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Epic Zadar Nightlife 2023 | Party Like a Local (Recommended)

Abbey Drinking a yummy drink at one of the best spots for Zadar nightlife with a grey hat on and long brown hair

Looking for the best Zadar Nightlife? You are in the right place because I love nothing more than going out and having fun in Zadar. I will give you the low down of all the most popular places with good vibes. It doesn’t matter if you are into private booths or if you like a nice low-key place with local bands, and cheap beer! I’ve done it all and will help you get your groove on!

So, originally I’m from America, but I’ve learned from my time in Croatia, that y’all like to call dance clubs Discos. So get ready to dance your heart out at one of these many amazing places for Zadar Nightlife! Take a look at all of these amazing restaurants in Zadar to get your night started off right.

Also, Pag Island has an amazing nightlife scene. They are known for Zcre Beach, and if you plan to visit Zadar, check out their lineup of international DJs, and enjoy one of the biggest parties on the Dalmatian coast! Let’s Party! YOU NEED CASH AT A LOT OF PLACES IN ZADAR!

Check out the best things to do in Zadar! They are one my favorite cities on the Dalmatian coast!

abbey and her friends enjoying a bamboo beach bar at sunset in zadar!

Ledana Lounge Bar and Club | Best Clubs in Zadar Croatia

This outdoor restaurant and club are inside the beautiful Queen Jelena Madije Park. They host themed parties, have fire shows, live concerts, and a very large lovely lounge. They do take credit cards if you spend a certain amount, but if you are just having a few cocktails be sure to have cash on you. It’s a great atmosphere for families too, as there is a playground in sight for the kids to play on.

There is a great big outdoor seating area, that still feels cozy. Great music is playing. Unlike most places for nightlife in Zadar, The Ledana Lounge closes down at midnight. So you could visit here first, and then head out to a late night club after. This is one of the best places for Zadar Nightlife!

Find the Ledana address here for fantastic Croatia Zadar nightlife!

fun drinks in the middle of old town zadar nightlife

Yachting Bar & Club | Rooftop Sisha Bar

You can visit the Rooftop Yachting Bar any time of the day. They serve coffee in the morning and turn into a bar at night with great live music. The view is magical, especially during sunset, you will be looking over the Borik Marina.

Try a Sisha, or hooka, as I call it, up on the rooftop, up on the open air terrace. They have all types of drinks, local beers, cocktails, and vino. This is a great spot to enjoy nightlife in Zadar with outdoor seating and a really friendly staff.

Find the Rooftop Yachting Bar & Club.

Bamboo Beach Bar | Beachfront Zadar Nightlife

The Bamboo beach bar was my all-time favorite place to watch the sunset in Zadar. I went here at least 5 times during my stay. They have indoor/outdoor seating with a great big patio on the water. You can order coffee, and a few cocktails, and they do serve beer!

This is the type of chill atmosphere of nightlife in Zadar if you are looking to relax with friends, you won’t find loud music or a dance party here. But hey, sometimes all you need is a good cold drink and a view, and Bamboo is perfect for that!

Bamboo Beach Bar Address, This is one of my favorite bars in Zadar!

the beautiful bamboo bar lighthouse you can see from the deck!

Opera Club Zadar | Epic Zadar Nightlife Atmosphere

The Opera Club is always a good time. They have amazing DJs spinning and are where to be if you want to dance the night away. Be aware that most nights there is a cover charge to get in. The drinks are good and strong, and the dance floor is always so much fun.

The Opera is one of the most popular clubs to start your nightlife in Zadar outright, or come late as they stay open until 6 a.m. most days! You can come dressed up fancy, or keep it casual. The lights of the place are electric and add an extra spice to the room. This is one of the most popular nightclubs in Zadar for locals, and travelers looking to party.

Opera Club Zadar is the best atmosphere for nights full of dancing.

pretty girls dancing inside one of the dark nightclubs

Arsenal Zadar | Old Town Live Music

Up next is a different type of nightlife in Zadar. They are not a dance club or bar, they are more of an event space. Housed inside a beautiful old building built during the 16th century, Arsenal hosts play, exhibitions, and food fests, and the annual Zadar wine fest is also held here!

Arenseal is a great place to enjoy live music with local bands on the spacious stage. Come early for dinner, and enjoy the restaurant upstairs. And for drinks check out the cocktail bar near the stage. Sometimes they even have amazing DJs throughout the year.

You can find Arsenal near the old town city walls, be sure to check them for what is happening for Zadar Croatia nightlife during your visit!

Address for Arenel in Zadar!

Rio Bar | Cheap Bars Zadar Old Town

Up next is the Rio Bar, which is one of the best bars in Zadar old town. It is a true hidden gem right in the heart of it all. You will find good vibes, a great selection of music, and drinks for a super reasonable price.

Rio is the best spot for Zadar nightlife and touristy at all, and you really feel welcome. Enjoy the lovely staff who are always kind and helpful. Try the old-fashioned, classic mojito cocktails, or a glass of the best cherry liquor I’ve ever had. No matter what you get there are equally good cocktails and beers!

Find the best nightlife in Zadar, Rio Bar here! And they are dog-friendly!

friends having so much fun cheering their cocktails together.

Get Hyped at Hype Bar | Dance Clubs in Zadar

Hype Bar is the perfect place to go for nightlife in Zadar. It is very affordable and they play a wide range of both English and Balkin music. And some nights they have a DJ spinning. The cocktails are insanely good the staff is very polite and they have nice security guards.

Simply put, for a good atmosphere head to the Hype Bar. They have cheap cocktails and a good dance floor.

Hype Bar Address.

a local dj in Croatia playing dance music on his DJ spinner. this is one of the best spots for zadar nightlife

Podroom Night Club | Dance Pop & Vip Rooms

This is one of the best clubs in Zadar to party until the early hours of the morning. Don’t come early, you will be the only one there! The party starts here around 2 a.m. and can last until the sun comes up around 6 a.m. My American brain still doesn’t understand this one!

The music ranges from pop to hip hop, to traditional Croatian music. All mixed together wonderfully. If you are looking for a VIP room, Podroom has got you covered. Ask the bartender or bouncer about the prices of the rooms. This is one of the many places for zadar night life that only takes cash!

Address to Podrom Night Club

BackStage Bar | Craft Beer & Live Music Zadar

The backstage bar is a bit further back from the Zadar beaches, and the main city center noise. Although it is not an overly big space, it does have a variety of seats and tables. You can enjoy live music, good service, and craft beer.

This is one of the many Zadar bars with indoor and outdoor seating. Swing by for a couple hours and grab one of teh many selections of cold drinks, you are sure to love it the locals sure do.

Address to Backstage Bar

a bunch of craft beers lined up in a row.

The Garden Lounge | Day & Night Zadar Clubs

The Garden Lounge also made our list of the best Zadar restaurants! So you know it’s got to be good. The Garden Bar is near the sea organ with a sea breeze

I love the good atmosphere venue and setting. Spend a few hours watching the boats pass in the bay. The music was at the perfect level to enjoy and have a conversation. And the views over the harbor, as the sun goes down, don’t hurt either.

There is a large array of seating from tables and chairs to sofas and raised stools and mattresses to lie down on if you visit during the day. Depending on the time of year you visit you can enjoy live music playing in the summer. It gets very popular on warmer nights in Zadar for a few drinks before heading out for the night.

Address to the Garden Lounge

Lovely friends at the garden lounge in Zadar with mojitos

Teatro Bar | Old Town Zadar Bars

Teatro Bar is located right in the heart of the action. There is a large, very nice outdoor garden, with numerous tables and the DJ is outside. In the summer this is definitely a zadar Nightlife hot spot and it will be busy every night of the week.

They always have a small food menu, including pizza and salads just ask the friendly waiters. Cash only!

Teatro Bar Address

The Factory Bar | Outdoor Bar

The Factory bar has super fast service and really well-made coffee and cocktails. Full-flavored walnut taste and served in small cool-looking red cups. The bar itself is very nice and has a great outdoor terrace.

I came here a few times before heading out to go dancing. The waitresses were really kind and busy that night and took the time to help me out and answer any questions. I really appreciated the service, outdoor atmosphere, and good selection of beverages. You will see that it is popular with the local students as it has pretty affordable prices.

Best nightlife in Zadar, The Factory Bar.

Kult Bar | Locals Cocktail Bar

Great cafe tucked away in one of the many cobbled streets of the old town. A great place
for coffee or cocktails. The open air terrace seating area is very spacious and can hold a bunch of people.

If you are a sports lover there are TVs inside if you want to watch a game and special events happening all year long. The music is very house lounge before midnight. Popular spot for young locals, students, and families as there is a small park nearby.

Check out the Kult Bar for great nightlife in Zadar!

Svarog Bar | Hip Hop & Great Music

It’s a cool place to hang out to hangout and listen to music. There is not much of a dance floor though. They have different types of nights. They have nights with Latin themes where they play salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba jams.

And then other nights it’s a mix of R&B, pop, and hip hop. When it’s slow they have fast service, but when it gets busier you will have to wait a few minutes to get your drinks. Also, they are known to enforce a dress code, so be prepared for that. Buy each drink with cash, as you go just to be sure I saw some reports about getting the wrong amount of change back.

Svarog Bar Address for amazing Zadar nightlife in Croatia!

Wine Bar Dišpet | Zadar Strip

Wine Bar Dispet is the perfect location in Zadar for vino lovers. You can order glasses of local wines, or go for a bottle. If you are traveling with a non-wine drinker, they have amazing cocktails and a wide beer selection too.

What’s cool about here is that it is a great bar for an outdoor party. They also have a nice food selection and a few TVs playing in the background. The music is always loud and upbeat which leads to a really fun vibe. You may want to pay as you go here, and they are cash only. During the day they are very dog friendly.

Address to Dispet Vino Bar

people hanging out at one of the best bars in zadar

Is Zadar good for nightlife?

a bunch of drinks drinking in zadar croatia nightlife

Yes! Zadar is good for nightlife! There are so many different types of vibes to explore. You will find local wines at all the bars, local and international DJs, and of course, great beer and cocktails. the best places to go are in the Old Town, but you have to be careful to watch the prices.

What part of Croatia is best for nightlife?

The best part of Croatia for nightlife is Zagreb, the Croatian capital! But, Zadar comes in at a close second. There are so many amazing places to go for Zadar Nightlife.

What is Zadar known for?

Zadar is known for the sea organ, Zadar nightlife, the beautiful Roman ruins in the people’s square, historic churches, and the lovely cobbled streets. Zadar is the fifth largest city in Croatia and has a university so the atmosphere is always young and hip.

Is Croatia good for nightlife?

Yes! Croatia is good for nightlife. The atmosphere is always fun and vibrant, there are so many different nightclubs, bars, pubs, and restaurants to enjoy. Croatians are very welcoming and will make it so you enjoy your night.

Is Zadar safe?

the sea organs in zadar from above and the beautiful sea in the back round

Yes, Zadar is safe. The streets are full of students from the local university, and Croatians all in all are some of the nicest people I have ever met. You still need to keep your wits about you, but yes Zadar is very safe.

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