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The Best Albufeira Nightlife: Where to Party like a Local 2023 ( Recommended)

nightlife in albufeira with the strip lite up nicely

Welcome to the best Albufeira Nightlife guide! You may already know that the beaches in Albufeira are world-class, but did you know that there are also so many things to do and amazing nightlife in Albufeira Portugal? There are bars and clubs in Albufeira for all age groups and party types.

Listen to live music on a patio, or dance the night away without a care in the world. But before you get your night started you will want to check out these lovely restaurants in Albufeira with a view of the ocean.

Getting to Albufeira is pretty simple. Most people fly into the Capital city of Faro. Where there are also plenty of things to do. And the Faro Nightlife is equally as much fun as it is in Albufeira.

Book yourself an easy breezy transfer from the Faro airport to Albufeira, it is my favorite way to travel.

One of the best ways to beat a hangover is to work up a sweat at one of these beautiful hikes in the Algarve. Or maybe you are more looking to relax and swim it off at one of the many beaches in the area.

Now, let’s get to the reason you are really here, the best places for Albufeira nightlife!

albfueria during the day in the old town section with palm trees and beautiful architecture.

Albufeira Clubs and Bars List

Best Nightlife in Albufeira

Legends Bar

The first spot for Albufeira the strip nightlife is Legends Bar. This is a great local bar with reasonably priced drinks and free shots on arrival! This is a hot spot for bachelor and bachelorette parties, but the helpful staff keeps it fun and light.

Plan to spend the night dancing away on the floor. Or if you are more of a chill party goer you can grab a seat in the back. This is a perfect way to start or end your night partying on the Albufeira strip nightlife.

Legends bar is open all year long from 9 am to 4 pm. Stop by early for a bloody mary, and they do play all major sporting events! The Address for Legends Bar is on the strip at Av. Sá Carneiro n.47, 8200-340 Albufeira, Portugal.

a bartender pouring shots at one of the best places for Albufeira Nightlife

33 Sports Bar

Who doesn’t love a good sports pub on vacation? 33 Sports Bar is comfortable for everyone, even if you have to drag your wife there! Football is the main sport they show here, but the staff is also very understanding of whatever sport you want to watch.

33 Sports Bar is located slightly off the Albufeira strip. You can order food during the day, but the kitchen will be closed when the bar gets busy. They welcome you to order from the pizza shop next door and bring you can bring any takeaway into the pub.

If your teams not playing you can rack up a game of pool on the tables out the back. Or relax in one of the booths, tables, chairs, sofas, or comfy seats. Plus they are just a cheap taxi ride away from the old town of Albufeira. (approx. 5 euros).

33 Sports bar address- R. Alexandre Herculano 33, 8200-271 Albufeira, Portugal. They open at 3 pm and stay open until the last call at 4 a.m.

a bunch of yummy cocktails in different colors. with blues, oranges, and greens.

Sherry’s Irish Bar

Sheerys Bar is an authentic Irish bar, with a very welcoming staff. It has a bit of a retro vibe with old photos and the best sing-along music playing from the 80s. Many locals and travelers gather here to watch sports and enjoy each other’s company.

Order a genuine Gunniess, or try something more fruity like a strawberry mojito! You can also find all the Portuguese and international brews here.

There is indoor and outdoor seating available, and Sherry Irish Pub is open all year. Be sure to check them out for some Irish charm as they are one of the best places for Albufeira old town nightlife!

Find Sherry’s Irish Bar in the Old town at R. Alves Correia 51, 8200-090 Albufeira, Portugal. They open early at noon and stay open until 4 a.m., most nights.

the front of one of the best Irish bars in Albufeira Portugal Nightlife

Friends Bar

Friends Bar has a reputation for having the cheapest prices in town! Go in for a drink and figure it out yourself. Grab a seat outside on the patio or head inside for a more comfy experience.

The atmosphere is cozy and calm just like you are walking into a friend’s home. Be sure to check out the used book section, where there is a possibility to exchange or read a book while enjoying a fresh cocktail. A lot of the books to pick from are in English! (Aren’t we lucky).

Friends Bar is very close to the center of Olhos de Agua at R. da Ladeira 21A, 8200-642 Olhos de Água, Portugal. Check them out for some of the best Nightlife Albufeira Portugal has!

You also may like this list of Things to do in Lagos! A nearby beach town with plenty of Nightlife.

Devlin’s Irish Bar

Devlin’s Irish Bar also made the list of the best things to do in Albufeira! They are near Fishermans Beach, tucked up in the back of the old town. Every night they have live acoustic music inside. Or if there is a big football game on they open up Karaoke afterwards.

You can order pretty much anything you are in the mood for from frozen drinks to draft beers. The food at Devlin’s Irish Bar is also very tasty.

If Karkoee isn’t your thing they also have pool tables and plenty of seats around. The bartender was very kind to me asked lots of questions and gave me a shot after becoming friends. Do yourself a favor and head into Devlins Irish Bar for a memorable Albufeira nightlife in the old town.

Tv. Antero de Quental 36, 8200-260 Albufeira, Portugal

Oura Albufeira Nightlife

Up next is Oura, and they are the ideal place to have a quick pre-dinner drink or a nightcap on your way back to your Albfueria accommodation. All of the drinks are reasonably priced and the staff is just lovely. Everyone who works at Oura is patient, kind, and always up for a chat.

Most nights you can enjoy live music out on the patio. They only have light foods like toasted sandwiches and fried bites. But the Superbock is cold and cheap!

R. Oliveira Martins 9, Albufeira, Portugal Google Maps has it on the wrong side of the road, but you can’t miss it. Stop by for one of the best spots for Albufeira Portugal nightlife!

a group of friends cheersing together with cold beers

Matt’s Bar

Matt’s Bar is one of the hot spots on the Albufeira party strip. They play dance music like rap, R&B, and a mix of house jams. Happy hour is amazing and lasts until 10:30 for all you late-night party people.

Take a turn riding the mechanical bull ride. For a nice southern girl like me, this was a nice reminder of home. And for all you that have never been on a bull, do it you will love it.

This Albufeira nightclub has something for everyone to love. Come in for cheap drinks, fun music, or just to chill and people-watch on the strip!

Matt’s bar is so much fun, you can find them here on the Albufeira nightlife strip R. Victória 1, 8200-395 Albufeira, Portugal.

Picadilly Cocktail Bar

Picadilly Cocktail Bar is in the old town and is open all year long. The specialty here is fun, big drinks, and classic Portuguese beers. They are cash only, and a bit expensive. But right in the heart of the old town, they stay open all year and have heaters outside.

Try the yummy Piccadilly burger and cheese fries, you will not regret it. The staff is friendly, welcoming, and nice. You will see them standing outside trying to get more guests to come inside.

Check Picadilly Cocktail bar out here R. Cândido dos Reis Nº 19, 8200-103 Albufeira, Portugal. If you are walking around old town Albufeira at night you cannot miss it.

Wild & Co

Wild & Co is best known for its live music on the strip. The Professionally made cocktails at decent prices, atmosphere, and quality of bands are usually top-notch. And the inside of Wild & Co is big enough that even when they are jammed packed, you will still find somewhere comfortable to be.

People of all ages flock to Wild & Co, and there is always a decent mix of locals and tourists. If you want to head to the Albufeira nightlife strip a little early, the upstairs serves a great meal away from the noise. Then you will be ready to take on the Albufeira nightlife, all night long.

Find Wild & CO here on the strip, Portugal Avenida Sá Carneiro Edificio Wild&Co, Rc, 8200-340 Albufeira, Portugal. They stay open from 11 am to 4 am!

a group of friends enjoying a meal in Albfueria. With yummy steaks, drinks, and everyone is laughing.

Sir Harrys Bar

For Sir Harrys Bar we will head back into the old town Albufeira nightlife scene. They are one of the biggest bars in the old town square and tend to stay open almost all year. They do close a bit in December. Good place to sit and watch the world go by which is one of the best things to do in Albufeira nightlife!

They serve freshly made pizzas, chicken, and beef burgers all night long. And the bar staff can make you practically any drink you want, from strawberry daiquiris to fancy cocktails like the porn star martinis.

Most nights in the high season they do have live music. Sir Harrys is a fantastic place to go any time of the year. The address is here Largo Eng. Duarte Pacheco 61, 8200-064 Albufeira, Portugal, and they are open early in the morning at 9 am with breakfast and stay late until about 4 am.

Steps Albufeira Beach Bar

So Steps Bar gets its name because it is about halfway down the steps above the tunnel in front of Fishermans Beach. It is a bit small but a very friendly bar decorated like an old English Pus.

Plus there is a small terrace with great views of the ocean. Come a bit early and take advantage of the happy hour cocktail prices before you start your night out in Albufeira.

R. 5 de Outubro 1, 8200-146 Albufeira, Portugal 6:30 pm to 4 am.

a cold cocktail overlooking the beach.

Sharky’s Bar

You can find Sharky’s Bar in the middle of the Albufeira marina nightlife. The outdoor seating area is chich and comfortable. With views of the fish and boats in the water. But what really brings people back time and time again is the half-priced cocktails between 6 pm and 8 pm.

People also love burgers, stuffed chicken salad, and toasted sandwiches. Sharky’s also has live music on Wednesday nights and makes for a wonderful evening in the Albufeira Marina. If you head inside you can also catch a good football match on the TV.

You can find Sharky’s bar here Marina de Albufeira, Passeio do Ouro – Lote 1, Loja 5, 8200-371 Albufeira, Portugal, right by the pier. This is one of the best places for Albufeira nightlife for families.

A spritz cocktail at the marina in Albufeira Portugal

Patcha Club

Up next is one of the best Albufeira nightclubs, Patcha Club. The staff is super friendly, and it is a safe place to let loose. You will be offered a free shot to take when you arrive, after ordering a drink of course. If you are looking for Albufeira night clubs try the Patcha Club, you will love it. Av. Sá Carneiro 40, 8200-270 Albufeira, Portugal

Feestcafe Bloopers

One of the best places for Algarve Albufeira’s nightlife is the Feestcafe Bloopers bar. This lovely Dutch bar is in the heart of the old town. On the right night, mostly the weekends it brings in a young crowd of both locals and travelers. The staff is very friendly and the prices are normal for Portugal standards. This is a great stop if you are thinking of doing a bar crawl in Albufeira.

Tv. Cândido dos Reis 8, 8200-064 Albufeira, Portugal

Blue Bell Bar

Blue Bell Barr is one of the most recognizable Albufeira bars old town has. It is a white-washed building with blue trim, and it is in the center of the old town. If you have spent any time walking around Albufeira, you are going to see Blue Bell!

When you get to Blue Bell the sweetest bartender will greet you will a smile on her face! After you get your drinks the best spot is upstairs on the terrace lounge. Here you will have an amazing view of the beautiful architecture of the old town. The beer is cold and the cocktails are both tasty and cheap.

For a local spot for Portugal Albufeira nightlife check out Blue Bell you will love it R. Miguel Bombarda 20, 8200-167 Albufeira, Portugal.

the blue and white buildings in Albufeira are beautiful

Connection Bar for Albufeira Gay Nightlife

Connection Bar is the only legit gay bar for Albufeira nightlife Portugal! At Connection Bar you can be yourself and it’s a safe space in the busy strip for everyone. Order one of the custom cocktails and enjoy the fantastic unforgettable staff with their welcoming vibe.

After you have your drink take a seat on the patio to people-watch or head inside to dance!

The connection bar is on the Albufeira strip but it is within walking distance or a short taxi ride from the old town. Av Sá Carneiro, Lt. 1B, 1º, Edf Vilanova Resort, 8200-340 Albufeira, Portugal. They open around 9:30, and stay open for the last call at 4 am!

a rainbow light In front of one of the best places for Albufeira nightlife

Old Sailor Pub

If you are looking for a simple night out at a small local place, the Old Sailor Pub is your spot! They have live music every night and serve the coldest beer in town. They also have hookahs to smoke outside on the patio.

All of the staff is very friendly and offer free shots occasionally. The Old Sailor Pub does not have a food menu. But you are welcome to order from the kebab place next door, or the pizza restaurant on the other side.

Av. 25 de Abril 12 20, 8200-096 Albufeira, Portugal

Albufeira 66

Does Albufeira 66 ring a bell? Well, it should because it’s a play on Route 66. 80s music is on. Here here for a bit of America in Portugal. They play NFL games, have the best snacks, and the drinks are cheap. So maybe not so much like America?

Be sure to head in early for one of the best happy hours in Albufeira. They also have classes you can book to learn how to make your very own cocktail! This is perfect to fill your day if you are visiting with a big group! Check out Albufeira 66’s website to book your class and become your own mixologist.

You can find Albufeira 66 on the strip right by Praia da Oura. R. Victória 2, 8200-295 Albufeira, Portugal. They are open all year long from noon to 4 pm.

a plate of wings and big beer glasses in a bar in Albuferia Portugal

Chicago Lounge Bar on the Albufeira Strip

Next up for Albufeira bars and clubs is the Chicago Lounge Bar. There are two floors with a fun sports bar Chicago themed upstairs with private tables. But the downstairs where you enter is the ultimate spot for a stag group or hen party with lots of space to have fun.

A large pint of local beer is only €3! This is about half the price of other bars on the Albufeira strip. Most nights in the high season you can listen to excellent live music or watch your favorite sports teams.

They are Chicago themed after all, so you can find NFL games here too! Be sure to check out Chicago Lounge if you are in town with a big group, or come alone and find some new friends.

R. Alexandre Herculano 15, 8200-271 Albufeira, Portugal

Sal Rosa

The next top for nightlife in Portugal Albufeira is Sal Rosa. They make fantastic cocktails with a great view over Fishermans Beach. And the atmosphere is extra dreamy, if not a bit small.

Some of the best cocktails at Sal Rosa are the banana colada, espresso martini, and the sangria with sparkling wine with fresh strawberries. They also have simple mixes and cold beers on draft.

The food here is limited to snacks and small bites, so you might want to stop by either before or after dinner. But plan to spend at least one night here at sundown! It is magical. Grab a seat by the windows at the far end for the best views of the beach.

Be sure to check out Sal Rosa at Praça Miguel Bombarda 2, 8200-076 Albufeira, Portugal. They are open from 4 pm to 12 am every day but Monday.

a bunch of yummy cocktails with fruits. There is a grapefruit drink, Ines, and oranges filled to the top of the glasses.

Best Place to Stay in Albufeira for Nightlife

There are plenty of places when looking for where to stay in Albufeira for nightlife. Here is a list of the best hotels near Albufeira nightlife.

Jupiter Albufeira Hotel is an all-inclusive hotel that offers a buffet-style, Italian, or al carte restaurant. The Jupiter Albufeira Hotel is just a short 10-minute drive to the center of town and Oura Beach. They offer a free shuttle multiple times a day to take you to the beach or old town so you do not even need to rent a car to enjoy the best beaches and the best nightlife!

Check rates here: Booking.com 

Does Albufeira have a good nightlife?

Yes! Albufeira’s nightlife is unmatched. There is a little something for everyone. From local spots with simple music to rock bars, to hot clubs with DJs spinning the best tracks. You will not regret a single night you spend out in Albufeira.

Where is the Nightlife in Albufeira

The nightlife in Albufeira is all over the place. You can enjoy fun bars in the old town, near Fisherman’s Beach. The party strip in Albufeira also known as the new town, has plenty of places to party. You can find bars and clubs in Albufeira at the Marina, and the very popular Praia do Auro. Everywhere you look you will see places to party in Albufeira.

Is Albufeira a party island?

Well, Albufeira is not an island, it is on the mainland in Algarve. But yes, Albufeira at night is a big party. There are several different parts of Albufeira for nightlife. Including the old town, the party strip, and even a few beach bars in Albufeira.

Which part of Portugal is best for nightlife?

Lagos, Faro, Lisbon, Porto, and Albufeira all have amazing nightlife. Pretty much anywhere in Portugal is a good time. The locals are welcoming and kind, and most places for nightlife in Portugal do not close down until 4 am!

Does Albufeira have nightclubs?

Yes! There are plenty of nightclubs to enjoy in Albufeira. Some of the most popular ones are Matt’s Bar, Connection Bar, and Wild & Co. You will never be born no matter when you decide to visit Albufeira. Although, most places do shut down in the wintertime you will be able to find some that stay open all year long.

Lagos or Albufeira Nightlife

Lagos vs. Albufeira nightlife is a hard question to answer, both of these Algarve towns are known to have epic bars and clubs. Check out this list of the best nightlife in Lagos, and then compare it to this list of the places to party in Albufeira, and make the choice for yourself. Or try both out, you are only in Portugal for so long!

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