats, then Wunderburger is a great spot for you! They do have a bit more on their menu, than just burgers. They have pulled pork, which is only my very favorite type of pork. You can order it on a brioche bun, on loaded french fries, or in a salad. 

They also have curry sauce, making them one of the only Indian restaurants in Zadar, if you could call it that! And of course, we have to talk about their burgers! They have cheeseburgers, a crispy chicken burger, pulled pork, and even a few veggie burgers to try! You have to add a side of fries they are crispy and perfectly done. 

This is one of the best restaurants in Zadar, for cheap eats and your good will come fast! Check them out Wunderburger, here! 

a plate of burgers with fries next to it with ketchup in the back round

What are the best restaurants in Zadar that deliver?

What are the best restaurants in Zadar that deliver? a man delivering a good package to a women in zadar

The Taste – Known for its steakhouse and Mediterranean cuisine.
Burgers & More – Offers American fast food options.
Papica – Known for quick bites and tasty food.

What are the most popular restaurants in Zadar?

abbey from trips on abbey road holding up a huge pizza the size of her head at one of the best restaurants in zadar Croatia old town

The most popular restaurants in Zadar are listed below.
Butler Gourmet & Cocktail Garden – Known for Croatian and seafood dishes.
Al Pacchero – Offers Italian and European cuisine.
The Taste – A popular steakhouse.
La Famiglia – Known for its delicious food.
Karoca Gre – Offers a variety of culinary delights.
Bruschetta, Zadar – Known for its tasty, fresh dishes.
Proto Food & More – Offers a large menu.
Pet Bunara – A local’s favorite.
Stari Most – Known for its traditional cuisine.
Kaštel – Offers a unique dining experience.

Are there vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Zadar?

a vegan bowl of food in zadar

Yes, Zadar offers a variety of vegetarian-friendly restaurants. From trendy cafes to traditional eateries, you’ll find options that cater to vegetarian diets. These establishments serve delicious plant-based dishes using fresh local ingredients. vegan restaurant zadar

Croatian Words to Learn when dining out at restaurants in Zadar

Learning a few Croatian phrases will help your experience and show appreciation for the local culture. Here are some useful phrases to get you started:

  1. Molim vas – Please
  2. Hvala – Thank you
  3. Izvolite – Here you go / You’re welcome
  4. Kako ste? – How are you?
  5. Imate li slobodan stol? – Do you have a free table?
  6. Možete li nam preporučiti nešto? – Can you recommend something to us?
  7. Da li imate jelovnik na engleskom? – Do you have a menu in English?
  8. Što je današnja posebna ponuda? – What is today’s special?
  9. Mogu li dobiti račun, molim vas? – Can I have the bill, please?

Things to Know about Eating at Restaurants in Zadar

When out at one of the restaurants in Zadar, there are a few things that first-time travelers should keep in mind to enhance their culinary experience:

  1. Diverse Cuisine: Croatia, and specifically Zadar, offers a diverse range of cuisine influenced by Mediterranean and Balkan flavors. From fresh seafood to hearty meat options and vegetarian specialties. My favorite dish while there was homemade gnocchi, which is actually Italian.
  2. Local Specialties: Don’t miss the opportunity to try traditional Croatian dishes like Peka (slow-cooked meat and vegetables), Crni Rižot (black risotto with cuttlefish), and Burek (flaky pastry filled with meat or cheese I called this cheese pie). These dishes help showcase the unique flavors of Zadar.
  3. Seafood Lovers: As a coastal city, Zadar is known for its fresh seafood. Try local specialties such as grilled fish, octopus salad, and shrimp prepared in various ways. The freshness and quality of the seafood will leave you craving more.
  4. Regional Wine and Olive Oil: Croatia has a rich award-winning regional wine producing tradition, and Zadar Croatia Restaurants usually have a local wine menu to see. Pair your meals with a glass of Croatian wine or indulge in olive oil tastings, as Croatia is also known for its exceptional olive oil production. Check out the Olive Garden of Lun.
  5. Dining Etiquette: When dining in Croatia, it’s customary to greet the staff upon entering and leaving the restaurant. (Duh) Tipping is appreciated but it’s never mandatory. It’s common to leave a small amount for excellent service. You cannot tip on a credit or debit card in Croatia, so please have cash! 
  6. Credit Cards: Speaking of cash, many of these restaurants in Zadar do not take credit cards. No matter what you have to ask before ordering anything if you only have your card! 

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