Today we are going on a gastronomic journey to all the beautiful and best restaurants in Krabi, Thailand. You might already know that Krabi is known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and lush tropical forests. But, Krabi has so much more to offer when it comes to food.

From local street stalls serving up traditional Thai dishes to upscale restaurants offering innovative international fusion cuisine, Krabi’s food scene is a must-try for all types of travelers.

When in Krabi you will want to check out all of these amazing places, and if you need somewhere to stay check out these fantastic beach hotels and villas

Most people plan to spend about 3 days in Krabi, but I have been lucky enough to spend months exploring Krabi.

the beautiful water with sea cliffs in the back

There is so much to love about Krabi, that many people come back year after year to find relaxation, unwind, and enjoy the breathtaking views and food. 

The 15 Best Restaurants in Krabi Thailand 

What food is Krabi known for?

Of course, Krabi Thailand has amazing seafood because they are right on the Andaman Sea. The seafood is always fresh and flavorful.

Whether you’re looking for juicy shrimp, succulent crab, or perfectly grilled fish, you’ll find it here. Some of the best seafood restaurants are located on the pier near Ao Nang beach and offer stunning views of the sea while you enjoy your meal.

Another famous food in Krabi is southern Thai food. This cuisine is characterized by its bold and spicy flavors, with an emphasis on herbs like lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves. You should definitely try Gaeng Tai Pla, a local specialty made from fish and vegetables in a spicy chili sauce. 

The Best Restaruants in Krabi Thailand 

The SeaSky Restaurant 

Up first is the SeaSky, they are one of the best restaurants in Krabi with a view of the water. You can find them inside the Layana Resort. The head chef was the winner of Iron Chef Thailand 2020! So you just know the food is on point. You can order fresh seafood, upscale Thai food, and Mediterranean dishes, with a little bit of everything in between.

They are an adults-only restaurant with a scrumptious small plates menu for snacks from 2-4 pm. For appetizers try the Sang-Wa Goong, which is a spicy shrimp salad with so much flavor. Or the See Krong Mod Tod, a yummy deep-fried pork rib. The prices are a bit more expensive than normal Thai street food but still very reasonable for the quality of the dishes.

For dinner, the Panang Lobster Roti is a chef’s favorite to make. This dish is a Panang lobster curry that never disappoints. Be sure to check them out on your trip, you will not great dining at one of the best beach restaurants in Krabi!

Go here to find the SeaSky restaurant on the water!

a waterfront restaurants in krabi with a very pretty ocean

Gajaga Wanuskeem

Gajaga Wanuskeem is the best Thai restaurant in Krabi and is known for serving a diverse range of traditional Thai cuisine. They always use fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Some of the most popular dishes on the menu include green curry, tom yum soup, and the signature Gajaga Wanuskeem noodles.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic evening with a loved one or a fun-filled family meal, Gajaga Wanuskeem is the perfect place to experience the best Thai cuisine in Krabi. Stop by for lunch or dinner because they are open from 12 pm to 11 pm.

Other Things do in Krabi Town

Krabi Thailand’s nightlife is amazing, but the real beauty of this beach town is out in nature. Take a tour around Krabi for an experience of a lifetime.

Gecko Cabane

You are going to love the vibes at Gecko Cabane. The atmosphere at Gecko Cabane is one-of-a-kind, with a treehouse-style dining area set amidst the lush tropical greenery of Krabi. You will never forget the meal you enjoy here. They have two different menus to pick from, a lovely Thai one and surprisingly a French one. Both are equally scrumptious, be adventurous and try a few items of each one.

Some of the most popular dishes include the seafood platter, green papaya salad, and grilled chicken skewers from the Thai menu. And on the French side, the salmon with ratatouille is always a crowd favorite. Gecko Cabane is family-friendly and open from 5 to 10 pm.

Gecko Cabane’s address is here, you are going to love eating at one of the best restaurants in Krabi!

a yummy plate of freshly prepared food in krabi

Joy Beach Cafe

The Joy Beach Cafe is one of the best beach restaurants in Krabi. They are located just a few minutes outside of the hustle and bustle of Ao Nang. When you arrive you can take your pick between a tree house table, picnic table in the sand, grab a hammock, or maybe you want to grab a seat where your toes meet the water.

If you are thinking about catching the sunset here it is right on the water and every night is amazing and surreal. The sunset in Krabi is one of the very best things to do.

Joy Beach Cafe is open all day and night long and serves amazing Thai food. The Pad Thai here is extra special. They make it fresh daily with a special sauce that you will not find anywhere else in town. They also have a few appetizers like spring rolls and chicken wings. There are also pizzas on the menu if you are traveling with children or picky eaters.

The Thai milk tea and coffees are so refreshing as well. On certain nights you can enjoy live acoustic music and there is always a fire after the amazing sunset goes down. If you are looking to spend your day or night right on the beach with a beer or juice in your hand Joy Beach Cafe is one of the best restaurants in Krabi Thailand!

Find Joy Beach Cafe here, stay all day, or just come for sunset!

Royal Clay Oven Krabi

Stop by the Royal Clay Oven to enjoy the best Indian restaurant in Krabi! This family-run restaurant is on the strip in Ao Nang and is a bit hidden. Some of the best dishes here are lamb curry, butter chicken, and lamb biryani, or order a big plate of fresh BBQ snapper!

And do not forget your offer of Naan bread it comes out hot, fresh, and is hard to put down! You can order your dishes as hot or mild as you would like.

If you go hot and spicy you will want a mango lassi to cool your taste buds down. Like most of the best Indian restaurants in ao nang Krabi, they do have plenty of vegetarian dishes and everything is made to order.

Find them here for an amazing dinner or lunch!

a plate of mango sticky rice is a must order dessert when dining at one of the best restaurants in krabi

Tree House & Bar Mueang Krabi District Railay

If you are looking for a good time out on Railay Beach the Tree House and Bar is always a good idea. There is a really cool atmosphere with tree houses to chill in right on the beach. During the day enjoy your dreamy view of the beach with a breeze and after the epic sunset, the party starts with live music.

When it comes to food The Tree House and Bar is one of the best Thai restaurants in Krabi. People love both steamed or fried fish, chicken stir fry with potato and garlic, pineapple fried rice, and chicken satay and the roti is out of this world. There is a western menu order as well.

If you only had one night in Railay Beach, this is one of the places to enjoy the laid-back beach vibes that Thailand is known for! Check Tree House & Bar here, you will love it.

Zaika House

At Zaika House you can enjoy delicious traditional Thai noodle soups, Indian curry, and fresh seafood. This is always one of the best restaurants in Krabi Thailand for Indian food. You can Zaika House right in the heart of Ao Nang on one of the main strips. The service at Zaika is fast and friendly and they are always ready to serve you.

You have to try the butter chicken and lamb tikka masala, with different types of naan for an authentic experience. If you are extra hungry or out for a special night you can try the whole fish! If you are in the mood for Indian this is the best restaurant in Krabi Thailand for you! Some people come here many times during their trip to Krabi! Find Zaika House contently located here!

a very yummy plate of lamb tikka masala with naan bread

CRU Kitchen & Bar

Up next is CRU Kitchen and Bar! This is one of the best restaurants in Krabi town to start your date night out at. The mood here is upscale, but still casual with a beachy vibe. All of the dishes not only taste incredible but the plating is so beautiful. People love the freshly made carbonara and truffle, a large variety of pizzas. Save room for the homemade tiramisu, it is fabulous and fresh.

On the weekend enjoy tasteful live music entertainment. There is also a very good wine selection and the cocktails are unique, flavorful, and quenching. Overall CRU Kitchen and Bar is one of the best upscale restaurants in Krabi that you have to try!

The Last Fisherman

The Last Fisherman has one of the best views in all of Thailand and is a top Krabi Michelin restaurant. It is a popular spot for both lunch and dinner, but the very best time to go is during sunset. You will want to secure a reservation if you plan to go for dinner. Most nights they also put on a fire show at 8 pm on the beach. If you have never seen a fire show, you are in for a treat.

The Last Fisherman is one of the best restaurants in ao nang Krabi right by the money trail. You can order both Thai and western food here or just come for the show and after-dinner drinks.

a fire show on the beach in krabi with two young boys

Aqua Beach Club

Aqua Beach Club is isolated from other restaurants and when you are here you feel like you are in your own little beach oasis. During low tide, the water does get a bit low, but it is still a wonderful place to enjoy the vibes. Relax in a hammock or grab a spot on one of the big swings.

Order the delicious cashew chicken, flavorful massaman, or one of the many vegetarian options. Before or after your meal schedule a Thai massage on the beach, you will not regret it. If you are looking for a relaxing Krabi beach restaurant, Aqua Beach Club should be at the top of your list.

a swing on a beach front spot is one of the best restaurants in krabi thailand

King Kitchen

King Kitchen is another one of the best Indian restaurants in Krabi. They also have a Thai menu to order from with freshly made Pad Thai, Tom yum soup, and the famous dessert mango sticky rice. You can request spicy or mild when ordering.

Some of the most popular Indian dishes are kadai paneer, lamb korma, and yummy samosas. They can make a few of the soups vegetarian without fish sauce on request. And on top of that, they also have a few different pizza options that are cheesy and fresh.

Check out King Kitchen for the best Indian restaurant in Ao Nang Krabi!

rice and veggies on a white plate with cucumbers

Kodam Kitchen

What makes Kodam Kitchen one of the best restaurants in Krabi ao nang is the food and the super cute atmosphere. At night they have so many twinkly lights and cute shaggy chic decor throughout. The most popular food to try is the seafood platter, the mixed greens with shrimp dip, tom kha gai, pineapple fried rice, and steamed whole fish, and pair it with their signature cocktail the Tom Yum Martini!

Kodam Kitchen is right in the center of Ao Nang and is very easy to find. Once you come once, you might find yourself coming back every day to try something new!

Poo Dam Bar & Restaurant

Pom Dam Bar and restaurant is right on the river and has the best seafood in Krabi!

Try the yummy stir-fried crab with curry, whole black peppered steamed crabs, and grilled seabass. Or the moo manao which is a spicy pork salad with chili, garlic, and lime juice, or the yam Sam grawp a salad of beans, crispy squid, cashews, and crispy pork skin.

Find them a bit outside of the touristy part of town, here. You are going to love the atmosphere and quietness of Poo Dam Bar!

a big plate of steamed crabs

Railay Family Restaurant

If you are planning on going to Railay for the day, or maybe even a few nights one of the best restaurants Railay beach has for traditional Thai is the Family Restaurant. You have to try it at least once on your vacation! Here you can order Pad Thai, Green Papaya Salad, Green Curry, or a big plate of Cashew Chicken with rice. All meals are very reasonably priced and have big portions.

After you finish your lunch or supper be sure to order a plate of Mango Sticky Rice to share with the table. The address for Railay Family Restaurant is easy to find and you are going to be so happy you stopped by.

The Longtail Boat Restuarant Ao Nang

The Longtail Boat Restaurant in Ao Nang is one of the best restaurants in Krabi Thailand for seafood. Sometimes on vacation, or maybe you are a Digital Nomad, you need to treat yourself to a good meal, and The Longtail Boat Restaurant is just the space for you. There is an upstairs section with AC, but downstairs is where the best view of the beach is.

For an appetizer order the Thai starter for two to share. For seafood try the clams in curry sauce or the Thai lobster. The Penang Curry is always recommended if you are not feeling seafood. Stop by at sunset for the best seafood restaurant in Krabi. Check The Longtail Boat Restaurant out today, you will not regret it.

three long tail boats

Does Krabi have good nightlife?

Yes! The best nightlight in Krabi is near Ao Nang. There are lively dance clubs, small cozy places for a drink with your boo, and plenty of locations to play pool around town. 

Where to Stay in Krabi Town Thailand 

What Should I Experience in Krabi? 

One of the best things to do in Krabi is to get out in nature. Some of the most popular natural attractions include Railay Beach, Phi Phi Islands, and the Hong Islands. For an easy hike check out the Monkey Trail, but be careful because thy monkeys make look cute, but they are little thieves. 

Another popular cultural attraction is the Krabi Town Night Market, where you can sample delicious street food, shop for unique souvenirs, and observe how the locals eat. 

Where Should I go in Krabi Town?

There are so many different places to go in Krabi Town. You need to go to visit all of these beautiful beaches in Krabi. There is also the challenging but rewarding hike of the Wat Tham Sua or Tiger Cave Temple, Shell Cemetry is also a popular attraction. 

The Krabi Riverside is also a beautiful place to spend your time. And the lovely natural history museum is a very interesting spot in Krabi.