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A 2023 High Guide to Weed in Chiang Mai Shops (Recommended)

a little baggie of weed

Weed in Chiang Mai High Guide

If you are looking for how to get weed in Chiang Mai you have come to the right place. Thailand has legalized weed since 2022; correspondingly, the weed industry in Chiang Mai has really taken off.

But here are some HIGHly recommended places from fellow 420 lovers. Most of these dispensaries have amazing budtenders to help you out with your purchase. It is okay to smoke in public, but you still want to be respectful. 

Where to Buy Weed in Chiang Mai?

You can buy weed in Chiang Mai on every street corner. Seriously, everywhere. There are more than 140 weed dispensaries in Chiang Mai. You will find a bunch of shops located in the old town of Chiang Mai. But, no matter what neighborhood you stay in you can walk to a weed shop. And some of them even deliver. Take a look down below to find my favorite shops. 

Where do I get weed in Chiang Mai?

If you are looking for where to get weed in Chiang Mai, some of the favorites and biggest are Flying Tiger and the Cannabis Cafe. Most of the weed shops in Chiang Mai only take cash, so be prepared for that. There are ATMs around towns and some 711s have them out front.

bunch of weed trees in Chiang Mai at a farm in the country

Is there Weed in Chiang Mai?

Yes! There is weed everywhere in Chiang Mai. Over 140 dispensaries to be exact. You will never have to worry about the lack of availability. You just need to follow this weed in Chiang Mai guide so you know where to go.

Can you travel with Weed in Thailand?

Yes, you can travel with weed in Thailand it is completely legal. Keep it in the original packaging that you bought it and you should be just fine. If you are traveling internationally you should check the country you are flying into rules about it.

List of the Top Weed in Chiang Stores

Thai Top Shelf

The first place to get weed in Chiang Mai is at Thai Top Shelf. They are located near the university and you get a free brownie with every order. And who doesn’t love a good brownie with your weed, they go hand in hand. Thai Top Shelf opens at 10 a.m. and stays open until midnight for your late-night needs.

They are one of the most popular weed shops in Nimman. If you don’t feel like leaving your apartment you can order same-day delivery every day of the week. They also have a few different edibles that you can throw in your bag. You can expect Thai Top Shelf to be generous with your order and the weed is good quality.

Find them here when you are in Chiang Mai!

a pretty nug of weed close up with a white background

Green Dog

The Green Dog is one of the best places to get weed in Chiang Mai. They have so much more than weed as well they are a vegetarian bar and restaurant. You can get CBD and THC-infused drinks and meals. They also have plenty of dishes without any THC in them.

If you feel like hanging out after scoring your weed in Chiang Mai they have a big table out front where you can chill or play board games with your friends. Be sure to check out their Facebook page to see if they have any events coming up.

They are open at 11 am and stay open until 10 pm and they are closed Mondays and Tuesdays. The address of the Green Dog is right here, they are a little outside of the square in the Freeative Art Space in Pong No.

the courtyard of Green Dog in chiang mai with people relaxing outside I am in the flower shirt relaxing with my friends

Baked Cannabis Cookies

Baked is the very first Thai FDA-approved cannabis edible. They are brand new and opened in 2022 when weed became legal to sell. Currently, they sell prepackaged cookies around Chiang Mai, and are almost ready to launch into bigger grocery stores!

Their staple product is a delish chocolate chip cookie with micro-dosed amounts. Read more about these amazing Baked Thailand cookies amazing product on the official Baked Thailand website.

baked cookies with weed in chiang mai inside there is a big glass of milk next to the perfectly baked cookies

Rasta Cafe | Weed Bar in Chiang Mai 

If you are looking for fun weed bars in Chiang Mai you have to head over to the Rasta Cafe. They are open late and have live music every night. They sell all of your favorite cocktails, local beers, and even a few international brews. If you are looking for a THC-infused drink try the cannabis smoothie.

The decor here is fun with neon lights and cool rasta paintings. The Rasta Cafe is super close to the night markets, and the center of town. Making it a great pit stop either after or before you do some shopping. You are going to love hanging out at the Rasta Cafe!

people sharing blunts in Chiang Mai in the middle of the forrest with trees in the back round

Weed Connection 

If you are looking for where to buy weed in Chiang Mai you can head over to the Weed Connection. Here you will find a good selection of different types of buds and they are decently priced. You can find all of the accessories to go with your new product. Including cannabis tea, bongs, and grinders.

The staff is very friendly and helpful. If you ask they will roll your joints with your weed after you purchase it. Find Weed Connection here you are going to love visiting this shop selling weed in Chiang Mai. They are open from 10 am to 7 pm every day of the week. Inside the hotel Lanna Oriental Hotel, one of the best hotels in Chiang Mai!

a bunch of jars selling weed in Chiang Mai you can see the clear jars with the different types of flowers

Cannabee in Chiang Mai

If you are looking for a cool place to smoke weed in Chaing Mai then you have to go to Cannabee. Here they not only have an amazing selection of strands but also have a great spot upstairs to chill. You can relax with your friends, chill solo, or hop on the PS4 to play a few games after you smoke up.

They sell every type of weed in Chiang Mai, lemon kush, lemon candy, and birthday cake are some of the most popular choices. You can also grab yourself a few pre-rolled joints or edibles while you are chilling. Check out Cannabee if you want a relaxing night out after buying your weed in Chiang Mai. They are open from 10 am until 11 pm.

green smoke shop sign light up in green outside of one the weed shops in Chiang Mai

Stoner CNX

Up next is stoner CNX. This is a super cute weed shop with a friendly and knowledgeable owner. You can tell that he really likes his flowers and will help you pick something out with no pressure added. They have a big selection of sativas, indicas, and hybrid choices.

They also sell food and drinks, definitely try one of the homemade smoothies. The Stoner CNX would be a great place to stop for lunch because the food is just as recommended as the weed. They are also in a very central location. You can find the Stoner CNX is a short 3-min walk from one of the most popular Wats, Wat Chedi Luang!

a beautiful photo of the cannabis nuggets with orange hairs and fibers throughout

Flying Tiger has Weed in Chiang Mai

You will not have a problem finding The Flying Tiger or finding weed in Chiang Mai at all. But the Flying Tiger is the most advertised weed shop in town. You will see their sign on the back of Tuk-Tuks and all over town. The weed here is very reasonably priced, with a bunch of selections.

If you are a big weed connoisseur you may want to look into their stronger, more expensive strands. You can ask one of the budtenders to help you out if you have any questions. You can chill and smoke here too after you buy your section. They are open all day from 11 am -11 pm. Check here to see the Flying Tiger address.

a girl rolling a joint with weed from Chiang Mai. she is inside a weed shop wearing a white shirt and black pants

Dank Heaven

Dank Heaven is a unique shop selling weed in Chiang Mai. This is because up on the third floor is a vegan restaurant you can head to after you smoke. You can relax on the picturesque balcony with a view of the street,  mountains, and a stunning temple across the street. It is a great place to gaze out and take a break.

You will find that Dank Heaven is very well-stocked with reasonably priced organic cannabis flowers. Plus, all the weed is grown in Thailand and never imported. If you are looking to buy a big quantity they do have deals or you can purchase pre-rolled blunts.

Dank Heaven is located in the same building as Vegan Heaven, so don’t be confused when you get there, or after you smoke!

a women with a blunt in her hand sitting inside of one of the weed in chiang mai shops

High Queen

If you smoke weed in Chiang Mai you have to check out the High Queen,t hey are right in the middle of Old Town.  This is one of the most popular shops for not only weed but also plenty of accessories to pick out. From pipes, bongs, papers, and so much more.

Once you pick out one of the 30 different strands you can head up to the weed-smoking area upstairs. There is both an indoor and outdoor area to enjoy. Plus, people love High Queen so much and it has such chill vibes that some people decide to set up shop and work from High Queen.

After you know what you want you can check out their website and place an order. Expect it to be delivered within 24 hours! How is that for service? The High Queen is definitely high up on the list of the best weed bars in Chiang Mai!

a group of friends enjoying a blunt together outside in the hot thailand sun they are all wearing sunglasses and look super happy

Auntie Yen & Company

Auntie Yens is one of the best weed farms and stores in Chiang Mai, and it is all run by women. From seed to flower, and from organic farm to shop everything is run by a group of women who like to have fun. You can shop at the store or order online for free delivery. Auntie Yens also sells freshly baked edible cookies in three different flavors to order as well.

The secret to why the cookies are so yummy and effective is that they use the “keif” from the plants when they trim them. Sustainable and a wonderful idea. You can also purchase merch such as bongs, pipes, and teas. Auntie Yen & Company is open every day of the week from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. and is one of the coolest weed shops in Nimman.

a women at auntie yens looking at her weed plants inside a factory with a blue hat on and plenty of big green cannabis plants around

Cannabis Cafe

Up next is one of the biggest and best places to smoke weed in Chiang Mai. The Cannabis Cafe has a lot of vegetarian options and yummy drinks to try. Once you arrive you are never going to want to leave. There are plenty of different spots to relax, work, and eat. You will be just as comfy sitting inside or out.

The Cannabis Cafe is centrally located and near the airport, making it a great spot to stop when you are just in town. This is probably the best cafe that serves both food, and weed, and would be a great cafe in Chaing Mai.

You can order freshly baked goods from the inside bakery, or if you are lucky they may have a few food stands serving lunch.

a man singing at the cannabis cafe smoking weed under the bright lights at night time

Scorpion Bar

If you are looking for a beer and a great place to buy weed then the Scorpion Bar is a great place for you to check out. Here you will find a pool table, and the weed and drinks are very low-priced for the area that it is in. You will be just steps away from some of the best things to do in Chiang Mai, the Muay Thai ring, and warorot market.

After you purchase your 420 items stay and listen to the music, or order a few of the fast food items off the menu. The hours here run more like a bar than a weed shop and they are open from 4 pm to 1 am. Head out here if you are looking for a fun nightlife vibe. Check out the Scorpion Bar, it is one of the best weed bars in Chiang Mai.

two dudes looking at a huge weed nugget at a chill place to hang out

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