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The Best Chiang Mai Restaurant Guide 2023 (Updated)

a beautiful bowl of chiang Mai restaurant khao soi in a blue bowl

I have made you the best Chiang Mai Restaurant guide! The food in Chiang Mai is on another level, and I am here to share with you all the Chiang Mai best restaurants. There is pretty much anything are craving on this list, from Thai to Mexican! Don’t be picky, let your stomach and mind be taken on a journey of different Thai flavors, textures, and smells.

Some of these Chiang Mai restaurants make everything spicy, so that is the only thing I will warn you about! Other than that, enjoy and bon appatette. I also have a list of the best Cafes in Chiang Mai!

a table family style at a restaurant in chiang mai everyone is happy eating and you can see the chefs in the back round working hard.

The Best Chiang Mai Restaurant Guide 2023

What is the special Chiang Mai dish?

a bowl of Khao Soi in Chiang Mai at one of the best restaurants along with a Thai tea and toppings

The special Chiang Mai dish is Khao Soi. This is a flavorful curry noodle dish that is typically served with a chicken leg. You can also order Khao Soi with beef or pork. This is a stewed curry that is cooked overnight and is typically served for breakfast or lunch at local restaurants in Chiang Mai.

What is the most popular dish in Chiang Mai?

a plate of pad krapow gai with rice on the side . this is a staple food in Chiang Mai

The most popular dish in Chiang Mai is the Khao Soi, Pad Thai, or Pad Krapow Gai. pad krapow gai is a basil meat dish served with rice. It is a staple street food and you can find it everywhere around in restaurants, and street vendors. It is usually served with Thai chilis, but you can always ask for nonspicy.

Where to eat in Chiang Mai 2023?

If you are looking for where to eat in Chiang Mai, start out at the markets. Try the northern Thai sausage, Pag Thai, chicken skewers, Pad Krapow Gai, and Khao Soi. The street vendors serve amazing quality food and it is very affordable. You can also take one of the food tours in Chiang Mai , to get a good idea of what you like.

Best Restaurants Chiang Mai Old City

Here are my recommendations for the best restaurants in Chiang Mai Old City! While you are here check out my guide to old town Chiang Mai!

Khao Kha Moo Chang Phueak (Cowboy Hat Lady)

We are going to start with the famous Chiang mai restaurant, or street stall. The cowboy hat lady makes the best-stewed pork in town. You can order it with rice or noodles, and get it with the egg. When you get there you will see her in her cowgirl hat, and you order then grab a seat behind them. They will bring you water and try the sauce on the table if you like spicy.

Khao Kha Moo street stall address.

a photo of the Khao Kha Moo Chang Phueak from the cowboy hat lady in chiang mai thailand. the meat is so tender that is rips apart with just a fork.

Dash Restaurant Chiang Mai

Dash is the next top restaurant in Chiang Mai to try. Here they serve very clean and fat-trimmed meats. I thought the food was excellent and very flavorful. I ordered the Gung Shup Khao Tod fried shrimp and the Northern Thai sausage and it came out perfect in about 5 minutes. They had live music on a Saturday night when we were there and it was at the perfect volume.

The setting is romantic and you can find seating inside and outside, but make a revelation to ensure you get a seat, if not you may have to wait a bit. Wash it all down with the deep-fried coconut ice cream or the cheesecake with mango!

Address to Dash in Old Town Chiang Mai.

a plate of sausage at a restaurant in Chiang Mai. they served lettuce and ginger on the side of a white plate.

La Fontana | Chiang Mai Italian Restaurant

La Fontana is my go-to for an Italian restaurant in Chiang Mai. Everything I have ever ordered comes out perfect. From the homemade pizza, lasagne, cheese platter, bread, Greek salad, bruschetta, and homemade pasta. I found out that the owner is Italian so he knows what he’s doing. They also have a great wine list. The atmosphere is cozy and quiet and I always receive top-notch service!

Find La Fonta here.

two bowls of pasta and two glasses of wine, one red and one white at my favorite Italian restaurant in chiang mai.

Goodsouls Kitchen | Vegan Restaurant Chiang Mai

When it comes to vegan restaurants in Chiang Mai, Goodsouls is a stand-out. I love eating breakfast here and always order banana pancakes. I have already tried the cacao heaven smoothie bowl and the avocado crostini and they are both amazing.

Every time I go I am provided with a cold water bottle when I sit down, which is rare in Asia. They serve lunch and dinner too, and the mushroom steaks look amazing. If you are looking for a Chiang Mai Vegan restaurant, you have to try Goodsouls.

Address to Goodsouls in Chiang Mai.

a plate of banana pancakes in chiang mai thailand with berries, syrup, and ice cream on top

Ming Kwan Vegetarian Restaurant in Chiang Mai

Up next is Ming Kwan Vegetarian Restaurant. Every day they serve up a buffet that is full of mock meat. There is delicious rice and so many toppings to add in. And best of all it is all very affordable and super generous portions.

I am not a vegan, but loved trying the Vegan sausage, you can not tell it’s not real meat at all. Pick up a pack of vegan cookies that are pre-packaged to go, you are going to love stuffing your face here at one of the best Chiang Mai Thai restaurants for vegans.

Address for Ming Kwan Vegetarian Restaurant in Chiang Mai.

a buffet in chiang mai with veggies and lots of sauces and soups

Chiang Mai Restaurants with a View

The Riverside Bar and Restaurant Chiang Mai

You will want to reserve a table for the best water view. If not there are plenty of tables and even a riverboat you can cruise on and have dinner! The boat leaves at 8 pm so you might want to swing by earlier in the day to see if they can accommodate you. You could always check out the nearby Warotot Market if you decide to check them out early.

I went with the whole fried fish served with northern Thai sauces and vegetables. And also had a bite or two of the table papaya salad and it was very fresh and spicy. The Gang Hun Lae is also a crowd favorite. The menu is bit and everything I saw looked like very authentic Thai food and they also had lots of Western choices, even pizzas!

On weekends they have live music, and it adds even more to the already relaxed atmosphere. This is one of the best Chiang Mai Riverside Restaurants, find the address for the Riverside Bar & Restaurants here!

Paak Dang Restaurant Chiang Mai

Up next is another one of my favorite riverside Restaurants in Chiang Mai, the Paak Dang. I have been here a few times and every time the fact is so kind, and I even spoke with the owner a bit. They serve excellent Thai food and very fresh seafood.

You cannot go wrong ordering masaman curry chicken or cashew chicken, Thai river prawns, fresh oysters, steamed fish, crab curry, prawn cakes, pomelos salad, or pineapple seafood rice.

Once you feel a cool breeze from the river, you will never want to leave. And to top it all off they have toothbrushes and dental floss in the bathroom!

Find the address to Paak Dang.

a photo of the ping river in chiang mai with lights and people sitting on the river. the lights in the back round is a restaurant in Chiang Mai

Michelin Star Restaurants Chiang Mai

Oxygen Dining Room | Fine Dining

Oxygen is always rated as one of the top Michelin Star Restaurants in Chiang Mai. They serve a creative and fresh twist on Thai favorites and flavors. It’s a clean and upscale setting that’s perfect for a date night in Chiang Mai or to celebrate with friends.

They do a tasting menu here so everything is always changing with the season, when I was there I ate sea urchin egg royale, wagyu beef for the main, and the chicken satay ballotine.

There is a small dining room of only about 30 seats so make a reservation to guarantee you will not miss the dinner here. You can email, call, or pop in the hotel, especially if you are traveling during the busy Winter in Thailand.

Find out more information about the Oxygen Dining room here.

a plate of wagu beef at a fine dining restaurant in Chiang mai. it is served on a dark plate with greens, lemons, mushrooms, and parsley.

Dan Chicken Rice

Dan Chicken is one of the top restaurants in Chiang Mai for Kow-Mann-Ka. You better come before 11 am if you do not want to wait in line. All the food is already prepared so you only need to choose if you want the small or large portion.

I always get the small, and it is more than enough. With every order, you also get soup and a sweet sauce. I do not think they speak English but can understand big or little. After eating here you will know just what you want at the markets in Chiang Mai.

Check out Dan Chicken and find out why they have a Michelin Star!

Khao Soi Lung Prakit Kad Kom | Khao Soi in Chiang Mai

Lung Prakit Kad Kom is my weekly Chiang Mai Thai restaurant for Khao Soi. They have a Michelin star and have been visited by Somebody Feed Phil, and other travel food shows. You would never know by looking at it. They have kept the same recipe for years and make the very best Khao Sio I have ever had. You order chicken, pork, or beef and enjoy it in seconds.

The chicken comes non-spicy, but the other two dishes already have the spice added in. I love the crunchy egg noodles on top, they are so delicious. Your meal will cost no more than 50 baht, and you will be in heaven with every single bite.

Khao Soi Lung Prakit Kad Kom

a bowl of freshly made Khao Soi in chiang mai. this is a chicken dish with fried egg noodles on top and greens, chicili spices, and a thick creamy curry sauce.

Romantic Restaurants in Chiang Mai

Need a car to hit the best romantic spots in town? Check out my car rental in Chiang Mai guide!

Redbox Dining Room | Fine Dining Chiang Mai Thai restaurant

Up next is the Redbox Dining Room, and here the Chefs put on an amazing tasting menu of chef-recommended dishes. The restaurant itself is a converted beautiful old house that looks into a lovely private garden. They only use locally sourced, highly-quality food ingredients, and each dish’s decor is magnificent and creative.

When I went I had a tasting menu of chicken satay, Thai tom tam prawn, foie gras tamarind and crispy shallot, and Thai risotto! If you are looking for special restaurants in Chiang mai Thailand, the Redbox is your spot!

The staff helps with wine pairing or you can try one of the fun and delicious cocktails. And do not skip do not skip dessert! No matter how full you are, you have to try the Siam Ruby Home-Made Coconut Ice Cream.

Address to Red Box Room in Chiang Mai. You may want to call to get Redbox Dining Room Chiang Mai restaurant reservations!

Hidden Restaurants Chiang Mai

Ya & Da Corner | Chiang Mai Restaurant Halal

Ya & Da Corner is Halal, delicious, and has low prices. When I went there I went with the set. Which costs 120 baht, and includes a curry of your choice, roti, samosas, and a drink. The owner was very friendly and kind. Ya & Da Corner is small but very close to the city center. If you are looking for Halal food in Chiang Mai, give this place a try!

Find Ya & Da Corner, it’s right by the Chang Phueak gate.

The Ginger Farm

Up Next is one of the hidden restaurants in Chiang Mai because it is on a working Ginger Farm. What I loved most about this place is that it is free to walk around and check out all of the animals, and crops. It also made my list of the cheap things to do in Chiang Mai.

They have indoor and outdoor seating, and you can book a cooking class as well. I had the crab omelet and it was so yummy. Be sure to try some of the freshly squeezed juice too. You will need it after walking around in the Thailand sun!

Find the Ginger Farm.

abbey enjoying a fresh juice at the ginger farm in chiang mai. she is wearing a white shirt and looks very happy to try her meal

Good Vibes Cafe

I found Good VIbes out of convenience, as they were next to one of my hotels in Chiang Mai. This beautiful cafe is peaceful, and quiet, and has a relaxed atmosphere. I have spent a few hours writing here and everyone was so kind.

For food, they have whole meals, desserts, salads, and snacks. You can order coffee, Italian sodas, macha, and smoothies. It is about 20 minutes outside of the city center, but worth the drive.

Find Good Vibes.

a caesar salad and juice drink at the cafe called good vibes. there is a mac book in the back round and a silver ware tray next to the salad.

Maya Mall Food Court

Next is the food court in Maya Mall. But hear me out because this is not like your ordinary food court. There is a mix of so many different Chiang Mai Thailand restaurants. You can order any kind of cuisine from green curry and Pad Thai to Pizza and wraps.

You will have to get yourself a Maya card, you will find people sitting in a booth out front of the food court, and you can give me baht, or use your card. And when you’re done, just give them your card and will they give you your money back. Take your time, walk around, and try a few different things!

a bowl of curry at one of the Maya mall restaurants in Chiang mai. you can see the court yard seating in the back round and a black tray to carry your food.

Best Restaurants Nimman Chiang Mai | What to eat at Nimman Road?

Jungle De Cafe & Restaurant Chiang Mai

Jungle Restaurant is the best restaurant in Chiang Mai to get a feel of the jungle without leaving Nimman. This large modern cafe and restaurant has plenty of tables. It is a nice gathering spot for big groups, co-working, or studying. The Jungle restaurant also has a variety of food from Thai to Western.

You can grab a seat inside or out, or head up to the rooftop viewing area and peep the Mountain of Doi Suthep.

Find the Jungle De Cafe Nimman Here.

Jia Tong Heng | Chinese Restaurant in Chiang Mai

Jia Tong Heng was the first Chinese restaurant in Chiang Mai, and they are still going strong. The food is a mix of the Chaozhou region in China, with some changes for Thai Tastes. If you order dishes from the recommended part of the menu they come pretty quickly, if you order from the other side of the menu it will take some time.

The Peking duck was the stand-out and the skin was so crispy and thin! I also really liked the fried crab balls and stewed black chicken. There are a few different Jia Tong Heng restaurants in Chiang Mai, but this one is the original. They also have a small gift shop if you want to do some shopping!

Rock Me Burger

Rock Me Burger is next to one of my favorite co-working spots, so I come here a lot. I have had their Caesar salad, big burgers, and milkshakes, and everything is always very good. You can sit inside in the AC or grab a bar stool outside and people-watch. If you are craving a good, thick burger, they have plenty of different options, and the waitstaff is always very friendly.

Find Rock Me Burger.

a big chicken burger with onion rings and friend fries at the rock me burger restaurant in Chiang Mai. the chicken burger is so big and juicy.

The Happy Frog on Nimman | French Restaurant Chiang Mai

The Happy Frog is where to go if you are craving a gourmet sandwich. The meats, cheeses, and bread are simply delicious. When I ordered my sandwich I also got a side of colorful veggies. They also have big salads, imported wines, cheeses, and breads. It always hits the spot for me.

Find the Happy Frog in Nimman here.

one of the sandwiches to order at the Happy Frog, one of the most popular restaurants in Chiang mai Nimman road

Best Western Restaurant in Chiang Mai

Butter is Better Diner | Chiang Mai Best Restaurant for American Breakfast

Next up is Butter is Better, and with a name like that, you are so intrigued to eat there. It is one of the best restaurants in Chiang Mai for American breakfast. And they have everything. Even homemade pecan pie! I like to come here when I am missing my momma’s cooking.

My favorites have been the biscuits and gravy, pancakes, french toast, and just a good old-fashioned breakfast platter with eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee! It’s pretty affordable and the best option to get when you’re missing the food back home in the States.

Find Butter is Better.

the butter is better diner in chiang mai. it has a retro front with silver doors, an old car number, and black and white tiles like they used to have in diners in the states.

Smash Daddy | Good Restaurant in Chiang Mai for Burgers

Smash Daddy is the best restaurant in Chiang Mai for smash burgers and they are inside of my favorite Bars in Chiang Mai. The burgers are made to order and are always perfect. They also serve milkshakes, just like the US. My favorite is the peanut butter and chocolate mixture. It is run by a really friendly group of dudes.

Smash Daddy’s address in Off the Wall CNX.

Salsa Kitchen | Mexican Restaurant Chiang Mai Thailand

Another great spot and one of the Best Chiang Mai restaurants is the Salsa Kitchen. They serve authentic Mexican food in huge portions. Nothing makes me happier than Mexican food., and they know how to do it here. I have had the quesadillas, fish tacos, and the huge burritos. Everything comes with their homemade salsa.

I have had to wait a few minutes, and have been sat right away, I guess it just depends on the day. The plates are big enough to share, but who wants to share their Mexican food?

Find the Salsa Kitchen here!

abbey eating a big plate of mexican food at Salsa Kicthen. she has a quesidlla with beans, rice, and corn with salsas and a coke.

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