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Best Krabi Nightlife 2023 Locals Guide (Updated)

a fire show in krabi nightlife right on the Ao Nang Beach.

Looking to enjoy Krabi nightlife? You have come to the right place because I am going to give you a local guide to all the best places for nightlife in Krabi. There is no wrong time to visit my favorite beach Thai city, but check out the Best time to visit Krabi!

As the sun sets over the stunning landscape of Krabi, the province comes alive in a burst of vibrant energy that reflects its tropical charm. It’s a place where the laid-back beach culture meets lively party scenes, creating an unforgettable adventure. It is one of the best things to do in Krabi!

From the live music that plays through the streets of Krabi Town to the bustling krabi nightlife street with a taste of local cuisine, the beach bars are where you can unwind under the starlit sky, or dance in the sand.

Best Krabi Nightlife

Boogie Bar | Nightlife Krabi Ao Nang

Up First is one of the best bars in Krabi, Boogie Bar! Here they have live music almost every night starting around 9:30, and the quality of music is always amazing. And you will be 100 feet from one of the best beaches in Krabi.

On top of the music they also have delicious, authentic Thai food at great prices, as well as Western food, old-school cocktails, and top-quality spirits. They do have table service, so you do not have to get up and go to the bar. The prices are a bit higher for beers and cocktails, but the service and music you get with it are totally worth it!

Find Boogie Bar in Krabi.

abbey and some friends in krabi thailand running down the beach at sunset having so much fun

Bamboo Bar | Nightlife in Ao Nang Krabi

Bamboo Bar also made my list of the best weed in krabi, so you can knock out two birds with one stone. The 100Thb Gin and tonics during happy hour are good and strong.

A small alley with a dozen bars with pool tables, some games, and friendly girls. Not cheap but ok for a couple of drinks. They also had an amazing party for the new year, check out my guide for New Year in Krabi!

Find Bamboo Bar here!

a man playing pool in a bar in krabi nightlife he is about to hit the white ball into a pocket

Smile Bar Ao Nang Center Point | Ao Nang Krabi Nightlife

If you’re looking for a laid-back spot in the Krabi nightlife area to shoot some pool, grab a drink, and listen to some music, then Smile Bar is a great option.

It has a genuine atmosphere for Ao Nang Krabi nightlife and is just in front of the Ao Nang Beach in the RCA entertaining area.

They are also welcoming of not only krabi gay nightlife but everyone. It is a great spot for watching sports too! The owners are really nice and will help put your game on.

Find Smile Bar in Ao Nang Center Point here.

Tew Lay Bar | Railay Beach Nightlife

Magic bar and one of the best restaurants in Krabi on Railay Beach East. You can grab a seat on the floor, typical Thai style, or in a bamboo chair, hammock, bean bag or tree fort.

They have a fantastic atmosphere with a view of the sea. Great variety of food, but their stand out is the pizza and curries.

You cannot miss the colorful parrots in the trees! Tew Lay Bar stays open late so you can have a romantic dinner at sunset then grab a few Changs to close the night down.

Find Tew Lay Bar

a beach bar in krabi with tables on the sand and the sun setting with an orange sky in the back round

The Irish Embassy | Sports Bar in Krabi

up next for Krabi town nightlife is the Irish Embassy. They are one of the best sports bars and they are right behind the Ao Nang night market. The Irish Embassy is new and clean but still has a real pub feel to it.

The food is amazing, all imported meats and the flavor is perfect, definitely recommend the Swedish meatballs. They poor Guinness the right way, which is saying enough on its own, if you know, you know! And they have Sunday roast dinner, and the passion fruit mojito was also so tasty!

You can watch 12 TVs for sports including the Premiere League on the big screen. The service is so welcoming. Reasonable prices for the quality.

Find the Irish Embassy here! There are the best Krabi pub!

an irish pub inside of krabi thailand with stools and a bunch of beer taps

Soi RCA Entertainment | Red Light District

Up next is the Soi RCA entertainment area for Krabi island nightlife. I don’t know if this is technically the red-light district in Krabi, but it sure feels like it. This is your best bet to find good ao nang go-go bars. You can find cheap beers, lots of friendly girls, and anything else you may be looking for.

There are a few of the best bars in Krabi throughout this list that are inside the Soi RCA entertainment area.

This is the closest map pin I could find for the Soi RCA! Enjoy your Krabi nightlife!

a girl walking through the red light district having fun walking through the small streets

Going to Koh Samui too? I have a Koh Samui Nightlife blog as well!

Chilling Bar & Restaurant

Chilling Bar & Restaurant is just like it sounds, a great place to chill for nightlife in Krabi town. They have great burgers and amazing Thai food like Panang curry. The owner Tony was really nice and welcoming.

There is a great pool table, and they had an American flag hanging, so it feels a bit like home if you’re American like me lol. As a nomad sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a little comfort of home. Enjoy beers, cocktails, and pretty much anything else you want here!

The playlist is old classics. Head to Chilling Bar & restaurant for a great night out.

Find the address for Chilling Bar & Restaurant here.

a plate of curry  with white rice on a table in krabi nightlife

Carlito’s Bar Koh Phi Phi Island

Carlito’s is another great place for Thailand Krabi nightlife. They are actually located on Phi Phi island, so if you are going there for a night or two, you have to check them out.

There is a fire show at 10 pm every night! It is technically free, but please tip the performers they are excellent. Just 100 baht or so is a great idea. Try and get there about an hour before so you can grab a good seat for the show.

There are things to eat, but just little snacks like french fries and chicken nugs. Lots of different alcohol choices. All in all, this is one of the best Beach clubs in Krabi. Take a tour to Phi Phi, it is one of the best tours in Krabi!

Find Carilto’s Bar.

a man doing a fire show on the ao nang beach with fire flying all around at night time

Freedom Bar on Railay Beach

Freedom Bar is a great place for nightlife in Krabi Thailand for a chill vibe and reasonably priced drinks. A huge selection of cheap beer, comfy chairs, and great music. If you to Freedom Bar during the day you will have great views of the rock climbers practicing their overhangs. They also rent kayaks, if you travel with someone who likes to be active while you enjoy the chill beach life.

Expect yummy food with a few vegan choices. At night they have pool tables and a few games like Jenga. You can enjoy the sun going down, and then a nightly fire show.

For Krabi Thailand nightlife on Railay Beach, check out the Freedom Bar.

a group of friends partying on the beach in krabi thailand the sun is setting in the middle of them and they are all dancing together

Why Not Bar in Krabi

The Why Not Bar is perfect for nightlife in Krabi. This is a great bar with live music and amazing homemade burgers. They have a pool table, darts, and other games free to play. The fun red lights make the atmosphere fun and retro.

Opened the latest on Railay, so Why Not try it out? Find Why Not Bar in Krabi.

two people playing jenga together at a beach bar in krabi Thailand.

KoKo Hostel

If you are out riding your scooter looking for nightlife at Krabi, you will almost immediately spot KoKo Hostel. They are right on the Ao Nang strip and they always draw a crowd. It’s a fun mix too, you will see backpackers, middle-aged people (like me), and even locals there to have a good time.

You can order big alcohol buckets, cheap beer, and even edibles. The Pub crawl usually starts here, and they have amazing DJs that will make you want to jump up on your chair and dance (guilty). This is one of the best nightclubs in Krabi, and you will have a blast!

KoKo Hostel’s address is on the Ao Nang Strip.

a man in front of the koko hostel with a fire show. this is one of the best stops for krabi nightlife

Krabi Pub Crawl | krabi Ao Nang Nightlife

For the ultimate nightlife krabi, you have to get in on a Pub Crawl. It happens every week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and starts at KoKo Hostel. I went on one on Christmas Eve, and it was epic. You get free shots and a tee shirt, and you get taken around by a party guide to a bunch of different bars to experience the best nightlife in Krabi.

Check out the pub crawl on Instagram, or pop into KoKo to grab yourself a ticket. This is one of the best events for Krabi nightlife for singles.

a bunch of people enjoying a krabi pub crawl during Christmas time you can see people partying and having a wonderful time together.

The Beach Bar in Ao Nang

Next up for Krabi nightlife is the Beach Bar. They are a resort bar, but the prices are very reasonable, especially for the location.

Make sure you come before sunset, to make sure you get a good seat with a view. Sometimes they have a band playing sometimes they have light music in the background. During high season, or winter in Thailand The Beach Bar puts on a fire show with krabi nightlife entertainment and dancing.

Find the Beach Bar here.

a fun tree house at a bar in krabi thailand there are a wooden tables and cousin chairs right on the beach

Joy Beach Bar | Chill Krabi Nightlife

Joy Beach Bar was one of my favorite places to visit in Krabi at night. This small beach bar is tucked away on a private beach, about 10 minutes away from Ao Nang. I can’t speak highly enough about the service here. The waitstaff and owners are so nice. The sunset with the rocks in the background makes it so dreamy.

When the sun starts setting, they light a fire and everyone gathers around to enjoy. It is very family-friendly but also is a great place for a date night out in Krabi. Everything on the menu is very affordable and they have pizza, Thai food, and wonderful, crisp chicken wings. I spent countless nights in Krabi here, and it was amazing.

Find Joy Beach Bar in Krabi!

carter sitting in a chair on the beach joy bar in krabi nightlife with chairs and tables in the back around and a fire light. this is one of the best krabi nightlife spots

Ao Nang Night Market | Krabi Town Night Market

At the night market in Krabi, there are so many different kinds of food stalls serving street food. You can find it right in front of Ao Nang Beach, in the middle of all the chaos. Order a freshly caught whole salted fish for about 300 baht ($9), order cheesy french fries, or grab a traditional Thai dish like Pad Thai. You can literally find anything and everything here, and is one of the Top places in Krabi for nightlife and food.

There is a large stage in the front of the Krabi town night market where small bands play. You can grab a table in front of the stage, or walk up the skinny stairs to the tables on top. There are always drink stands in the middle of everything. There are beers, water, and soft drinks available. This is one of the best spots for nightlife in Krabi Ao Nang, and Krabi attractions nightlife!

You cannot miss the Ao Nang Night Market!

a thai woman selling her food at a night stall during krabi nightlife. she is selling chicken on sticks with hot lamps on top of the food

Krabi Walking Street Nightlife

The Krabi Town walking street or Thanon Khon Dern is one of the Krabi Top Attractions in Krabi.

The market is centered around a stage where local artists perform and has a lively atmosphere. There are many street stalls here mostly serving food. But, the Night Market sells plenty of other things. The walking street Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, in downtown Krabi.

The Krabi walking street is great for spending a few hours, walking around and eating. But expect a big crowd and take your time strolling about. Go early if don’t like big crowds.

After buying food, you can sit in front of the stage and enjoy the Krabi walking street nightlife. People watch, eat, drink, and be marry, and don’t forget to explore something new!

Find the Walking Street Nightlife here.

the walking street in Krabi Thailand with street vendors selling shows, shirts, and lots of fun goodies. you can see people all around selling things

Krabi Nightlife Tips & Krabi Nightlife Summary

  1. Explore Beach Bars: Krabi’s nightlife is often described as laid-back, reflecting the easy-going Thai culture. Beach bars in Krabi like Bamboo Bar and Tribe Beach Bar have a relaxed atmosphere for a night out in Krabi.
  2. Visit Ao Nang: Ao Nang hosts the liveliest nightlife scene in the Mueang Krabi district. With a variety of entertainment options like Boogie Bar and Factory Beer Garden, it’s a must-visit.
  3. Enjoy Live Music: Krabi Town is known for its great live music scene. Many bars, including Boogie Bar in Ao Nang, are renowned for their live band performances.
  4. Stay in Well-Lit Areas: While Krabi is generally safe, it’s always wise to stick to well-lit and popular areas at night. This is one of the most important Krabi nightlife safety tips.
  5. Keep Personal Belongings Safe: Always keep an eye on your personal belongings, especially in crowded places like bars and night markets.
  6. Respect Local Customs and Laws: Be aware of local customs and laws related to alcohol consumption and behavior in public.
  7. Travel in Groups: If possible, travel with a group of friends when exploring Krabi’s nightlife. There’s safety in numbers, and it’s also more fun! Read more of my Krabi nightlife blog, to learn more tips!

Where to Stay in Krabi for Nightlife

The best place to stay in Krabi for nightlife is in Ao Nang. I have put together a list of my favorite beach hotels in Krabi! Many have honeymoon packages!

But if you for where To Party In Krabi, your best bet is KoKo Hostel. The dorm rooms start at $12 a night, and there is always a party there! It is just a few steps away from the beach, they have an outdoor pool and even offer a tour package where you can make new friends and memories.

Check rates & dates: Booking.com or try Agoda.com

a group of partiers in the Koko hostel right before everything goes crazy! there is a table of girls playing Connect 4 and people having fun. this is one of the best places for Krabi nightlife

Is Krabi good for nightlife?

a beach party in krabi nightlife with people dancing along the shore and the sun setting in the middle of them

Yes! Krabi is good for nightlife! Yes, Krabi is excellent for nightlife. The province offers a range of experiences from lively bars and clubs in Ao Nang to the relaxed beach bars scattered across its coastline. There is also a vibrant live music scene in Krabi Town. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful evening or a night of dancing, Krabi’s nightlife promises a memorable experience.

Are there Bar Girls in Krabi?

ko ko hostel in krabi with girls and boys staying out front and a quick fire show in the middle

Yes, there are Krabi nightlife girls. Particularly in areas like Ao Nang and Krabi Town. However, the presence of bar girls is not as big as in other parts of Thailand like Pattaya. The nightlife in Krabi caters to a wide range of tastes and includes family-friendly options as wel.

Is the Nightlife Better in Phuket or Krabi?

a walking street in krabi thailand with people shopping all around and lots of street vendors

The nightlife in Phuket and Krabi caters to different types of parties. If you’re looking for a lively party scene with numerous clubs, bars, and entertainment options, Phuket, particularly Patong, is the place to go. On the other hand, Krabi nightlife offers hass more spots with relaxed and quieter atmospheres. So, whether Phuket or Krabi has the better nightlife depends on your personal party preferences.

Where can I go out at night in Krabi?

There are many places to go out in Krabi! The krabi nightlife in Ao Nang is the most popular. You will find beach bars, small cafes, and dance clubs on the Ao Nang Strip .

How Expensive is it to Party in Krabi?

a bunch of people on a pub crawl in krabi thailand this is one of the most inexpensive ways to party

It is not expensive to party in Krabi. In Krabi, the cost of a small domestic beer is typically around 75 Thai Baht ($2.10), while imported and big beers may be slightly more expensive. The cost of cocktails can vary widely depending on the venue, but the most common price for happy hour cocktail is 100 baht.

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