The Bars in Chiang Mai For An Epic Night Out

Are you looking for nightlife and need to know where all the bars in Chiang Mai are? You are in luck because here are 19 of the best ones. If you are looking for an EDM dance night then you have to check out the Warm Up. There are also plenty of rooftop bars, and chill local spots if you are looking to relax with your loved ones.
The Chiang Mai bar street is Loi Kroh Road. It is in the center of the old town and is full of a variety of different types of bars. For a chiller vibe, you may need to venture out of old town a bit, but you definitely do not have to.
If you are a beer drinker you will want to try My Beer Friend, you can drink a few there or score some to take home. Or maybe you like that 420 is legal in Thailand, lots of bars offer pre-rolled joints for you.
If you are still looking into your trip to Chiang Mai, these hotels are recommended and some are within walking distance of the best nightlife.
a big neon blue sign about the dancing and beers

Are bars open in Chiang Mai?

Yes! Chiang Mai bars open all year round and they are back in full effect after covid. It is your choice if you want to wear a mask or not. But Thailand is officially allowing everyone to come without proof of vaccinations.

The Best Bars in Chiang Mai for an Epic Night Out

Zoe in yellow bar Chiang Mai Thailand

First up is the Zoe in Yellow Bar Chiang Mai. This is one of the best outdoor/indoor bars. You can head here every night of the week for fun. There is a huge outdoor seating area with picnic tables and a big TV to watch. They play all major international sporting events. The real party starts around 11 pm, but you can absolutely head there early for a quieter time. It is one of the best nightlife in all of Thailand. 

You can also dance all night here in the indoor section. They have live DJs spinning dance music and the crowd really gets into it. The atmosphere is so much fun and it is right in the heart of the old town. When you get hungry you can order food from here, at bars around Zoe in Yellow, or step right out front and order street food. One of the best stands right out front is Tacos Bell.

zoey in yellow bar is on bar street is one of the best bars in chiang mai to check out

Roots Rock Reggae Chaingmai

If you are looking for reasonably priced cocktails and beers Roots Rock Reggae is definitely the place for you. Plus, they also have 420 for sale. Every night you can listen and dance to live music, more often than not there is a full band. Try the gin fizz a very refreshing light mixed drink. But as always you can order a big Chang too!

Roots Rock is one of the best bars in Chiang Mai for reggae vibes. Some nights they do have a cover of 100 baht, but it includes a drink! They are super close to Zoe in Yellow but have a whole different feel. You will want to make sure you have supper before heading out for the night because they do not serve food. Or they open early at 5 pm if you wanted to head out for a happy hour! 

North Gate Jazz Co-Op

This famous jazz bar in Chiang Mai is one of the best things to do in the whole city. This small jazz spot is right in the heart of old town on the strip. They open up at 7 and the bands usually start around 8. Try and get there early if you want a table. If you show up late you may be watching with a crowd from the street. They play two sets a night and it is so much fun to listen to. 

Tuesday night is the most popular night to visit. This is because they host a sort of open mic night where local artists come to play a set. The beers are a bit expensive and they only sell small ones, but it is okay because everyone is here for the music anyway. If you do decide to get there a little early, you can head upstairs to watch the show with a view. You are going to love North Gate Jazz Co-cop is one of the best bars in Chiang Mai.

Renegades Burgers & Pizza

Up next is Renegades, they are one of the best sports bars in Chiang Mai Thailand. You can find or ask them for any sport to be played especially soccer. Or just head in for a fun night out. They are located in the back of the shopping center in the popular old town. If you wanted to catch a Muay Thai fight, there is a big rink right behind the bar. 

Renegades always has drink specials going on and stay open super late. They do serve food as well with international and Thai food on the menu. If you are looking to catch a game while visiting Renegades is your spot because this is one of the good bars in Chiang Mai for sports. 

two guys playing pool inside a bar

THC Rooftop Bar in Chiang Mai Old Town

Calling all THC lovers! The THC is one of the best rooftop bars Chiang Mai has! Here you will be able to enjoy reggae music while sipping on your favorite drink and even light up a joint in the special smoking section if that is what you’re into.

The beers here are reasonably priced for the part of town it is in. The most popular drinks to order are the Forbidden Jungle Juice,  the Mai Tai, and of course a good ole Chang. You will love the views, vibes, and prices here.

two dudes hanging by the window smoking in a weed bars in chiang mai

Nophaburi Bar | Cocktail Bar Chiang Mai

The Nophaburi bar has the reputation of being the best cocktail bar in Chiang Mai. The vibes here are chill and laid back in a cozy Thai atmosphere. All of the drinks are tasty and made to order with fresh ingredients. The bartenders are friendly and not pushy, just like most people in Thailand.

The prices are a little higher than some of the other local places, but the quality of the drink speaks for itself. Do not hesitate to go to Nophaburi they are one of the best bars in Chiang Mai.

friends enjoying a drink at a bar in Chiang Mai

Writer’s Club & Wine Bar

Wine can be expensive and hard to find good quality in Chiang Mai, but the Writer’s Club & Wine Bar solves all of those problems. This is the perfect spot for a date night out because they also serve delicious food. The wifi is great here too if you are looking for somewhere to work while you have a few glasses of wine. One of the best writers, Ernest Hemingway, said it is best to write tipsy and edit sober.

So if you are a writer, blogger, content creator, wine connoisseur, or anything in between you are going to love the Writer’s Club & Wine Bar!

My Beer Friend Market in Chiang Mai

You will find My beer on the strip of bars in Chiang Mai old city. You cannot miss the super cute sign hanging out front with a friendly pup on it. There are craft Thai beers on draft, and coolers full of international craft beers and lagers. You can grab one of the few seats inside to beat to the head, but the best seat in the house is out on the patio.

Not many bars in Chiang Mai serve craft beers, so you can expect the beers here to be a little more expensive than a Chang, but the selection is incredible. Head to My Beer Friend and try to find your favorite beer, or try out a whole new flavor.

beer in thailand is yummy and can be found at so many of the bars in chiang mai

Rise Rooftop Bar in Chiang Mai

Up next for cool bars in Chiang Mai is Rise the Rooftop Bar. They are up on the 8th floor of the Akrya Manor with a stunning view of the sunset. On top of that, they have a special happy hour price for golden hour. Try getting there at least an hour before to ensure you get the best table or comfy couch on the patio.

While you waiting you can order food from the Italian restaurant downstairs. You will love this rooftop bar Chiang Mai so much that you may go back a few different times on your trip. They are located in the old town off Nimmanhaemin Road.

a beautiful view from a rooftop bars in chiang mai

The forbidden bar is the Best Kind of Bar 

Forbidden Bar is one of the best bars in Chiang Mai Thailand if you are a sweets lover. They have created tasty drinks inspired by your favorite desserts. Travelers love the mango sticky rice cocktail. If you can not decide on your drink they will also make you a custom cock or mocktail. 

They have a speakeasy vibe because they are on the third floor above an ice cream shop with not much signage, hence the Forbidden Bar name.  If you are looking for live music starts it starts around 9:30 every night. This is one of the best bars in Chiang Mai but it is a little small. If you are traveling alone, the hidden bar will make you feel very welcome. 

The UN Irish Pub is a Must Visit

The UN Irish Pub is one of the best bars in Chiang Mai old citywith a beer garden. Everyone knows that sometimes you just need to head to the comfort of an Irish Pub no matter where ever you are in the world. This Irish Pub opens early and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try any of the burgers you will not be disappointed.
They also serve plenty of Thai favorites and have an amazing outside area in the garden. Head to The UN Irish Pub for all your Gunness and beer needs!
a super cute Irish pub in Chiang Mai

The White Rabbit Speakeasy Bar Vibes in Chiang Mai

Up next is the White Rabbit, which is a super cool speakeasy bar. This is one of the best bars in Chiang Mai for cocktail lovers. The White Rabbit is hidden a bit behind a shop, but when you find it you will never want to leave.

The vibe here is super laid back, and the drinks are a little more expensive, but the quality and taste of the drinks are well worth it. This is a wonderful spot to check out if you are looking for a fun night out with high-top-shelf drinks.

Looper & Co. is Super Trendy

Up next is the Looper & Co. Bar in the old town. This is one of the most instragrammable bars in Chaing Mai. During the day there is a hipster crowd, with co-working and excellent coffee culture. With four different types of local coffee beans to order.

But at night the crowds come out to enjoy yummy mixed drinks and listen to music. There are always new DJs spinning trendy music, but not so loud that you cannot hear your friends. They do not switch over to the bar setting until 6 pm and stay open until midnight so plan accordingly on your night out.

a trendy bar in Chiang Mai

The Roof

Located on the top floor of the Anantara Chiang Mai Resort, The Roof offers stunning views of the city and the Mae Ping River.

The bar serves a wide range of cocktails, as well as a selection of craft beers and wines. Before you head in look up what time the sunset is and go grab a table at least 30 minutes before. You will love the beautiful colors and have the best view from the rooftop bar.

Warm Up

Warm Up is a cozy bar located in the trendy Nimmanhaemin neighborhood of the old town. The warm-up bar specializes in live EDM DJs making it the perfect place to dance the night and your stresses away. You will find the dance party in the back room, and the other rooms playing lighter, chill music.

It does get crowded so head there early to snag a table in the area you want. They also serve a mixture of western and Thai food. Be sure to check out The Warm Out, it is one of the best bars in Chiang Mai.

a dj playing EDM music

The Riverside Bar

The Riverside Bar is located on the banks of the Mae Ping River and offers stunning views of the water and the city skyline. The bar serves a range of cocktails and beers, as well as snacks and light meals. The outdoor seating area is a great place to relax and take in the views.

Try to get there before the sun goes down so you can enjoy the beautiful views during the day.

The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden is a hidden gem located in the Old City. The bar serves a range of cocktails, as well as craft beers and wines. The garden setting is lush and tropical, making it a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

a beautiful beer garden in Chiang Mai

The Grid

The Grid is another fun bar located in the popular Nimmanhaemin neighborhood. You could hit the grid up after checking out one of the best markets in Chaing Mai. 

You can always order a local or craft beer or mix it up with one of The Grid’s signature cocktails. Plus, they even have a good selection of wines. The atmosphere at the Grid is chic and modern, with a large outdoor seating area where you can listen to live music.

The Good View

The Good View is a rooftop bar in the Good View Hotel. With stunning views of the city and the surrounding mountains. While enjoying your good view you can take your pick from the big variety of cocktails and wines. Like most places, they do have beer as well.

The atmosphere is cool, stylish, and welcoming. This is a great bar to relax and take in the dreamy views of the Chiang Mai mountains.

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